The Big Picture

(quotes concerning dreaming benefits, no comments)
They help me with decisions, ideas, emotional troubles, spiritual growth and on and on.
A sense of awe or wonder or mystery.
One of the general benefits of paying attention to my dreams is that life in general seems richer and fuller; two dimensional when I am not paying attention versus three dimensional when I am.
I see Dreams as a place where spirit meets with you and you learn things.... learn of yourself, your past, your Path, your True Being .... and all it encompasses...
Dreaming makes me a more interesting person.
This is a different, more expanded world that complications in this life can be brought into focus and recognized for their simplicity and short term importance to our overarching pattern of growth.
I belief my dreams are a showplace of the desires of my ego state! But also, in my dreams I can pick up warnings about my immediate future! My dreams are colorful experiences of my motivations of my energy levels and of my perceptions. They help me perceive my inner most self and get closer to it. They help me with my personal learning about my self in this journey of life.
In the last five years I have used dreams in problem solving, learning about my whole self and also learned how my body and mind works.
Without my dreams I would not have met my current husband, have my current job or be in the place I am spiritually.
I have asked to be filled with energy, enthusiasm, joy, and love, and inspiration on different occasions. I *always* receive, in one way or another. Even if I can't remember any dreams that night, I always *feel* qualitatively different the next day.
Some dreams I had did seem to be pure entertainment, some were revealing of my nature, in some I met ancestors, even dreamed of God, some seemed like a digestion of the day's events, [..]
They are a window to your soul
I dream about my late relatives or other spirits, they are able to communicate with me. I dream about things that sometimes don't make sense to me in waking, but they were fun to dream. I believe that the majority of dreams are a learning experience for us. I also believe that dreams are a way to see into the future and the past.
I think we are able to receive communication from God, Spirit, or whoever / whatever word is meaningful to you, while in the dream realm.

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