Getting the most from missions

Some specific tips for remote viewers, and especially for dreamers.

Focused dreams

With psi contests, the required outcome is known. It is possible to tell how close contenders came to the target. This is not a contest. In case of a lost object mission, either we find it, or we don't. As a group we need to come up with the solution. This means that dreams need to be strongly focused on the mission.

Analysis of the raw material will also be much easier with strongly focused dreams. Due to the mulit-layered nature of dreams, personal or group issues showing up in the dreams, don't need to be a problem. However, dreams with a dozen different locations could make it terribly hard to decide which one matters.

Here are a few suggestions for focused dreams. Perhaps one of them appeals to you, perhaps not.
  • Just reading the above is all you need. You're focused. I know it is this simple for many people.

  • Before going to bed, some like to review the day from the last moment back to the first moment of the day. It is believed that this helps to clear up emotional residue of the day.

  • Some people take time to relax, and meditate before going to sleep.

  • Something I have tried. I often remember more than one dream, and there's simply too much information in several dreams to make sense of it. I dedicate the first remembered dream to the particular request. It works for me.
Here's something Ed wrote. I'm open for suggestions by others too.

I've found that it helps to keep the last few hours before retiring fairly neutral (low audio-visual-emotional imagery impact), it seems the most vulnerable time for experiencing day residue that will impact dreams. So a quiet evening before retiring on a target night, no movies or TV or even fiction novels or other exciting impactful entertainment helps to create a dreaming "tabula rasa." For myself, I try to stick to non-fiction either on neutral "dry" subjects - or to positive non-fiction, such as books on psi, dreams, or remote viewing. Of course, even the best laid plans may not work out, and the Daily Review process can really help.

One other point - for me at least the early dreams of the night usually have the most day residue, and the later dreams the least. Most people get up at 3-4 AM during the night (especially if they drink a full glass of water before retiring!) and I've found that this makes the best time for me to program/incubate in dreaming tasks, as the last dreams usually last longer, and my recall of their details usually seems much higher than for the early dreams.

Again, if you have your own suggestions, let me hear them!

Dare to go alone

We are social beings, and most of us always try to remain synchronized with the larger group. There is the risk that psi angels will be influenced by results from other angels, so I suggest that we do not discuss results during the mission week.

Dreams and remote viewings can be submitted through a form on a website. A link to that form will provided to you by email.

Details matter

Perhaps the answer to a mission is simple, like "the ring is under your bed, silly!". More likely, it is complicated, as in ''your ring is behind building X, under the broken tile 15 yards from the doors". Or, "a man looking like this, working there, took it, and his phone number is xxx-xxxxxx". Assume that details matter.

The website form for submitting sessions contains hints and specific fields for checking details. After entering the main text, the form asks you to list all locations in your dream, and check whether you have anything else to add to your description. A next section asks to do the same for important characters in your dream. Also, if you have a copy of it, the Psi Dream Key Questionnaire developed by Ed Kellogg (see his ASD member page) is an excellent checklist for details too.

Addtionally, drawings are welcome. Email them, and I will upload them for you.

Careful with interpretation

Remote Viewers are typically advised to stick to describing what they've seen or experienced. In other words, to avoid interpretation. Interpretation can lead to loss of information because things we can't make sense of are ignored. To make it worse, we may even reshape our observations to fit in with something that meets our expectations.

This may be less of a problem to dreamers, but nonetheless I'd advice to be as precise as possible with your report.

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