045 - Dawn

14-8-00 23:25:55 -0400 (EDT)


I only remember two dreams from my childhood, one scary and one funny. The attitude of my family and friends towards dreams was that they were insignificant, "just dreams."

Turning point

When I got involved with meditation groups I would hear others talk about the importance of dreams and that I should keep a journal. I noticed that some of the dreams and my meditations were connected. Once I learned how to interpret the dreams I realized that some of the answers I was looking for were there. Eventually I got some instruction in them. Then I started asking questions before going to sleep.


Dreams to me is a way of communicating with my higher self or Holy guardian angel or whatever or whoever higher being is willing help. Some dreams are an inventory or analysis of how I am doing.


The benefits of my dreams are the answers to questions that would normally take me much longer to figure out. I don't always write them down and I don't always remember enough of them to write down. But if they are clear enough, I pay attention. I take them more seriously now than I did when I first started. I have more confidence in them now.

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