4. Joy

Sun, 25 Jul 2004
05:16:56 GMT

Oh! I just remembered - playing cards have bilateral symmetry head-to-foot and can't be reversed in the same sense as Tarot cards, which have a right-side-up and an upside-down.

Thinking more about reversed cards leads me to want to summarize the reading in terms of blocks - this being the nature of Question #1.

Of the central two cards, the first is often traditionally seen as the nature of the question, and the second as "crossing" it in the sense of obstructing progress toward a desired goal. I usually see them as complementary but since I was specifically looking for blocks, I should consider them with this in mind.

The Chariot is very active, rapid, decisive movement toward a goal; this is crossed by the Two of Rods, passively waiting for processes already set in motion to unfold. If the latter is a block, it could be that more decisive action is what's needed to bring these into balance. Similarly, of the "manic-depressive" 7 of Cups and Moon pair, the Moon is the potential block. Maybe it would be good to maintain courage through the hesitant times; go ahead and follow through on some of those brilliant ideas.

This idea is supported by the fact that nearly all of the cards are reversed in positions that represent basic feelings and conscious thoughts! The reversed Sun, a hesitant optimism; the Queen of Cups, a hesitant vision of yourself as feminine master of the realm of emotions. Representing hopes and fears, the reversed Ace of Swords suggests hope placed in a new idea, yet fear that it won't work out. Cultivating wholehearted optimism and self-confidence could clear these blocks.

The reversed 7 of Swords standing for your basic feelings in the second reading carries this through as well. It is by nature a card of waiting for when the time is ripe; its reversal suggests a perhaps unnecessary gut-level supposition that this will be a very long wait!

The 8 of Swords as an optional action - being paralyzed by inaction, with the result of feeling burdened by your work and unfulfilled creative impulses - also implies that excessive hesitancy is not your friend.

Almost everything else is right-side-up and saying, yes, expect a positive outcome; go for it! There are reversals in the high-level outcomes of 10 of Cups and Queen of Swords; these just seem to suggest realistic expectations that it will take time for a relationship to develop to the 10-of-Cups level of fulfillment and your professional life to develop to the Queen-of-Swords level of accomplishment.

The one card that maybe encourages you to slow down in one aspect of your life is Temperance, a really beautiful calm and powerful card that's all about gaining mastery of your emotions with regard to those closest to you.

All in all, the message seems to be that what's blocking you is a tendency to be overly hesitant, indecisive and uncertain of success.

Does that ring true for you? If not, ignore this! If so, well, I tend to be like that too - I once hesitated for several minutes over a table of paperback books on sale for 25 cents, trying to decide whether to buy a self-help book for indecisive people! When I realized what I was doing I threw up my hands and decided I was a hopeless case! But I have gotten bolder. I like this quote from a wise woman named Sarah Leah: "How can God direct our steps if we're not taking any?"

5. Harry Bosma

Sun, 25 Jul 2004
11:05:50 GMT

Oh, thanks Joy! This brings out advice for action much better!

One day you should show me how you shuffle. :-)

6. Joy

Sun, 25 Jul 2004
18:05:17 GMT

I'm glad you find it useful - hope Kay does!

To recap the other main ideas for Kay -

You've recently re-evaluated your life, found you've gone as far as you can go along your current path, and are ready for something new - a new career and a fulfilling personal relationship.

These quests are strongly linked; pursuing work well suited to you will likely lead toward the partner well suited to you.

As you take action, success will begin very soon - in the form of a partner with strong qualities that you're also developing in yourself, and a career that makes good use of your mental abilities - and this success will deepen over time.

Meanwhile this interval of having few close associates may be valued as a time of meditative introspection.


Kay, I'd love to have your feedback as I've only recently begun doing readings for others after practicing for more than 10 years on myself! Ilkin was one of my first, and my only other remote reading before yours; the results with hers were very encouraging - it described and answered her question without my knowing in advance what it was.

All the best to you,


P.S. Correction: I wrote "7 of Swords" in the message above when I meant "7 of Pentacles"

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