049 - Sharri Lorraine

15-8-00 4:33:02 -0400 (EDT)


I've *always* been a VIVID Dreamer, many times Lucid & able to fly in my Dreamzzz since childhood.

I've always told my family my Dream Stories. I came from a long line of Story Tellers. My Dreamzzz were regarded as fine Story fodder..... My Step-dad was a Lucid Dreamer & Psychic & we'd share Dreamzzzz. He had the ability to wake up & return to the same Dreamzzz & continue where he left off. I used to envy his Dreaming Ability & tried to Practice many of the things that he could do.

I've always shared my Dreamzzz with my friends. They were usually envious of my "Epic Novels"

Turning point

When I got married, my husband was into Edgar Cayce. He wrote down his Dreamzzz faithfully everyday. He had many Dream Interpretation books. The first thing I did was to start writing my Dreamzzz down, too.

I think that's when my Dreamzzz Life really took off.


ENTERTAINMENT!!! Story Fodder......

Jungian Dream Interpretation. (I have little to no use for Freudian Philosophy & Interpretations of the Psyche!!!)

A Place to meet my Spirit Guides & get Messages from God, Especially Jesus & the Holy Spirit.


In the last 2 years a Place to explore Alternate Dimensions & Realms of the Astral Plane; Alternate Realities, because I've come to Realize that the Earth Plane is no more "solid" than the Astral Planes & Dream Realms, that Temporal Distortion take place here & that our Mind is Conditioned in our Dreamzzz to just *Accept* the New Reality & Forget the old one, dismissing it as a flaw of our Memory.

"Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a Dream!"

Yes, this Life is the Biggest Dreamzzz of all & it is my *Intention* to become Lucid in This Dreamzzz as well as in the Other Realms that I Play in.......

My Dreamzzz ARE my Life!!! My Dreamzzz teach me how to Interact In/With *This* Life. I have Dream Teachers who come to Work With me for a period of time, Teaching me about Fluidity of Life/Time; How to Move Through the Astral Realms without being Followed or leaving a door open behind me; Humor; practice Psychic/Spiritual Gifts; and many, many more things.

My Dreamzzz Life *IS* my Life & my Life is but another Dream...... I strive to be Lucid in ALL Realms!!! Dreaming is EVERYTHING... my Creation & CoCreation.


I'm looking forward to the result of this Dream Survey, especially since Dreaming is SOOOO IMPORTANT in my own Life.......

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