1. Harry Bosma

Mon, 19 Apr 2004
09:16:30 GMT
Submitted sessions
These are the submitted sessions.

3. Leslie

Wed, 21 Apr 2004
02:27:23 GMT
#2 What will Suzette be doing proffessionally in July, 3 months from now.
4 -20-2004, 24: local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: Got a vision right off as I heard of the mission.I tried to relax Sunday night and was able to keep a clear mind except for a few random thoughts. I fasted Monday and kept Suzette on my mind quite often. Then Monday night, I asked myself to place the cubby where they belonged.

Sunday, I didn't get Harry's email, do to changing mine. So, I asked BJo to explain the mission to me over the phone. Just before she finished explaining, I visualized the top half of a mail/package looking cubby. I could see the counter and top shelves with their dividers but nothing below. I wondered what it could be used for. Could it actually be for mailing or could it be used for placing items such as candles and skiens of yarn in it?
That night, I had a thought come to mind as I slept. Could the cubbies be in a Hotel, so she could work and travel and collect items? I didn't feel confident about that.
Monday, I kept thinking about the cubbies and fasted. Finally Monday night before I went to sleep I asked myself to place the cubbies where they belong. That night,I saw a shop front. Two big retangle windows, with a glass door in between to enter. There is writing on the left window "La Shopee" (Which seems kind of silly).
That's all folks!


4. LizLynne

Wed, 21 Apr 2004
16:19:54 GMT
Be Yourself!
4 -21-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: During the day I tried to vision Suzette and put her in my mind. Before I went to sleep I put the question #2 under my pillow and said it to my self several times after trying to clear my mind. When I woke up in the middle of the night I remembered the note under my pillow.
I am attending my niece Sunny’s wedding. I notice that Sunny is wearing blue jean shorts a colorful shirt and holding flowers. Her blonde hair is cut short and she looks very nice. I also notice that she is barefooted. Sunny obviously is a very down to earth person and she wants that to be shown on her wedding day and it seems as though she is trying to make a statement of who she really is. Sunny is a beautiful woman and I’m glad to see that she isn’t putting on a show on her wedding day however; I do feel that she could have dressed up a little more for her wedding. I accept Sunny for who she is and love her very much. I am then in my office sitting on the floor with another co-worker, Praveen. I work in the Legal/Risk Management office for a Healthcare organization. Praveen is noticeably dark skinned in my dream and her ethnic background is Indian. Praveen works in our Compliance Group. We are pulling out clothes from a dresser and making decisions as to which clothes we can get rid of and which we should keep. I pull out a blue tank top with a green flower design on the front. I tell Praveen that I don’t want this shirt. I then take it back from her and tell her that I will keep the shirt because I really like it. She says, “that’s one thing nice about you, you will wear whatever you like and not worry about what people think.” I’m thinking to myself, that must mean that she doesn’t like the shirt or approve of it. I fold the shirt and put in back in the drawer not caring about what she thinks of the shirt.

I think in both dream scenrios 1) Sunny and 2) Praveen that there is a message of being yourself and not conforming to other people and their ideas for us. I think this might go with Mission Question #1 rather then #2 - Perhaps a message to Suzette would be - do what you feel is right for you and don't be so concerned about what others might think is right for you?? Maybe Suzette is being persuaded in a direction other then what she wants for herself? I don't know? We will see.


9. Katie

Fri, 23 Apr 2004
07:05:26 GMT
Southern California
4 -22-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is unrelated
Preparation: Re-reading mission, conscious focus on falling asleep & waking intervals
As usual no big story dreams, but fragments on subsequent nights that seem related so may pertain. Find myself coincidentally at a meeting in Southern California where my agency is discussing with local folks setting up a social services program. Trying to get home on very busy & confusing freeways (become lucid). Feeling is San Diego area. Get lost on my way back from somewhere and find myself accidentally turning onto highway 5 leading to Los Angeles (become lucid). A momentary hynogagic flash, maybe a line in a newspaper: "C.A.R.O.L. Small city government". (Not clear what CAROL stands for).

My guess for what Suzette is going to be doing in July is social or civil service work in Southern California area. Perhaps she finds herself in this job or location somewhat unexpectedly as dreamer is there by coincidence in one dream and accident in the next.

17. Robert Waggoner

Fri, 23 Apr 2004
13:19:40 GMT


Last night I told myself that I would tune into the most likely probable June for Suzette (somehow I missed out on the words "profession" in my incubation) or Mission 2

These are the two dreams:

1) I seem to be a city, and enter a building, which has the feeling of both an apartment and also an art gallery, since there are art works on the high walls. The interior is fairly modern. Suddenly a well dressed black man appears (in the dream, I realize that he symbolizes "creative expression" or something similar) and he tells me that he has no job and needs money. I reach into my pocket and hand him a dollar. He goes and sits at a modern table and simply stares ahead, perhaps a bit frustrated looking.

Then my 19 year old niece Molly and her stepfather ( a professional pianist) show up - they seem to be on a trip. The Stepfather leaves and Molly and I go sit into two separate kitchen type sinks. This seems quite odd, and then Molly begins to dress as if she intends to sleep there.

(Note: the feeling was of a city where "downtown" is like a mile away, and this area has buildings that are three to five floors high. Is Suzette an artist, or has interest in art gallery work, or doing something "creative"?)

Dream 2) I'm sitting in an outdoor cafe setting at a street corner (this is not like anything in my waking
reality here in Iowa). There's a woman looking at me through a hand-held mirror -- she's seated about 10 feet away. I see her face somewhat (and almost become lucid at the odd-ness of this).
Then my wife shows up, and goes to this same woman. The woman gets up and has a massage chair, where my wife sits. Then she begins to give my wife a back and neck massage on the street corner. I can tell my wife enjoyes this.

(Note: Sidewalk cafes with little tables and two chairs are not common here. I'll try to describe the white woman who was looking at me through the mirror -- she has darker hair, brown, brunette or black. I'd say that she is about 5'4" or so (not tall)and not heavy at all -- more thin to normal weight. Probably an age of late 30's or early 40's. In the dream she may have been wearing sunglasses, and by her dress, it seems to be "cool" where she is (not like a desert or hot area, like Spain). She also seems to be quite curious, and clever, but also secretly hopes to be

My best to Suzette,

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