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When I was young, my nights were constantly plagued by nightmares and absofreakinglutely no way around them. I would sit up at nights scared to go to sleep, and when I eventually fell asleep I would awaken soon after.

As for my family. All they really cared about was my health and such.

And the community had no imagination whatsoever. A whole gang of Jocks they were. So in the end... I was fighting my battles by myself.

Turning point

I guess that would have to be when I moved two years ago to where I currently live. I have forever been passionate about the field of dreams (heh heh heh) but never had the resources to look into it.

Moving to the city put me smack dab in the middle of Libraries, bookstores, workshops etc... etc... etc.

The fact that during my childhood I had several lucid experiences helps a great deal as well. But I never held any expectations when I first started. (Mainly because I had no idea the extent of the lucid world). Then my expectations shifted to personal fantasies. Now I'm doing it for the knowledge (With a side order of fantasy)


How did I define dreams? Different times calls for different definitions.

Childhood: Scary and dangerous places that I don't want to visit.
Raised interest: The ultimate Virtual reality
Now: A mystical realm where all the rules on dreaming hold true. It can be strictly entertainment, it's also a place where the divine inspire the common, or even a portal to the worlds beyond our own.


The previous question pretty much answers how my definition has changed.

A for the benefits of lucid dreaming... They are well... as far as I know... (Which ain't much considering y age and the fact that my research is relatively new) are limitless!!! (For the true believers that is).

I think now that I actually have the resources... Dreams occupy most of my life at the moment. The adventure, the knowledge, the ... fantasies that await us in the other world...

Yep! Now and for a long time to come!!!


I think that this could be the greatest things one can do for the world of dreaming.

Three cheers to you!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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