047 - Aquamarine

15-8-00 2:38:07 -0400 (EDT)


ever since I was a child I felt that dreams posses more than I was taught about. in fact, none of my teachers (parents, society, schools) ever talked about dreams except for mentioning here and there a strange dream that occurred. often I woke up from dreams with very vivid emotions that stayed with me. about people I dreamt of, places I've dreamt which were familiar to me (only in dreamtime, when I awoke I realized I never been in them). also few times I had lucid dreams.

Turning point

as a teen I started to be aware that a spiritual path is a path I was destined to walk in. that includes experimenting with dreams. after having two lucid dreams I realized that they offer you to do a check with yourself on how you progress, spiritually.


it definitely have to something to do with learning.


now dreams holds a small place in my daily life because I think the work I came here to do should be done in this world or reality, and not in a different one.



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