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Dreams have usually been comforting to me, pleasant, safe, occassionaly a receptacle of an event which was happening somewhere, usually someone I had a strong connection to. My family has always been a big believer in dreams, my Mother would always dream of our receiving a letter and the next day it would be there.

Turning point

Dreams have always been a large part of my life, I remember as a child it would say to myself "go to sleep and dream a dream", I still do that. Because I have trained myself to recall dreams and I have an open mind concerning all phenomena, I would have to say my personal opinion is that dreams address different things. Sometimes my dreams solve problems, are specifically or interrelated to something I am stressed about, escape, on occasion a prediction and sometimes unexplainable futuristic ones. I dream in great detail and color.


Dreams fall under my basic philosophy of "the true measure of intelligence is the ability to keep an open mind to any possibility".


My dreams are important to me, I am receptive and can usually analyze why I have had any particular type of dream, however, at times even I am surprised.

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