002 - Stoeffel

2-8-00 9:59:49 -0400 (EDT)


My familiy was not very supportive to dreams, they where "phantasies" to them, and not real. One should not notice them too much (probably because one could become entangeled in phantasms and anxieties which would decrease the ability to manage "real life").

Turning point

I had some very astonishing dreams which disturbed me much and had a deep influence on me. Because of this I began a psychoanalysis. But the analysists treated dreams according to their favored theories. I was not satisfied and lost my interest in dreams.

Years later I was pushed back on them because of problems in my life. I was not satisfied with what "reale life" could give me and lost my perspectives what I wanted to reach. In this siutation I turned again towards my inner life, that is my dreams, which I began to record regularly.


Dreams where and are for me an open resource to investigate . They mirror my personality, my conflicts, my interests, my worldview. But they are also a link to alternative worlds and to God.


They give me a new perspective and goal for my life. They are an important part of my life. I am interested in the interrelation of inner and outer world. I interact more or less in the same way with them, but I gained a better understanding of them and I am much more familiar with them. My definition of dreams is more ore less the same, but more elaborated. In the beginning there where more questions and little knowledge. Now there is more knowledge and still questions. They are probably different now than in the beginning.

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