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During childhood, (12-)

>what where your own experiences with dreams?

little, just a dream.
I did experience waking from a dream into another dream.
Wondering about reality. (not just dream related)

>What was the attitude of your family towards dreams?

Low interest.

>What was the attitude of the larger community your were part of during your childhood?

Low interest.

Turning point

>What first motivated you to pay more serious attention to your dreams

I was too young to remember clearly.
Falling dreams.
light lucid dreaming (knowing it's a dream)

14 +:
friends talking about dreams.
realized that dreams sometimes transcend the limits of 'just a dream'.

No books.

the experience that hooked me on dreams for life:
In a dream (i knew it was a dream while dreaming) I had to face a THE GREATEST physical fear of mine analog to the greatest mental fear of mine in the waking life. I Conquered it in my dream and woke up with the strength to conquer it in the waking life. and I did!

age unknown (8-16):
I decided i wanted to learn how to fly in my dreams.
-it started as a way to escape falling.
-i kept trying.
-started running and jumping into the air.
-after many years i got better at it.
-I'm still learning now.


All and none of that. i changed my mind about it a number of times.

+look at the previous answer:
a way to find courage.
meet your inner self
order your life
an analogy
Lucid dreaming (didn't know there was a word for that)


>Now that dreaming has become a part of your regular life, what would you say are the benefits of dreaming to you?

They are a part of my identity. You could just as well ask me what the meaning of life is. I don't have a simple (writable) answer.

They confront me with things i ignore in the waking life. They order my thoughts. They offer me entertainment. They can open some doors. I take them for granted. Sometimes I focus on them, sometimes i don't

I now have the luxury not (or seldom) to encounter dreams that go beyond 'just me' (energy-of-loved-ones/time/energy-outside-me).

>How large a place do dreams take in your life? Do you interact with dreams in other or new ways than when you first started out with started paying more attention to them?


>Has your definition of dreams changed?

Yes. Dreams are part of my consciousness/ 'self' my definition of life has changed. My attitude towards dreams is part of that.


about the questions :
1 - childhood
2 - raised interest.
? - Im missing a question here:
developments (path between 'raised interest' and 'now') I'm glad you didn't ask because there is far to much to tell.
3 - now

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