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In my young years around 8 I would dream of things and later in time (months, days or years) I would do something and realize that this was my exact dream. Even scents and colors. My family would always hear about my dreams, they were more important to me. I always felt it was Gods gift to me. I have no clue what the attitude of the larger community was when I was a child.

Turning point

I had always paid attention to my dreams, I would especially pay attention to the dreams that had warnings. I had a dream about my son getting lost and felt it so important to share with my husband the next day and explained what had happened. I said that we needed to be extra careful because of the look on his face in the dream was unforgettable when we both realized that our son was missing. About 1 hr. later we were in a store and I looked at my husband and had the same look on his face and we new that our son was gone. He was lost in a store but was found within a few minutes. I know now that I need to share my dreams with other people even if it is to make them more aware of their daily events.


A connection to God or the spirit world.


My dreams have always been important, but now I have children and the dreams come to me as flags to be aware.


I have been trying to find someone or group to speak with about my dreams. I'm not looking for a reading or someone to tell me my future, just someone or group to share these happenings. If you know of any site or number to get in contact with I would be thankful. Thank you,


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