014 - Therese

5-8-00 14:48:47 -0400 (EDT)


Childhood - I looked forward to dreaming. My sister and I often discussed our dreams. I don't recall having nightmares as a child. Very positive experience.

My family seemed accepting of dreams, although no one studies dream analysis in any way.

Larger community to me would be defined as neighbors, friends - as per that description I would say I do not recall any positive or negative info or discussions on this. Although, I do remember friends describing strange dreams to me and others, with no "unusual" reaction from anyone - very accepting.

Turning point

I studied philosophy undergraduate - so the topic came up a lot. Since then (12 years later), my interest in dreams gets more focused in certian periods then falls into the background.

I would say that "strange" dreams trigger me to study dreams more. If a dream can reflect people, places, things I have seen recently I usually do not pay attention to them. Rather, it is the unsual symbolic dream that has no connection to anything that interests me.

Currently, I have been having many symbolic dreams that don't seem to tie to anything in particular, thus my raised awareness and research.


I mostly define dreams as a connection to the spirit world or alternative reality. I think there is a connection to the psychological dream theory, but not always.


Benefits are to learn something about something - or get a message.

I speak about dreams frequently to others, but out side of dreaming itself I do not do much about it. Occasionally I will look up sybols/occurances from Jung books or dream symbol books to try to interprete the dream.

People around me always seem interested in dreams. It seems to be a good conversation piece.

No change in interaction except to pay more attention as I wake up to remember as much as I can.

I guess my definition has changed a little from just a "messaging" system of spirits to also include a learning tool.

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