010 - Christopher Bonn Jonnes

4-8-00 0:30:45 -0400 (EDT)


As a child dreams seemed to be something universal, in the sense that everyone had them, but they weren't something you were supposed to talk about. You were supposed to "deal with them" when you had recurring nightmares as a six-year-old, for example. I never had the sense that my dreams were more unique than the next person's, but it always seemed strange to me that more attention was not paid to dreams in general, and that adults constantly attempted to downplay the significance of them. I know now that it's only out of fear or lack of any better way to cope with them.

Turning point

I read a science magazine article in the 1980's on lucid dreaming and the techniques for inducement that intrigued me. I was totally skeptical, yet the promised result enticed me to try the techniques. I stuck with the bizarre ritual for approximately a month, and then had three lucid dreams within a matter a weeks--the last of which is the subject of my best-selling suspense novel, "Wake Up Dead."


I believe dreams are a normal and required brain activity that helps us process the relevant events of the recent past in our lives. I think it's a fundamental funtion in the memory process. We see, hear, smell, feel, and experience things all day long, and at night the brain sorts things out and decides what it means and how to store it in memory. The process is dreams. Nightmares, night terrors, OBE's, recurring dreams, etc., are all indications of a mental dilema, the brain struggling with how to categorize an event.


The entire plot of my new book occurred to me while I was dreaming. So I dreamt a unique story about dreaming, wrote the book--and now my dreams are coming true! Lucid dreaming is something that does not come naturally to me. I must work the techniques hard for results. I've tried on and off for years without duplicating the success I had earlier. But I keep trying; the reward is worth it.


Anyone interested in dreaming is invited to check out my new best-selling suspense novel, "Wake Up Dead." Synopsis, excerpt, bio, photos, and much more are all available on my website at http://homepages.go.com/~cjonnes.

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