007 - Valley Reed

3-8-00 10:48:02 -0400 (EDT)


My recollection of dreams from childhood is very lacking, I only have one experience that I will never forget. It was a very positive experience. It was a vision that came during the night and I was awake. I was my room lit up in a beautiful blue glow. Jesus was standing in my room he had a lamb in his arms and a small stool beside him. He told me he was here to protect me. The feeling I had from this was one of open hearted love that I had never felt before. I was eight at the time. When I shared this with my family they took me to see our preacher and he was very supportive of my experience. I was baptised shortly after that, and my feelings of connection to the vision continued to grow.

Turning point

I have always known I was a bit psychic, so I have been interested in this phenomenon since childhood. The first book I recall reading about dreams was Carl Jung's Book, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. When I was 23. I thought it was very difficult reading at the time but I was fascinated with the information. I studied the book even though I did not seem to understand much of it. I felt, however on some level I was getting it. I began getting into meditation and studying self awareness and metaphysical teachings.

When I was 25, I had a dream that saved my life as a precognitive dream. Before that, I had not written down too many of my dreams. After the precognitive dream that saved my life, I paid attention to most of my dreams, and they became much more intense. I had several out of body or astral travel experiences. I had not been familiar with this concept at the time, and I had to look it up in order to find out what it was that I was experiencing. I have written my dreams down in a journal, I have drawn pictures of images and symbols from my dreams, I have also written songs and poems from different dream experiences. I feel I have been led to pay attention to my dreams because I don't know how not to. My dreaming life has become very intense and alive over the years, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


My initial experience was that dreams can be a place to connect with spirit, with the realm of the Divine. I was also interested in the psychological perspective of Carl Jung and actualizing human potential. As a path to uncover who and what we are. In this exploration I have met with ancestors and guides in my dreams and explored alternate realities. I have continued to experience psychic dreams over the years, and as such feel a certain responsibility to take them seriously. I have experienced the power that dreams can have in life, and see it as something that we can all benefit from.


I have continued to experience psychic dreams over the years, and as such, feel a responsibility to take them seriously. I have experienced the power that dreams can have in life, and see it as something we all can benefit from. The place that dreams now hold in my life has gone from something on the back burner to the furnace. It takes up a lot of my focus and energy now, but it is well worth the effort. I continue to have new and different dream experiences all the time. The way I view those experiences and what to do with them has changed. I have gotten better information through being involved with ASD, and reading books that relate how to be empowered by your dreams instead of just decoding them symbolically and psychologically. Dreams have a living force in them, tapping into this force and bringing into reality is the challenge of dreaming. I feel that my dreams prepare me for my life and give me feedback on how I am living or not living my life. It allows me a space to experience complex emotions and desires that often cannot be put into words. Words are often limiting and cannot relay the realities experienced in dreams. I find other forms such as movement, painting, and drawing can allow dream experiences to come to life. I am also interested in how dreams can be used for healing, on many different levels. Dreams are a mystery and can allow us glimpses of the creative source and how to manifest it. We could all use a little more creative energy in our lives. Dreaming is a path.

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