048 - Rastlin

15-8-00 3:23:47 -0400 (EDT)


well....for me when i dreamt i usually had nightmares, or dream that would be so realistic i would wake up expecting what happened in my dream to really happen. my family always believed that dreams is just another way of communication be it with your self or other members of the family. now the outer community did not know what we believed in so they were left in the dark so to speak

Turning point

when i became more aware (i.e. understanding) what was going on around me but my dream frequency dropped drastically. it was getting to the point that when i dreamed it was usually about someone dying and then it would happen. but that was few and far in between


i believe that it (dreams) can range from useless information (i.e. television) to highly informative be it telepathic communication, profetic, or astral projection etc... it deeply depend upon the person, what is happening in their lives and what stage of spiritual evolution they are currently at. so long story short it greatly depends upon the person


i do not dream..... i wish that i did. it is not that i do not remember my dreams cause when they happen i do, but usually i do not dream

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