6. Harry Bosma

Sat, 24 Jul 2004
13:16:30 GMT

Here's the first part of what Kathy sent me.

WHAT IS BLOCKING KAY in her search for a partner?

a). Too much thinking

AGNES (dream): – cramped house; cramped field- “she (Kay) was doing it all wrong, because she was ‘thinking’”

b). Too much observing dreaming

AGNES (dream): “...but you can’t just observe dreaming, you also have to practice your ‘findings’. You’ve to focus on what you want to dream about, and you also have to dream what you want.”

c). Too much waiting

AGNES (dream): “You shouldn’t wait for what you want to come to you, but

DREAM it towards you”.

d). Past Loss

KATIE (dream): I realize how deep my grief is. (double loss man and woman)

KATHY (dream): I see across the road a shiny paten leather handbag sitting by some rubbish bins but apart from them. I pick it up thinking it may be mine. I had a similar bag stolen years ago … by "T. Jefferson" or "T. Refferson" - I thought of it as Thomas Jefferson".

e). The Past

DREAMSAURUS (dream): a man and computer memory chip.

DREAMBJO (dream): So he takes pen and paper and writes the title of his book. "My brilliant Amy" by blank blank. (his name). This is about his special talented daughter who is shy. He so much wants her to be successful.

DREAMBJO (dream): Once a large smile of love, then it disappears to huge disappointment. Then a series of almost in difference. He nods his head thoughtfully. He has seen where I shut down.

e). Contradictory feelings

GILLIAN (RV): (not necessarily high confidence about this) seem to be a dual signal emitted. A signal to create a connection, followed by a more subtle signal to avoid a connection. Almost like a lighthouse beacon flashing brightly, followed by another signal on a different frequency that broadcast an opposite intention.

DREAMBJO (dream): A beautiful, kind man is attracted to me. He wants me to love him back. I hesitate and pull back. He gently keeps talking to me. He tells me he won't hurt me, he will stay the course and won't leave and will love me always. I am attracted, but fearful and I keep pulling back.

JOY (tarot): Your standpoint on the topic, the unconscious basis for the way you view your quest, is the Sun - a very strong, bright, happy optimism! - yet it's reversed, suggesting that you feel, "Yes, but not yet!"

f). men not interested

DREAMBJO (dream): I demand we (another woman and I) go to the source of this ridiculous problem for all the men are off having sexual encounters with young women, leaving us...

g). a belief

TERRY: It seems I woke up to the word Avatar. (See notes)

TERRY (comment): Avatar is a self help program that I am only somewhat familiar with. They believe that we create whatever we believe. Therefore if you change your beliefs you can change what you are creating. I did some work with them that brought about profound change and I look forward to doing more of it. The fact that I woke up to these words leads me to suggest that what is in the way for Kay is some belief that she holds unknowingly that still controls her.

7. Harry Bosma

Sat, 24 Jul 2004
13:22:56 GMT

Here's the second part.


a). work partner

GILLIAN (RV): There did not appear to be a romantic partner within the next two years. There did, however, appear to be a mission/project/work alliance that was important. This seemed to be triggered in roughly 9 months time from the present, blossoming into a robust professional alliance in 1 and 1/2 years.

GILLIAN (comment): I had the persistent impression that the next two years are highly "project-oriented" for Kay, and that when this is behind her, she may be in a better place for a romantic connection. Although she is looking forward into a tunnel wishing for a connection, when she is on the other side of the tunnel looking back, she seems to feel that the timing wouldn't have been right before.

LAURA (comment): Christopher, Leon and the "Mc" sisters seem important. The reference to teaching and flowers could be significant. Perhaps there will be a business opportunity to join two sisters in a floral shop?

RITA (dream): Partner not romantic interest: In the first dream, I am working on a project involving paperwork and other people, and a youngish woman comes to help me. Dreams or intuitive issues are involved. We work well together and it is a relief to have someone who thinks like me and has the same goals at my side.

RITA (comment): she might be coming to a time when she not only finds a good female friend who will help her with common interests in the dream field.

JOY (tarot): Yourself, in relation to your work, is the Empress. Ah! - look: the very epitome of a woman who has absolute mastery of the intuitive realm! You, in your very essence, are SO capable of succeeding at the work you want to undertake.

ILKIN (knowing/seeing): She believes she can reach success in a job if she will do it with a good friend but she can do it herself.

b). Romantic partner – who

ILKIN (dream): A man is entering the house from the main door. He has some bags (suitcase?) with him. He seems very tired. He has very white skin and brown hair. I can see that he has the marks of past disappointments and hurts in his face and eyes. He is not sure if he is accepted and loved. A rather lonely feeling man. A woman is coming down the stairs to meet him. He is putting the bags on the floor. The woman looks like Kay. She can feel the mans feelings but thinks how she can show, share her own with him and persuade him everything will be okay. They seem like they know each other for long but this relationship is new to them.

DREAMSAURUS (comment): That special hair resembles cartoon figure Dennis The Menace -just a bit darker, brown. Mr C. was my boss about 5 years ago (from Denmark). "Dennis" was the important figure, so think someone Dennis or his hair. No direct connection with any ladies but

RITA (dream): The main character in this is a man of about 40, who reminds me of my #3 Son, not really my son but a good friend of his and close enough to our family to be really a part of it, is helping me in several ways--driving me somewhere I need to go, being attentive and caring of my physical needs, good with children who are present, etc.

RITA (comment): I expect him to be someone "foreign" to her at present, someone she either doesn't know or hasn't given attention to earlier. I say this because my #3 son is Chinese, not short but not tall though muscular and fit, very intelligent, funny, generous and big-hearted,strong good character. An aerospace engineer with a home of his own and good income, and whom I tease all the time about finding a mate since he is so good with my grandchildren that I'd like to see him have a family of his own. ……I suspect that some women at first glance might overlook him since he may not be their stereotypical Prince Charming. So if in my dream he is a symbol for Kay's search, I'd look outside my preconceptions and make a list of what I REALLY want/value in a life partner, then once that ideal is set, knowing that thought has form, I would set about manifesting my ideal mate. Rita

LESLIE (dream): A gentleman four years older then Kay, has been completely devoted to his work and hobbies for years. He is quite knowledgeable about his interests and that has been his life. Perhaps, he is ready to share those interests? The other gentleman is 8 years her senior. He is very attractive and intelligent.

TERRY (dream): We then go to an Indian reservation where I meet this woman in the middle of the afternoon. There is going to be a wedding on the reservation that very night at 1:30 am. The ... I end up with a bag of something to grow ... The bag could have been fertilizer.

JOY (tarot): The outcome, at last: The Emperor. In this context he probably represents the partner you'll find - although it can also mean finding these qualities within yourself. The Emperor is a strong male figure, confident, logical, powerful, authoritative and benevolent, very well-grounded and able to translate potential into success.

c). what objects surround the partner

ANGES: Kay was dreaming for an object, a two storey house with a car on the driveway. (That's what i saw her dreaming in my dream.)

ILKIN (dream): There is stairs to upper floor

NIKI (dream): The only dream I can recall in conjunction with this visualization, though, is an impression of two dogs, petting their heads after feeding them. They are the kind of dogs that have sleek heads, short hair - whippets, greyhounds, some other sort of fleethound or sighthound. They are enegetic and loving towards each other and towards the person petting them.

d). how to retrieve the men

DREAMBJO (dream): "... I don't know what we did, but used our own personal power and initiative to draw them back to us older women to our own devices.

e). where to look

KATHY (dream) :Jermyn Street.

KATHY (comment): My dream says look in central London – St Paul’s – Jermyn Street.

DREAMSAURUS (comment): DennisUSA MrCDenmark, RealitysyncSweden,
DreamedbymadeinFinlandbrain= Northern part of our Globe.

NIKI (visualization): Every time I used this visualization, the thread seemed to take us around the hill to the left until we were flying due north

LESLIE (dream) Both are in the general area of where Kay is now (like within 150 mile radius)

ILKIN (knowing/seeing): London is best for a marriage and success for her but Scotland is important for her mystic future too.

f). further clues

ILKIN (dream): I also hear the letters "D", "A" and "E".

LAURA (dream): Two girls approachs me and one hands me a long stemmed white rose. I believe they are sisters. The rose has an unusual quality because the stem is almost as tall as I am with a single bloom on top. I ask their names. I was given two names, but all I can recall is a "Mc" sound...like McMahon, or Marcia.

LAURA (comment): Christopher, Leon and the "Mc" sisters seem important.

ILKIN (knowing/seeing): Last days of August is important for her. At 19th of a month she will meet somebody. And this month can be a turning point of her life.

g). feeling tone for the search

KATHY (comment): My dream seems too to indicate that your search including the unraveling the muddle of emotions in this area is leading you to the center of your being (central London, the circular dome, the circular knife blades). Very auspicious

KATHY (dream): I pick up the two sets of blades. I am taking them HOME.

KATHY (comment): I woke with the most beautiful feeling of contentment – the idea the feeling the blades were coming HOME.

ILKIN (dream): The man puts his arm on her shoulders and seem more relaxed and feel her love, it is not one sided.

DREAMBJO (dream): I go look, not terribly enthused, and this time I noticed a turtle swimming in a little lily covered pond on his back. I saw a beautiful spiritual like icon of another turtle tattooed on the turtles belly shell. Reds, blues, bright colors. I appreciate this very much. I look at the man who watches me patiently.

DREAMBJO (dream): He lays down a square piece of sod and reassures me he will finish the full course. I am touched, hopeful and wistful.

LAURA (dream) The boys call over to our group of girls, and ask if we want to join the game.

RITA (comment): This was a very pleasant dream, in terms of being taken care of by someone who truly cares about me.

KATIE (comment): Contrary to appearances, this was a dream with an overall positive emotional tone, and it stayed with me strongly during the day.

JOY (tarot): The final is the ultimate outcome, regardless of your actions - the personal growth resulting from undertaking this quest. It's the Three of Rods. Remember the Two of rods, where you stood looking out to sea after the ships you just launched? Rods are creative energy. In the Three of Rods, your ships come in.

JOY (tarot): The ultimate outcome is a sweet, lighthearted card, the 6 of Cups: two children with their cups filled with flowers. It represents a sort of nostalgic return to what was best in your childhood. As an ultimate outcome, I'd guess it means that through the work you choose, you'll come full-circle to develop and fulfill the potential of something that was very dear to you as a child.

ILKIN (knowing/seeing): Time will show her that everything she want will happen. She has very powerful vibrations, have love to nature, people and help, full of energy. She want beauty and harmony in her life but also spread it around. She honest, dependable and has the potential of success.

8. Harry Bosma

Sat, 24 Jul 2004
14:00:53 GMT

Hey, this is really nice. Thanks Kathy.

As usual, I'd like ask everyone to comment on the cross referencing, especially if you think that something is missing.

Here are my own brief notes I made earlier. Disclaimer, I'm in a similar situation as Kay, transitioning from one life stage to another. I'm biased.

With regards to the question of finding a partner, I noticed a strong theme of taking responsibility for once own fate. This starts with the first entry by Agnes, was repeated clearly by Gillian, and then the last entry by Terry mentions it again.

As to possible blocks, there seem to be several suggestions: bad past experiences that may need to be addressed (not sure whether this is true), and generally being in a phase where a lot is going on (to summarize it very quickly), but all positive. I'm leaving out details and references at this moment. No need to replicate Kathy.

What caught my attention is that the potential partner may not be immediately recognized as such. That certainly will keep things exciting.

I emailed Kay about Bjo's dream mentioning a father, to check how sensitive this area is to her. Bjo's dream seems encouraging about the father.

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