Report Mission 0407

compiled by Harry Bosma

Raw material:

Partner wanted

Kay is looking for a partner, for working relationship, and / or a romantic relationship.

Mission design

Kay suggested two questions.
  1. Find out whether there are any limiting issues involved, like for example blocks, blind spots, or timing issues.
  2. Suggest concrete actions for finding the partner, for example in terms of location.

Kay also provided the angels with much additional background material, and answered questions before the start of the mission. Kay indicated that her real preference not so much for a working relationship, but for a romantic connection.

A total of 13 angels submitted sessions for this mission. For those who are superstitious: the number 13 is actually considered to be a very favorable number by many more enlightened numerologists.



For the short term, there seem to be more indications for a working relationship, than a romantic relationship.


Romantically, Kay seems to be sending mixed signals whether or not she is interested in a romantic relationship (Gillian, possibly Kathy, Joy). There are several indications that there may be previous experiences involved, that need to be addressed (Dreamsaurus, Kathy, Dreambjo). More specifically, it could be clinging to a good past relationship (Kathy), or something related to men leaving their wives for younger women (Dreambjo). Leslie found a possible attraction to slightly older men.

References to a previous man came up twice (Kathy, Terry). During the discussion phase it became clear that Terry suggested that she could go after this man.

Based on Dreambjo's submission (and perhaps that of Agnes), I wonder whether there could be something in the background concerning Kay's own relationship to her father.

Concrete actions

I noticed a strong theme of taking responsibility for once own fate, and manifesting your own reality. This starts with the first entry by Agnes, was repeated clearly by Gillian, and then the last entry by Terry mentions it again. Rita pondered that she would review what she really wants in a life partner, and use that for "manifesting my ideal mate".

Concerning the place, it is interesting that London came up twice. Kathy interpreted it as being the center of the country, and also the center of Kay herself. Ilkin thinks it is London the city that will be important.

There are also indication for the importance of Scotland (Ilkin), or the north (Dreamsaurus, Niki).

Other findings

The name Amy (or Annie) could be interesting. During the discussion Ilkin mentioned another dream with the name Amy, and Craig shared two synchronicities involving this name.

Several angels found that the potential romantic partner may not immediately be recognized as such (Ilkin, Rita).

Thanks to Kathy's notes, it also stands out that many sessions showed pleasant relationships to men (Ilkin, Dreambjo, Laura, Rita, Katie, Joy). The dream of Kathy ended with a positive feeling as well.

Kay volunteered to give feedback in later months. She will also join the Psi Angels as a fellow angel.

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