036 - Marnie

14-8-00 12:11:42 -0400 (EDT)


During my childhood I did not always remember my dreams and was not always aware of them. I have dreamed a lot of people who died in my family and when I did I always prayed for them. My Mom and Dad always told me to pray for them they said they needed some help to get to heaven. The attitude of the community I was part of which was a catholic school system also said to pray for people I dreamt about. I also use to have nightmares when I was a child.

Turning point

What motivated me to pay attention to my dreams. I always liked to pay attention to my dreams I thought somehow they were telling me something. What was going on during the day and then I got this dream book and it had things about the time you dream, the colors you dream and dictionary. It started to tell me things about who I was I experimented with it and things seemed to be true. The book also had the different chakra's in the body and that is how I started to learn what was going on with my body. I would write in my journal and think what was going on in my life and see if any of it was true. Some of it was and some of it wasn't.

I have always had some telepathic abilities and it strengthened them. When I was little I had dreams of things that happened in the future.


At first I didn't always pay attention to my dreams. I have always been close to god and very spiritual. In the last five years I have used dreams in problem solving, learning about my whole self and also learned how my body and mind works. It also has helped me in my healing process.


Benefits of Dreams.
1) learn what is in your unconscious
2) strengthened psychic abilities
3) helps me in decision making
4) Has helped me in healing process
5) direction I need to go

I think dreams have more importance than people realize and I do pay more attention to my dreams.


Dreams has really been a help for me to learn who my true self is and helped me learn why I do things and what is going on in my body

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