039 - Ophelia5

14-8-00 13:30:01 -0400 (EDT)


At an early age, I had several recurring dreams some of which were unpleasant. My mother took great interest in the subject of dreams. She taught me how be aware that I was dreaming so that I could end a nightmare. I was not aware that the subject was unusual but was aware that most people did not think much about them.

Turning point

I started tracking my dreams in my mid-30's because I became aware of a certain amount of precognition and thinking that I must be losing it, began to read more about the subject and keep a dream journal. Then I spoke with my mother who spoke very frankly about her own experiences. She described what I believe was an incident of astral projection that occurred when she was younger. She never spoke about it to anyone for fear that she would be considered crazy. My father always considered her ideas on precognition and such (what few she shared with him) a little nutty.


They seem to be a window on the world and events. I have experienced precognitive dreams, shared dreams and there seems to be some evidence of something like "alternate realities".


I am much more aware of how everything is interconnected. I now believe that the concept of circular time and parallel reality is not just fantasy.

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