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During childhood I remember very few dreams- in fact I only remember 3 that happened before the age of approximately 9. I cannot remember any discussion with my family about dreams. I do not think they take them seriously. Since I remember no discussion about dreams as a child I don't think the community I was part of growing up thought much about dreams.

Turning point

When I was 14 my family moved to Malaya - Everything there was different - they paid attention to things that I had never considered. The people there believed in a communication with spirits. They took dreams seriously and there was even a tribe (do not know the politically correct term here) that was referred to as the River People (by the locals) They would have a dream and upon waking would carve an image from that dream. If they got distracted or were disturbed in any way the carving would be ruined. For many years I would come across references (from numerous sources) about dreams but only in the last few years have I started taking them seriously. I have had a lot of incidences in my life that cannot be attributed to science. I also saw things in Malaya that cannot be explained by rational means. A few years ago I met a First Nations person who's vocation is being a Dreamer - He taught me things that I had never considered.


Dreams can be any or all of the above. Sometimes the dream is harmless entertainment, other times it is telling you something, Sometimes you get a visitor and sometimes you go traveling. So far I have not learned any control as to where I want to go or who will drop in on me or anything else. It has been an effort just to pay attention and in most cases I do not even realize that I can change the direction to the dream. I think it must be a habit of years of not realizing that I had some control.


I do pay attention to my dreams and in some cases even write them down. I believe they can and have been an asset to me in trying to solve my problems. Although part of my life it is still at the interest stage more than anything else. I on occasion do interact with dreams in ways that I never used too but this is still a rarity. My definition of dreams has expanded over the years (particularly in the last four years) along with my understanding of dreams.

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