041 - Jade Aurora

14-8-00 18:08:57 -0400 (EDT)


In childhood, i was a powerful lucid dreamer, able to linger between planes for a LONG time. I also had recurring dreams that i believe told me some of my future. I had dreams my parents would reach back to hit me, and stop their hand an inch from my face, then continue on as if they had struck me. abuse, but not .. years later, my mother filed for divorce from my father, accusing him of abuse he had not committed. i look back now with "i should have known".

i also believe my dreams as a young child were reminiscent of my past lives, as i was new in this world, my past lives hadn't been over as long, and were fresh in my soul. However, one must understand, that i have only been of this world for 17 years, so i'm quite new here too. :)

my parents were rarely informed of my dreams as i know they were special to only me, and my community had no clue either.

Turning point

I had a emotional tragedy in my life and weird things started to happen to me, so i studied .. and studied .. and did more studying. i've always written my dreams down since i was quite young, and only now have i realized that i was a lucid dreamer, an astral projector, an empath, but i've never had any forced expectations.


an expression of our subconscious, and past conscious. i am a firm believer in past lives, and belief that they are expressed in dreams because they cannot be expressed in this lane of earth. they are a way for us to live out our subconscious desires, etc. otherwise, i believe we would be smothered in reality and feel to caved in, to minuscule to survive and we would always have an unsatisfied void in our lives we couldn't quite put our finger on.


dreaming has become an intrical part of my life .. it has lead me to help others and help myself, and now i see myself and my world and my dreams differently than i do before.


as a new solitary eclectic wiccan, i'd like to thank you for acknowledging the power of dreams and hopefully introducing to more people the power of self.

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