1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 16 May 2004
20:09:02 GMT
Submitted sessions
Here are the submitted sessions.

2. Gillian

Mon, 17 May 2004
17:45:27 GMT
Fairly Clear
5 -17-2004, 8:50 local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: With no experience experimenting with timeline RViewing, I felt overwhelmed. Sat with intention, meditated on support from guides/higher self. Tried to move along timeline, found that clumsy. Settled on hovering above Istanbul and flipping through the years, as in regressive hypnosis, only forward. I also asked to be shown EQs stronger than 5, with significant damage to structures/people.
There appeared to be several small quakes around 4 intensity in the next few years, but no large ones. In the next 5 years there were a couple of problematic incidents in the city seemingly unrelated to earthquakes, am not certain why they were viewed, except that I was trying to scan for destruction. I did not get a hit for a large-scale quake until 2060, September. At that time, there was a large quake, but it did not result in dramatic damage to structures. I have no explaination for this, but upon "restarting" my scan this was the repeated impression. Big quake, little damage.
I would be interested to hear the processes used by others. This was pretty challenging, and since my findings seemed somewhat puzzling I'm not sure how much conficence to place in them. I'm also not sure whether to discuss the other non-EQ incidents in the city, so will not go into that. How do others manage the time travel process?

3. Terry

Thu, 20 May 2004
03:49:42 GMT
December of 2050
5 -18-2004, 4:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: I tried to take it seriously and asked for this information before going to sleep.

Sharon and her husband, Ed, are building a 50 unit condominium on the harbor at Ballard Park. It will be 50 or 51 units. I ask if I can buy one. They say that they are already sold or are not for sale. They are for family. There is some furniture in the units. But, they are not furnished. Each unit is 5000 square feet.
At one point, I am lying on my back naked and I have her husband pulled back against me so his back is pressed into my breasts. I seem to be leaning back over a rail.
At another point, I am following him into a store. It is like he is my ticket into a meeting or something.
At one point, I either ask or want to be his advisor but it is not clear he needs an advisor.
At one point, I am looking at this huge pier extending out over the water. The water is flat and glassy. There is no building on it. I want to walk out on the pier. As I do a huge work vehicle very wide extra large comes out onto the pier. I see there is a similar vehicle coming from the other direction. So I jump into the water to get out of the way.

I want to tell Sharon what a horrible experience I had providing my family with housing. How they destroyed the property. But, I did not tell her this. I wanted to tell them they would be better off selling the properties but they really don't seem to want to. They seem to be questioned about the furniture. The condo's are not furnished. But, there is furniture scattered about the different units.
Finally, I have to accept the fact that if their family is going to be living there then I probably don't really want to buy one. It would not be appropriate.

This dream appears to be a multi-level dream covering several questions in my life. I had gone to bed thinking that the date of this earthquake would most likely be a number so I was looking for numbers to address the question of the earthquake.
I also think this dream could be saying that there will be many earthquakes in the scale of 5 but none worse than that in Istanbul over the next 50 years or so.

4. Dreamsaurus

Thu, 20 May 2004
09:05:33 GMT
Walking baby bird
5 -20-2004, 10:40 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Promised be a LT Angel / email 2 days before dreaming.
Short thinkings during the day.

1) I walked in the middle short grass desert-like area.
2) A mainly black and white coloured baby bird ran in
the brownish grass
3) It's mother or father bird was nearby, keeping
on eye that everything goes well.
4) The dream setting changed to a house which
did resemble my childhood home in Finland.
5) I run upstairs getting more clothes.
6) Heared a motor-bike a loud sound, probably my father.

(Short dream, grass landscape could have been Turkey.
Father is dead and never owned a motor-bike)

I didn't find the bird using Google. It was about a
hen size. It lives nearby grass landscape and can fly.
One of Google search showed a map
http://www.osme.org/sand252/turkey.html /maybe here.
Timing? It should be easy to count how many weeks
it takes before baby birds fly.
I think that it would take 4 weeks. Then the sound
comes (Éarthq). Time to fly up to trees.
Find that bird so we'll get the time. My wild quess is
this summer 20 July in the middle of Turkey, grassland.
I got an idea -innovation. Build a sensor system through
Turkey. Use bird's nests because they are build using
same kind of nature feeling. Measure vibrations through
Turkey and get early warnings. It could save lifes.

Juhanis idea present to Ilkin and the whole Turkey!


5. Robert Waggoner

Thu, 20 May 2004
19:25:10 GMT
Hypnopompic Info
5 -20-2004, 4: local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Before sleeping, I recalled that I wanted information on the next major earthquake in Istanbul Turkey

About 4 in the morning, as I was awakening, I hear the words, "In January." A moment later, when more awake, I realized, "Oh, that relates to my question about the next major earthquake in (Istanbul)Turkey."

Sorry, no dream imagery -- just this hypnopompic information. And actually, I assume it means January 2005 (and not a later January !)

My best to all.

Robert Waggoner

6. Rita

Fri, 21 May 2004
21:18:22 GMT
Fall ride
5 -21-2004, 17:07 local time
Type: dream
Other details:
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: Meditated and incubated before bedtime, however, didn't sleep well and had dreams that were related to what I would be facing today.

One scene of one dream:

I am in a car with several other people, but it seems to get stuck or need a push. A woman with reddish hair and an orange sweatshirt decorated with Fall/Halloween sort of images pushed the car from the front right. She reminds me of Lucille Ball. (She stood out as incongruous with the rest of the dream.)

So I was thinking on waking, it could be an autumn happening, maybe around the end of October.

Since I had no date, I took out for the first time in years a brass pendulum someone had handmade for me when I was interested in learning about dowsing. It is very nice, but a bit heavy. So I asked if the earthquake would hit this year, NO. Between 2005-2010? YES. Then I went through the years one by one, and 2005 got the largest positive response, though 2006 and 2008 may also see some seismic activity. I haven't much confidence in my dowsing skills these days, not having done it in so long, so that I am not sure if it was a meaningful exercise for this purpose but it has me wanting to refind my old skills. (Dreams took over!)

So my guess, and I am not confident of it, would be Autumn/Fall of 2005 a large one; 2006 and 2008 lesser ones.

All recorded above. Edit as you will.

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