028 - Haunter

11-8-00 19:03:49 -0400 (EDT)


After months of being terrified by nightmares, my Grandmother took me under her wing. Without knowing anything about Lucid Dreams or Dreamwork, she very patiently encouraged me to re-enter my nightmares and eventually face my "monster" who had be haunting my sleep...turned out to be my big brother! :) I haven't had a nightmare since then (40 yrs).

Turning point

After using Lucid Dreaming to help me escape my boring real life, where I was a fat, insecure kid who stuttered, I eventually ended up in college, majoring in psychology...guess why :)
I just happened to find myself in the only undergraduate psych program that had access to a full sleep-lab and I worked my way into the lead position as Professor's assistant in charge of the "lab" portion of a Psychology of Sleep class. I then proceeded to spend around 300 nights doing all kinds of research into sleep and dreams.
Many of my photo/art works at http://www.legendsmagazine.net in my RPM gallery, are dream-based.


Since I started very early in life to use dreams to help better deal with real-life problems, I've continued that practice as well as simply enjoying the entertainment value of them.


I've turned a lifetime of interest in dreams into a semi-profession, dealing with reports of psychic phenomena / anomalous cognition / hauntings, etc. The lessons learned early in life, leading to an extremely intense scientific investigation of altered states of consciousness in college, has given me a unique insight into the inner workings of the mind and how we perceive the world we live in. I can't imagine living life without considering dreams to be an important part of that life; how boring that would be!

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