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i don't remember much if any discussion of dreams in my childhood although i think i was aware of them anyway

Turning point

my earliest recollection of the importance of dreams came while in pre surgery counseling - i was 14. the psychologist asked me about my dreams or i mentioned having weird dreams to him. i got a freudian and negative response from him, he tried to seduce me and i left his office in mid session and never went back. i think it was then that i realised there was something to my dreams but not what he was suggesting. later in life, i became more of a Jungian thinker about my dreams. i began writing poetry at i believe age 8. many times my poems have come from dreams. i began journal writing very young as well.

i guess the answer to this question is i became more interested in my early teens.


as i became more aware and comfortable with my dreams and i read a lot of anything i could to do with dreams, i did become what i would later find out to be a Jungian thinker as i previously stated. sometime in my thirties i began having what i call past life dreams. they were intense and vivid and some lucid - lasted for maybe a year or so and i still occasionally have them. i realised at some point - maybe in my twenties that i often had dreams of future events and people i hadn't met yet. i still have these.


i come and go on the importance of dreams. i have learned to interpret my dreams according to what is going on in my life. they are of little help when i dream of a future event but i cannot pinpoint when or who the dream will affect. so i don't know that my definition has changed any. i am frustrated at times when i can't do anything about some of my dreams, ie: warn someone of impending danger, as it is often not clear WHO is in harm's way and is later confirmed but by then too late. ie: have dreamed of friends suicides, accidents, earthquakes, etc.


none come to mind

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