026 - Jason

10-8-00 13:38:59 -0400 (EDT)


During my childhood and into my late teens my dreams were mostly of a nightmare, scary, and unpleasant nature. I remember my mother allowing me to sleep with her one time because I was so frightened, she didn't understand how I could be so scared and said "that's enough it's just a dream." she did ask me what it was about and told my father he talked to me about it a week later. He was more supportive and understanding. I lived in a middle class, friendly, average community... went to school, played outside my house, what I would consider normal community. Had two older sisters... lots of friends...

Turning point

Well i think i have always had an interest in the paranormal, the unexplained... being an artist i have a great imagination and am able to put it on paper or canvas. I love sci-fi and have a passion for mythology and ancient history... i use tarot cards and dream interpretation books. To just reflect and think about them is enough but some are so bizarre or so close to reality that they must in my opinion be looked at... i consider myself very open minded and dreams to me are like a puzzle or mystery. To think the human brain functions at the level it does while we sleep... the body shuts down but not the brain...powerful continues to work... process information...imagine


first- entertainment / wonderous/ fun conversation

later in life- dreams are my key to what is going on in my life according to my mind at any given time, and situation... deeply connected to the body and my life. the fact that my dreams were of a nightmare nature as a child reflects the mind of a child and early stages of adulthood and the dreams were the same scared of the unknown.. my dreams have matured a long with me... into adulthood


well they can let me know when there's something not right in my life... true feelings about situations and current events in my life...connection to feelings and personal thoughts...


hope my thoughts and opinions helped...

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