1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 18 Jul 2004
17:40:12 GMT
Submitted sessions
These are the submitted sessions.

2. Agnes

Tue, 20 Jul 2004
02:15:26 GMT
Kay's Dreaming
7 -20-2004, 4:00 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Before sleeping, i focused on the question. I thought of Kay's real name and age (to connect to her), asked the question (#1),went into a meditative state, then fell asleep.

7/20/04 4am (+8 GMT)

I was standing outside a fenced area of some sort (like a paddock), and cramped inside were baby cows with bells around their necks. As I went inside the fence, the baby cows scattered, complaining at the intrusion. The sounds of their bells made me focus on the mission, and I found myself inside a small cramped room.

The room was empty but for two chairs facing each other about 1 1/2 meter away. It also seemed darkened, with the kind of dim lighting one has in dreams. It seemed like a room where dream experiments were done, it had only the padded walls (soundproof walling) around it and a door to the left side. There were no one-way mirror nor cameras to observe what was going on inside the room, meaning that the experimenter was also inside the room. I was sitting on one chair, and in front of me was Kay sitting on the other chair. As my awareness went nearer the room, I heard/saw myself saying to her, “...but you can’t just observe dreaming, you also have to practice your ‘findings’. You’ve to focus on what you want to dream about, and you also have to dream what you want.”

Then I proceeded to guide her to focus (visualise) on a dream she wanted, she was doing this on an alpha state (which was what the room was for, to drive away all the distractions to the physical senses). Then I said stop, that she was doing it all wrong, because she was ‘thinking’. I said she had to focus on one point in her dream, so she started again, this time with more focus, with the picture more clear in her mind.

As I was standing on the other side of the room, I was observing her dream, and communicating to her in her dream-state. I was saying to her, so this is what you have to do, you also have to be part of your experiment, not just an observer. You shouldn’t wait for what you want to come to you, but DREAM it towards you.

End of dream.

(just before I went to sleep, I knew what question to ask. What was blocking Kay?)

The farm where the cows were was in a very remote place. You can only see the fields, no houses around, nor city noises.

(I'm not sure though if this part has any relevance to the dream, except for the bell sounds bringing me to the actual dream/answer.)

I'm not contented with the dream though, i feel that i didn't answer my question. I'll try another dream.

Oh, just for the record, i personally have no thoughts that Kay is experimenting with the psi angels, so there is no reason for me to dream that, nor is there any resentment :D

Also, in Kay's exercise dream, she was dreaming for an object, a two storey house with a car on the driveway. (That's what i saw her dreaming in my dream.)

3. Katie

Tue, 20 Jul 2004
03:33:35 GMT
Connection and loss
7 -18-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: A brief suggestion to myself when already half-asleep
Details are fuzzy as I woke and fell back asleep into this dream a couple times. There's a man and a woman who are friends and/or lovers. She's kind of a blue-jeans type, but in a shop she tries on a metallic silver sandal, very shiny. A mixed sense of doing this for fun -- the irony of her of all people in fancy dress -- and also of needing to dress fancy for some occasion the night following. A fancy dress follows. Going up a hill in twilight, through some winding and indirect passages at the top. A feeling of community within a larger feeling of general threat, like a bad neighborhood or being a dissident against the powers that be. Being in a warmly lit, small living room with friends. Something happens -- the woman (sometimes I'm the woman, sometimes the man) dies or commits suicide after the fancy dress night, and I'm the man howling in anguish. Yet sometimes I'm the woman grieving the man's loss. In the latter situation I'm sort of myself at work (vet clinic) and the vet asks me, in a grinning and gossipy way, what happened. My reply is quietly spoken but I say something like, "I don't know if I can take it." In some sense, only by stating it do I realize how deep my grief is. I notice that there are new rooms added on to the clinic I've never seen before (to my left). They are nicely muralled, blue walls with murals up to two or three feet of flowering bushes.

Contrary to appearances, this was a dream with an overall positive emotional tone, and it stayed with me strongly during the day. I completely forgot about the mission when I woke up and only tonight did I realize that this was most likely an incubated dream. Until I realized that I couldn't figure out what the dream was about. May be a psi element in the dream -- I just found out we're opening another clinic. Another influence in this dream could be a mystery novel I was reading before bed in which there's a male & female friend/lover detective team.

4. Gillian

Tue, 20 Jul 2004
17:37:30 GMT
Good News and Bad News
7 -20-2004, 9:0 local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Brief meditation - RV affirmation - notes about physical and emotional state to clear. Directed question: partner, and/or blockage?

I attempted to RV a probability (that of finding a romantic partner) on a hypothetical time/space grid. There did not appear to be a romantic partner within the next two years. There did, however, appear to be a mission/project/work alliance that was important. This seemed to be triggered in roughly 9 months time from the present, blossoming into a robust professional alliance in 1 and 1/2 years.

When I sought to discern a "block" to romantic connections, there did seem to be a dual signal emitted. A signal to create a connection, followed by a more subtle signal to avoid a connection. Almost like a lighthouse beacon flashing brightly, followed by another signal on a different frequency that broadcast an opposite intention. (I have no sense what this is about, nor do I have necessarily high confidence in the accuracy of this impression. I apologize if it seems bizarre or off base.)

Finally, I had the persistent impression that the next two years are highly "project-oriented" for Kay, and that when this is behind her, she may be in a better place for a romantic connection. Although she is looking forward into a tunnel wishing for a connection, when she is on the other side of the tunnel looking back, she seems to feel that the timing wouldn't have been right before.

Thanks for the opportunity. It was a challenge to my beliefs to scan in this manner, and I had to keep expanding beyond "I can't-itis." I hope there is something useful here. Good luck, Kay, and thanks for the assignment.


5. Dreamsaurus

Tue, 20 Jul 2004
19:44:25 GMT
Computer memory
7 -20-2004, 5:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: No idea

Reading mission statement here and short thinkings
during the evening.

A short snippet showing a unclear vision about
a man and computer memory chip.

It was a longer dream but I remember only the last vision.

6. Kathy Turner

Thu, 22 Jul 2004
00:14:41 GMT
Central London
7 -21-2004, 5: local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: I asked my dreaming mind to find the answers to Kay's questions

I am somewhere in London although it is far more spacious - wide curved streets, tall but not so tall buildings and one has the feeling of St Paul's.
I see across the road a shiny patten leather handbag sitting by some rubbish bins but apart from them. I pick it up thinking it may be mine. I had a similar bag stolen years ago..
I realized it wasn't mine but I knew the same theif that had taken mine had taken this one. The thief thad taken what he'd wanted and left the bag here. There seemed to be a mobile phone in it but I didn't look at it for I found a note written to me on a tiny piece of notepaper. The handwriting was the same as a person I know and like (Robert G.).
I had written a long letter to the thief before (though I also believed I didn't know who he was!!). This letter was a reply and said something like:
"Don't write so much. You might make me interested."
It was signed with a name like "T. Jefferson" or "T. Refferson" - I thought of it as Thomas Jefferson".
Well, I thought, this is a really good clue as to who the theif was so I headed off to the police in a little car, so eager and much to the consternation of others, that I drove up over the footpath.
I arrived at the Police Station which was like St Pauls (complete with dome and large open foyer at the front) but it was a cinema of some sort and had the feeling of a Fair Ground.
There was a man there that I was seeking as he was a kind of detective - in fact dressed complete with ahat like a 1950's detective. He was the ticket collector.
He had the smallest ticket office - just a place on the stairs and he had covered himself but for his face with a cloth to provide an office space.
I showed him the note and couldn't believe the theif would put his name on it and was feeling sad and even guilty about getting the theif into trouble when he wa clearly friendly.
The man took the note but paid no attention to it (meantime I am discussing a movie with a girl and she and I share some sweets). I felt the man was not going to do anything - well perhaps the name was not significant but stil... I felt I should go back and get it - but I didn't.
Or I did come back - now.
Now the place is different. I approach from the opposite direction - it has now developed into an enormously bust trading centre catering for people who want to buy particular kinds of things. I thought of the street as Jermyn Street (spelling??? a central London street - quite prestigous - but not at all how my dream street looked).
I notice three shops near the top are not so busy - they're new. One sells gilded statues - its whole front window crowded with them
The shop that had started all the interest was still the centre - a hardware shop - goods crowded in every space even hanging from the ceiling.
I'd been in there and now was taking a few things home. Just on the edge of the road in front of the shop I found them: a cane lounge, the cyclindrical blades of a push mower and a collection of sharp blades all attached at the centre and fanned out in a circle, somewhat like a penknife - I think of them as "plough shares". I see the blades on the mower and the "penknife" have been beautifully sharpened.
As I'm about to pick them up a small baby wanders into the area - I pick her up and place her on the side, not wanting her hurt. I pick up the two sets of blades. I am taking them HOME.

I woke with the most beautiful feeling of contentment – the idea the feeling the blades were coming HOME.
Now how would I see this in terms of your search Kay:
My dream seems to say the path is blocked because I have an ambiguous relation to a thief. I think I like him a lot; I admire him a lot and perhaps it was this LIKING and ADMIRING which turned him into a thief – perhaps he didn’t steal anything – perhaps I FEEL he has because the EFFECT OF MY LIKING AND ADMIRATION is the same as if he had stolen my sexuality (my purse) – perhaps I cannot be interested in anyone else because of the emotional ties and the consequent muddle I feel towards him. I, like the detective, have no interest in pursuing the thief; I like the girl, lose interest; I like the “me” is confused: I want to catch him/stop this theft/have my purse returned but I also feel sad to hurt him (or me really) and feel guilty because how can I see something wrong in someone so admired.
It sounds rather like the man in the chat room Kay – but I’d say it was a much older pattern (it’s NOT the new bag – it’s the old one that needs to be found!). If that is the case – I’m sure you’ll find your way through this muddle of emotions which is preventing movement – for you have literally opened yourself to this.
My dream says look in central London – St Paul’s – Jermyn Street. Does that mean anything to you – it certainly doesn’t to me.

And what of the blades – the mower blades are MY image – so I’m guessing the blades fanning out from the center is your image.
I don’t understand them but my dream is clear: the blades have been repaired/sharpened; they are in good condition; they are ready to be picked up; I/you am taking them HOME – and that is what is desired above all else. The image doesn’t sound good – BUT IT IS – perhaps its like the muddle of emotions – no need to be afraid of what you will find – it is exactly right.
ODD but there you are!!!

My dream seems too to indicate that your search including the unraveling the muddle of emotions in this area is leading you to the center of your being (central London, the circular dome, the circular knife blades). Very auspicious!!!

7. Ilkin

Thu, 22 Jul 2004
12:33:05 GMT
The man
7 -21-2004, 7:18 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: I tried to meditate and imagine Kay as real as possible beside me.
There is a house. There is stairs to upper floor, just across the main enterence door. To the left there is a kitchen and to the right there was a saloon (living room). I can't see what is there behind the stairs, on the corridor. A man is entering the house from the main door. He has some bags (suitcase?) with him. He seems very tired. He has very white skin and brown hair. I can see that he has the marks of past dissapointments and hurts in his face and eyes. He is not sure if he is accepted and loved. A rather lonely feeling man. A woman is coming down the stairs to meet him. He is putting the bags on the floor. The woman looks like Kay. She can feel the mans feelings but thinks how she she can show, share her own with him and persuade him everything will be okey. They seem like they know each other for long but this relationship is new to them. The woman knows alot (may be worked with him for a time) about his problems in job too but she is not working with him. She is bussy at home (may be working from home too because I can see a computer at the other far side of the living room), she is taking care of the boy who she just put sleep upstairs. I don't know if the boy is hers but she loves and cares for him very much as he is her own. She is taking the man's hand (reluctant to hug him) and lead him to the couch in the living rooom. The man puts his arm on her shoulders and seem more relaxed and feel her love, it is not one sided. I also hear the letters "D", "A" and "E".

I am trying to have a dream for the last 3 days. Had many. But I think this one can be the most related one with Kay's future.

I also tried to focus on Kay printing the information she gave about herself and this is what I get as feelings (just "feelings" no RV or any other thing);

"Time will show her that everything she want will happen. She has very powerful vibrations, have love to nature, people and help, full of energy. She want beauty and harmony in her life but also spread it around. She honest, dependable and has the potential of success. She believes she can reach success in a job if she will do it with a good friend but she can do it herself. She is thinking others more than herself but she must think herself as much as others too. She is very open to spirituallity, medumship and art. Last days of August is important for her. At 19th of a month she will meet somebody. And this month can be a turning point of her life. She may face unwaited successess. She is frequently thinking she may be falling in love but at the end the real love will be in her life (at first she she will not understand it is him). She had some problems but they are going away. Next year she will live many changes, surprises and new things. She souldn't wait jobs or people find her but she should find them herself. London is best for a marriage and success for her but Scotland is important for her mystic future too. She will discover her magical powers to make life a joy she is not aware of. She will live a pain, worry for somebody who will get ill in a year or little more but get many experiences from that. She will hear a bad news too but overcome it. There are some more but they may be about her personality she already know about.

8. Dreambjo

Thu, 22 Jul 2004
19:10:07 GMT
Three dreams
7 -20-2004, 7:26 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: I repeated my incubation process of saying to myself I am open and receptive of receiving specific detail information that would be useful to Kay on how she might be blocking relationships.

7/20/04 - My Brilliant Amy

I am following along and watching a family, a single dad and his three or four teenage children. One of the daughters suggests they move from their home and live in the lovely old hotel, sort of like buying into a condo. This is quite an upheaval for the dad to think about, but he agrees to at least visit and see if it is possible. It would be good for the children. One boy, two sisters. He is worried it will cost more than he can afford. So we all go on a tour. A special kitchen with fancy refrigerators and funky gourmet food shapes. One fridge for juices, another for small packets of maybe creams from different countries, the silver coffeepots and things look fancy and expensive.

They go from room to room admiring this old architecturely interesting hotel. This will be a wonderful place for the teens to meet people for future relationships, in particular one of his daughters who has special arts or writing talents. He goes to the Butler of the place and asks him for more specific information on how much this would all cost. He is having a hard time getting a straight answer, so he is worried it will be too expensive but his teens love it there. He wants to make it work. He asks the Butler what should he do and the Butler says you must write. So he takes pen and paper and writes the title of his book. "My brilliant Amy" by blank blank. (his name). This is about his special talented daughter who is shy. He so much wants her to be successful.

7/20/04 - Taking Back The Power

I am in Hollywood California. I enter a room where a group of actors were practicing kissing. They sat in a straight line each in their own chair. The "Odd Couple", Klugman and Randall were dutifully practicing their kiss. Janet and Tony Curtis etc. I go into a psychiatrist office and he's in there with a teen girl kissing. His wife, is angry and thwarted. I demand we (another woman and I) go to the source of this ridiculous problem for all the men are off having sexual encounters with young women, leaving us older women to our own devices. We boat around to the South end of California to get on land. Its sort of an outdoor library, only not books or shelves. Just green trapdoors on the ground. I look around and I see that psychiatrist again. He is smug and smirking. I decide I don't need to put up with this silly nonsense. I refuse to join them, deciding to make my own rules. This somehow thwarts The man as the wives come together as a group to get things back to "normal". I don't know what we did, but used our own personal power and initiative to draw them back to us.


I did not incubate this dream but I thought this dream so answered the question and I was not only myself in the dream, but also a woman who is like the description of Kay.)

I am out to the front yard area. A beautiful, kind man is attracted to me. He wants me to love him back. I hesitate and pull back. He gently keeps talking to me. He tells me he won't hurt me, he will stay the course and won't leave and will love me always. I am attracted, but fearful and I keep pulling back. He persists, asking me to think back on the times when I'd been in previous relationships. I close my eyes. (I have short dark hair sort of a "Bob". Halfway to my shoulders. I am 30 or 40 years old). He watches my face as I remember each relationship. Sometimes I'd smile, and the smile with slowly disappeared to sadness, sometimes I was angry and hurt. Once a large smile of love, then it disappears to huge disappointment. Then a series of almost in difference. He nods his head thoughtfully. He has seen where I shut down. He begins to build a garden with a small pond. I watch mildly curious. Each day he added something new he would ask me to come look at what he brought and put in a garden. I go look, not terribly enthused, and this time I noticed a turtle swimming in a little lily covered pond on his back. I saw a beautiful spiritual like icon of another turtle tattooed on the turtles belly shell. Reds, blues, bright colors. I appreciate this very much. I look at the man who watches me patiently. He motions for me to continue the path he's made through the garden. I walk with him leading. We get to the road and he has built a wonderful garden like sidewalk of raised beds and so on, partway across the road. It is beautiful and thoughtful. He shows me the unfinished end of it. He lays down a square piece of sod and reassures me he will finish the full course. I am touched, hopeful and wistful.

Sorry. I know you asked for only one or two sessions, but all three dreams felt very important for Kay. (and of course, for myself.) Thanks, Kay, because the question you asked of us is also one I pursue. So I got to really examine my own material here as well as maybe saying something of use to you.


9. Dreamsaurus

Thu, 22 Jul 2004
19:50:37 GMT
7 --2004, 5:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Short thinking work before bedtime.


1. I was in a house where some men had gathered.
2. One man had a special hair (after awakening, Dennis)
3. He talked with a man
4. 3rd man which looked like Mr C. (once my boss)
5. Mr C. talked with this hair-man
6. I thought that that other man had special hair.
7. After a while this hair man dissapered or went away.


That special hair resembles cartoon figure Dennis The
Menace -just a bit darker, brown.
Mr C. was my boss about 5 years ago (from Denmark).
"Dennis" was the important figure, so think someone Dennis
or his hair. No direct connection with any ladies but
I can't get any other sync.
Locations: DennisUSA MrCDenmark,RealitysyncSweden,
DreamedbymadeinFinlandbrain= Northern part of our Globe.
Sorry Latin guys :)
Alt BIG love: Gaia
---------------------- other thing------------
Wednesday morning, I had a dream related to Final Fantasy film which was a pure day residue from Swedish TV i.e. they showed it last Tuesday -reality sync, about different
love, Gaia.

10. Laura

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
16:49:07 GMT
Long Stemmed /School Yard Friends
7 -23-2004, 1:00 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: It has been a hectic week here, and I know that our "dreaming" reports were due soon. I intentionally went to bed early (before 1:00 a.m. for me is early!) and closed my eyes thinking of Kay and her quest.

I see a one roomed school on a small hill. It is autumn, and children are returning to school. Although the children seem familiar, I do not recognize any of them as my own personal childhood friends. The teacher begins the day with history lessons, and everyone sits down a small desks with ink wells. She instructs the class to write a short essay on "The Explorers of the World". I begin to write on a small hand held chalkboard about Ponce de Leon and Christopher Columbus.

The teacher calls on me to explain where they are from, and I can't answer her question. It causes a bit of embarrassment that I didn't know the answer. (Evidently I flunk history not only in real life, but dreamscapes as well! LOL)

Children continue to write their essays until a teacher rings the bell to signal it is outside playtime. The boys and girls separate into two groups. The girls decide to run through the field and pick wildflowers and berries, while the boys decide to play some sort of ball game in the dirt.

Two girls approaches me and one hands me a long stemmed white rose. I believe they are sisters. The rose has an unusual quality because the stem is almost as tall as I am with a single bloom on top. I ask their names. I was given two names, but all I can recall is a "Mc" sound...like McMahon, or Marcia.

The boys call over to our group of girls, and ask if we want to join the game.

I would like to believe that the names were more directed to the dream mission. Christopher, Leon and the "Mc" sisters seem important. The reference to teaching and flowers could be significant. Perhaps there will be a business opportunity to join two sisters in a floral shop? Wouldn't that turn out to be interesting!

Hope this dream finds you well, Kay.

11. Joy

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
17:23:42 GMT

7 -23-2004, 8:30 local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details:
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: This was not a good week for dreaming so I did a Tarot reading - which I regard as a waking dream using a semi-standardized set of archetypical symbols, interpreted intuitively. How they arrange themselves is a mystery to me (stranger than psi dreaming!). I shuffled the deck 20 times while contemplating Kay's question, especially question #1, and laid them out in my own variation of a traditional "Celtic drass" pattern. I used the Aquarian deck and can scan and send images of cards on request.

At the center of the issue lie two opposing or counterbalancing forces. Your quest, Kay, is represented by the Chariot - a very energetic driving force toward change and accomplishment, in which you have control of the direction, but it has a power of its own. Counterbalancing this is the Two of Rods, the launching of a quest with great potential: You have set a creative force into motion, like sending a fleet of ships to sea, and now you must simply wait, balanced and contemplative, and see what returns. How different these are! Perhaps you want to energetically drive your quest, and recognize the need to carefully balance this with a certain amount of patient waiting for the right circumstances to unfold.

Your standpoint on the topic, the unconscious basis for the way you view your quest, is the Sun - a very strong, bright, happy optimism! - yet it's reversed, suggesting that you feel, "Yes, but not yet!" Your conscious thinking - what's on your mind - is the Queen of Cups, also reversed: again, "not yet," but you look forward to seeing yourself as a woman with mastery in the realm of emotion.

In your recent past is the Four of Cups, re-evaluation. You've reflected upon the emotional content of your life and felt that there was something lacking. The card shows a figure contemplating three cups before her, not yet fully aware of a fourth being offered to her from out of the clouds.

Moving through the central process of action/waiting, we find your near future: the Nine of Cups. Yes!- now a smiling figure is surrounded by cups - definitely emotional fulfillment.

Note that Cups, the suit of emotion, are very strongly represented in this reading... but the next card is the Five of Pentacles, in the position of representing yourself in relation to this quest. It shows a pair of outcasts wandering disconsolate, suggesting that you feel a sense of loss and deprivation. Pentacles relate more to material matters but this card could also stand for a sort of homelessness of the heart if that feels apt to you.

The next card is for those closest to you - your closest family and friends - and here is Temperance, the need to regulate one's emotions. There seems to be a call for calm, patience and clarity in this part of your life.

Your hopes and fears are the Ace of Swords; swords being intellect and ideas, aces being new beginnings. Is a bright, sharp, new way of thinking stimulating your hopes? Here it's reversed, suggesting you fear a delay in realizing it.

The outcome, at last: The Emperor. In this context he probably represents the partner you'll find - although it can also mean finding these qualities within yourself. The Emperor is a strong male figure, confident, logical, powerful, authoritative and benevolent, very well-grounded and able to translate potential into success.

I go three cards beyond the traditional pattern, thus:

The first is an optional action on your part. It's the Ten of Cups. In emotional fulfillment even more splendid than the Nine's, a man and woman gaze into each other's eyes surrounded by cups and rainbows. Meaning: You take the action of entering into a truly fulfilling relationship with that Emperor you find.

The next is the result of that optional action. Oh, very good! - the Ten of Pentacles! - you enter your castle together! This card's reversed, so don't expect this to happen right away.

The final is the ultimate outcome, regardless of your actions - the personal growth resulting from undertaking this quest. It's the Three of Rods. Remember the Two of rods, where you stood looking out to sea after the ships you just launched? Rods are creative energy. In the Three of Rods, your ships come in.


Now I had the feeling there was more to this, so I cut the deck and lay out another reading on top of the first. Interesting! - while the first was clearly centered around the emotional aspects of your quest, the second is full of coin-like, material-world Pentacles - it's about your work.

Here the counterbalancing influences are absolutely fascinating. The Seven of Cups and the Moon - I see two ways to read them, both of which may be accurate.

First: Both of these card can represent a sort of emotional imbalance, and taken together they say - well, at the most extreme, "Bipolar!" - the tendency we all have at times, in varying degrees, to swing between wild ideas and dark moodiness. The "manic" card is the Seven of Cups: gleeful bright illogical images leap forth from the cups, from fruit and flowers to cobras. The Moon is the "depressive," a dark feminine moodiness. This suggests that at times you're very excited with great, rather wild ideas about your work; but when you swing to the dark side you say, "No, it'll never work out...."

Second: I picked up on this after reading what you wrote about yourself (which I didn't do until after laying out the cards). You're thinking about getting into dream work for a living! No two cards could better represent that than the bizarre images of the 7 of Cups coupled with the nighttime image of the Moon.

Here your standpoint is the 7 of Pentacles: you wait in your garden for the produce to ripen. Deep down, you feel that you're not ready for the next step. And indeed the card is reversed: "Not yet." On your mind, the 6 of Pentacles: fairness and generosity with your talents and the rewards thereof. You want to have enough for yourself, and to share with others.

Relative to your work, your recent past shows fulfillment: the 9 of Pentacles is a harvest card - like the 7, but now, now, a woman in her garden with the produce fully ripe. Whatever you began before, it's worked out well; you're ready to harvest and move on, it seems, because - through that central 7 of Cups and Moon - we move into the Ace of Pentacles: a new beginning.

Yourself, in relation to your work, is the Empress. Ah! - look: the very epitome of a woman who has absolute mastery of the intuitive realm! You, in your very essence, are SO capable of succeeding at the work you want to undertake.

Your closest family and friends: the Four of Swords - a knight in armor lying in silent meditation, while swords hover over and beneath without touching him. What with this lying on top of the Temperance card I laid down for the first reading, I began to suspect that the friendship aspect of your life is very quiet right now, and I see from what you wrote that this is true. These cards are very positive and imply gathering strength and learning to master your emotions during this period of relative solitude.

Your hopes and fears relative to your work: the Queen of Pentacles. You both hope to master this realm of your life, in a womanly intuitive way; and fear that you may not be ready or able.

The outcome: the Queen of Swords. This shows you as a master, again in a womanly intuitive way, of the realm of intellect and ideas. Before knowing what work you wanted to undertake, I wondered if it was an intellectual career or if educational achievement, such as a college degree, was involved. In light of your interest in dream work, it could mean that you'll successfully integrate the intellectual and intuitive aspects of the work. It's reversed: this degree of success will take time to achieve.

Your optional action, in this case, is inaction! The 8 of Swords shows a woman standing bound and blindfolded with swords stuck in the ground all around her. It suggests a lack of clarity about the ideas surrounding you to the point of feeling absolutely unable to act.

If that's your course, then the resultant outcome would be the Ten of Rods: bent under a heavy bundle of rods you carry - creative energy becomes a burden.

The ultimate outcome is a sweet, lighthearted card, the 6 of Cups: two children with their cups filled with flowers. It represents a sort of nostalgic return to what was best in your childhood. As an ultimate outcome, I'd guess it means that through the work you choose, you'll come full-circle to develop and fulfill the potential of something that was very dear to you as a child.

But you, Kay, are the best interpreter of all of this. What do you think?


If you pair the cards that share the same postitions in each of the two readings you'll find further insights into the interplay of these aspects of your life. Your emotional partner the Emperor as the outcome of the first reading is certainly a fine mate for yourself as the Empress in the second. It may be significant that while you appear as an outcast in relation to your emotional life, you appear as the Empress in relation to your work. Be the Empress and your Emperor will be there for you.

12. Joy

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
18:18:01 GMT

7 --2004, ?: local time
Other details:
Confidence: (skipped)

Just a note to add to my earlier input. I almost forgot to mention the cards at the bottom of the deck. These lurkers, when I notice them, tend to represent perhaps-hidden underlying issues.

With reference to your emotional/love life, it's the 3 of Swords. The three swords are piercing a heart. The symbolism's obvious: heartbreak; intense emotional pain. But these are swords, reminding us that it's our IDEAS about what we experience that cause us pain.

With reference to your work, it's the Magician: the very powerful potential to achieve mastery of the physical world, using both physical and "magical" means. Excellent!

13. Rita

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
20:48:33 GMT
For Kay
7 -18-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details:

This form seems to be related to my own request for a home search, but I can't seem to connect to the right page and hope this ends up somewhere:

Owing to a very sick grandchild who was visiting and my elderly mother who is staying here for a while, I had little privacy or sleep time to do this mission but I did try on the night of the eighteenth. No time to record the dreams in the AM though I did recall two which might have had some bearing, but can now only give the barest of summaries--sorry!

1. Partner not romantic interest: In the first dream, I am working on a project involving paperwork and other people, and a youngish woman comes to help me. Dreams or intuitive issues are involved. We work well together and it is a relief to have someone who thinks like me and has the same goals at my side.

2. The main character in this is a man of about 40, who reminds me of my #3 Son, not really my son but a good friend of his and close enough to our family to be really a part of it, is helping me in several ways--driving me somewhere I need to go, being attentive and caring of my physical needs, good with children who are present, etc. This was a very pleasant dream, in terms of being taken care of by someone who truly cares about me.

CONCLUSIONS: Both of these dreams could be simple wish fulfillment on my part, given my stressed few days, though when I awoke and thought about the dreams, I decided that if they were really for Kay as I intended, then she might be coming to a time when she not only finds a good female friend who will help her with common interests in the dream field, but also a man who might be of serious interest as a mate. However, I expect him to be someone "foreign" to her at present, someone she either doesn't know or hasn't given attention to earlier.

I say this because my #3 son is Chinese, not short but not tall though muscular and fit, very intelligent, funny, generous and big-hearted,strong good character. An aerospace engineer with a home of his own and good income, and whom I tease all the time about finding a mate since he is so good with my grandchildren that I'd like to see him have a family of his own. I'm not offering to matchmake Kay with him, for he finds his own female companionship, although I suspect that some women at first glance might overlook him since he may not be their stereotypical Prince Charming. So if in my dream he is a symbol for Kay's search, I'd look outside my preconceptions and make a list of what I REALLY want/value in a life partner, then once that ideal is set, knowing that thought has form, I would set about manifesting my ideal mate. Rita

Inside both.
See above.

14. Niki LeBoeuf-Little

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
23:51:34 GMT
Going north
7 -23-2004, 17:46 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: In my imagination, there is a little cottage on the south face of a high hillside where I "go" to do work on the astral. Before sleep I imagined myself and Kay there, sitting inside at the kitchen table. I visualized her holding an infinitely extensible thread in her hand, the other end being held by her partner. I visualized us getting up from the table, going out of the door, and flying off the hillside in following that thread to the other end.

Every time I used this visualization, the thread seemed to take us around the hill to the left until we were flying due north.

The only dream I can recall in conjunction with this visualization, though, is an impression of two dogs, petting their heads after feeding them. They are the kind of dogs that have sleek heads, short hair - whippets, greyhounds, some other sort of fleethound or sighthound. They are enegetic and loving towards each other and towards the person petting them.

If it's any help to note, the dogs in the dream seemed substituted in for my two cats. They seemed to be in the very spont where I feed my cats.

15. Leslie

Sat, 24 Jul 2004
02:54:37 GMT
Quest to find the location or means of connection
7 --2004, 3: local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Each night I would prepare myself with slow deep breathing to relax and ask myself to think about Kay and her request to find a means of connection with a soulmate.

The first night, I had nothing come to mind. The last three nights I saw two possiblities. Both are in the general area of where Kay is now.(Like within 150 mile radius) A gentleman four years older then Kay, has been completely devoted to his work and hobbies for years. He is quite knowledable about his interests and that has been his life. Perhaps, he is ready to share those interests? The other gentleman is 8 years her senior. He is very attractive and intelligent. A good thing about aging is that sometimes we become less intense in some ways and he is ready to relax and laugh more often.
If you get out more and follow your interests your paths may cross.

16. Terry

Sat, 24 Jul 2004
04:04:04 GMT
7 -20-2004, 4:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: I read the mission description and wrote down Kay's real name and her basic idea of looking for what is in the way and how to connect or where to connect.

It seems I woke up to the word Avatar.(See notes)The dream I was testing the beaters of an electric mixer. I stuck the beaters in while the mixer was turned on. It did work and I quickly turned it off. It seemed I was going to do this to a number of beaters. I am not sure if I was testing the mixer or the beaters. This was dangerous and the incorrect way to test the beaters.
I went back to sleep as I had been woke up by my cat. I asked again for information that would help Kay.

I am lead into a room where I believe there is a bed on a platform. I can look underneath and I see at the edge three very dark stains. I did not find anything else under the bed except darkness. It was too dark to see anything.
Then it seemed like maybe this was a table instead of a bed?
My cat wakes me again to the words SELF SATISFIED
The next time I wake to a dream about a Sea Ray boat. It is a forty foot sped boat and it speds over to me. I see two people in wheel chairs and the owner of the boat.I get on the boat and it seems Harry is driving. I am delighted to meet Harry. Next thing I know we dive down very deep into the sea and we embrace. It was a very sexual passionate embrace. I seem to be pulling him in to me. Cliff the owner of the boat dives in after me and we embrace at the bottom of the sea.
We are on the boat and it seems we go to a restaurant to eat. I am real surprised to see him because we just returned from a long trip on the boat and we had the boat all cleaned and ready to be put into storage. It seems he wanted to give this couple a ride on the boat. Perhaps, he picked me up to help them. His wife was there in the back ground. The couple seemed to be very happy but they were in wheel chairs.
In another scene I am going to the doctor's office or a florist or a business that deals with plants. Cliff is with me. I have a drink in my hand and there is some risk of spilling it or perhaps I already have. It seems to be a beer or some alcoholic beverage in a bottle. We then go to an Indian reservation where I meet this woman in the middle of the afternoon. There is going to be a wedding on the reservation that very night at 1:30 am. The woman seems to be a friend of mine and I want to help her get ready. I am paraticularly concerned with whether she has the right outfit. I am unfamilar with the customs and ceremonies of this tribe. I end up with a bag of something to grow and carry it back to the business and then I realize I could have purchased it from there and I realize I should have them make a flower arrangement.
It seems I have left to go get dressed as there is not much I can do to help her to prepare for this. It seems she is surrounded by maidens or other tribe members who are helping her get ready. I am asking questions and being assured that everything is in order. They seem to be O.K. with me bringing food if I want to. I seem to be concerned with having cake. I failed to see what kind of wedding they were going to have on such short notice as it seemed to be decided the same day. The bag could have been fertilizer.

Avatar is a self help program that I am only somewhat familar with. They believe that we create whatever we believe. Therefore if you change your beliefs you can change what you are creating. I did some work with them that brought about profound change and I look forward to doing more of it. The fact that I woke up to these words leads me to suggest that what is in the way for Kay is some belief that she holds unknowingly that still controls her.

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