038 - Art

14-8-00 13:10:27 -0400 (EDT)


I only recall a few nightmare type dreams.

They were ignored.


Turning point

My dreams now are day dreams. Very seldom am i conscious of night dreams.

I am aware that all is mental and that dreams are just as real as the earth i am standing on in my sensual conscious.

I intentionally devote energy and attention to the earth, sun, solar system, and man; not unlike what the Australian aboriginies do in dream time.


See above.


Dreams are real; what i do in them is just as real as the sensual dream i am participating. By giving dreams (form) the proper energy one is able to manifest them in the physical.

As i realize more and more the ALL being thought, I realize i am responsible for my thoughts (dreams included) and the consequences of what i create in them.



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