Report Mission 0405

compiled by Harry Bosma

Raw material:

Next earthquake in Istanbul

Another simple question: Ilkin wants to know the year and month of the next major earthquake in Istanbul.

Mission design

Getting the time of a future event is probably the most difficult type of PSI mission. That's why I didn't formulate alternative questions, but asked all participating angels to concentrate on the main question.

Another aspect of this mission is that it's the first mission that involves emotionally difficult content.


This clearly was the hardest mission so far. Various angels dropped out for different reasons. Only five submitted sessions.

From the sessions it looks that there will be trouble the coming few years. What is uncertain is how bad it will be exactly, but there are no indication that it will be serious. Also interesting is that Gillian found a big earthquake in 2060, but still without serious consequences.

Evaluating this mission, we may need to decline new missions involving dates, or have all angels use approaches like the ones used by Gillian and Rita.

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