027 - Anne

10-8-00 22:50:19 -0400 (EDT)


Dreams were never discussed really. Only the occassional "I had the strangest dream last night" kind of thing. Those comments were always followed by some joking and laughing and that was the end of it.

Turning point

I honestly can't remember anything specific that was turning point per se. I became interested in dreams while I was working on my B.S. in Psych. I decided that I wanted dreamwork to be an important part of my career. My advisor allowed me to develop a college course for dreams. The more I studied the more time I gave them. I believe that dreams affect all areas of wellness. I am particularly interested in dreams and spiritual life.

I primarily work with my dreams by journaling, and analyzing them. I believe that if I pray for messages in my dreams I get them. I have had some awesome spiritual dreams. While I was working on my M.A. I did a dreamwork group using artistic expression, which was great fun. I have had some precognitive dreams but not many. I'm not good at telepathy yet.


I define them as all of the above and more. I believe they are what we need them to be when we need them to be that. That means one night we may need a Freudian dream and one night we need a Jungian dream. A workaholic may need a dream just to have some playtime and achieve a little balance in their life. I wish I could learn to have OBE's. Some day! I already mentioned my strong belief in the God Connection. And I definitely think they can be related to learning. But I also think they can be things we don't even realize yet.


The benefits are countless. Mostly, I suppose, I rely on my dreams for spiritual, mental and emotional guidance. Dreams are my passion in life, so they take up a great deal of my time, whenever I am not at my day job or studying unrelated things for school (Ph.D. in progress). I will work full-time some day doing only things related to dreams. I have had a few lucid dream experiences but would love to become much better at it. I'm trying to learn telepathy and OBE's (which I realize some people do not consider them dreams). My definition of dreams changes with each new book I read.


I look forward to reading the results of your survey. I hope you get lots of responses.

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