029 - February

11-8-00 23:04:30 -0400 (EDT)


my dreams were mostly nightmares as a child. in my teen years, i had numerous prophetic dreams and always made my family mad and they wanted nothing to do with me and my weirdness. i have no idea how the community felt - i was isolated from normal people.

Turning point

i was in counseling and dreamed i couldn't find my counselors -- three days later she skipped town. not the first prophetic dream i ever had but i felt it very deeply and started paying attention to my dreams and found it all fascinating.

my dreams became a big part of my life two years ago (98) when i was in counseling and started having really vivid dreams. i started keeping a dream journal and connecting my dreams to my real time life.


"a starting point to explore alternative realities" -- could not have said it better...


the biggest benefit from my dreaming in my opinion is the fact that i am keenly aware of my surroundings and my senses are very heightened. i feel as if some spirit is constantly with me, connecting my dream world and the real world. i was afraid of my dreams when i first started getting serious about them because so many of them came true, surprisingly accurately. now i am just fascinated, hooked and can't get enough.


i am really interested in finding out other peoples ideas about dreams and how important their dreams are to them. this is a really good idea. keep it up :)

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