This document explains my ideas for the organization of missions, incorporating input of Rita, Ed, and Dreambjo.

Consider this a Request For Comments document. Comments can go to ASD Bulletin Board, to Psi-Dreams, or to Harry.

Mission schedule

My current thinking is to schedule the third week of each month to do dreaming and remote viewing. During this third week angels should not discuss their results with other angels.

week 1-2 wait for payment, prepare mission
week 3 angels go to work
week 4 discussion and report

Once the results are in, I think it will be fun to compare the results in some kind of online forum. The fourth week of the month is for discussion and reporting.

(Note: the four week schedule means that we should not promise delivery witin 31 days for the next auction).

Privacy and copyright

The customer will get a copy of the dream descriptions. That means that submitted dreams are to be considered as basically public, because the customer may want to hand out copies to others. That doesn't mean the customer needs to get exclusive copyrights, non-exclusive should do. As a result, the dreamer is free to share mission dreams with others too.

Another matter is whether we want the discussion phase of the mission to be public or private. Public means that we could use the ASD bulletin board. Private means a forum with password protected access. One advantage of password protection is that angels have some extra time in case they want to edit submitted dreams, for example to protect the privacy of third parties.

Bjo asked about availability for research. My first reply to Bjo was that it would be nice to donate the entire missions, dreams included, to the public domain. Public domain means that everyone can use the dreams for whatever purpose. This is a radical decision, and I don't feel I have a good grasp of the consequences here.

In addition to opening up to researchers, another reason for public domain is that I want to build an online portfolio of missions. This can be done with or without including the dreams. The moment we include the dreams, we could just as well donate them to the public domain.

Some customers may have a problem with not getting exclusive copyrights. Eventually we could make this negotiable, where more exclusivity translates to a higher price. We can pass that bridge when we get there.

Archangels and spill overs

Ed pointed out that it would be good to have the raw data analyzed by somebody who did not participate in the mission. Ed suggested the name Archangel for such a role. It seems a good idea to me. Building on this, I like to add the suggestion to rotate Archangels. Compiling a report is a significant amount of work, and I assume that occasionally Archangels like to descent to the level of angels, and play a mission. At least, I want to play.

Rita brought up the issue of spill overs. At the moment I ask bidders for a short description of the type of mission they are looking for. I do this because I expect that bidders will come up with lots of interesting ideas, even though we can only reward one bidder. Additionally, it can make it more fun for angels who are watching the auction. Rita warned that having different  missions described on the auction board, can lead to spill over effects in our dreams when trying to do a particular mission. I'm not sure what to do here. Bidders will want to know whether their mission will be excepted as soon as possible. I can ask bidders to email me, and report to the group on other requested missions later. The disadvantage is that requiring an email in addition to the post to the board, creates a barrier for bidding.

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