1. Harry Bosma

Mon, 19 Apr 2004
09:16:30 GMT
Submitted sessions
These are the submitted sessions.

2. Gillian

Mon, 19 Apr 2004
17:40:08 GMT
Relucant Healer
4 -17-2004, 4: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Brief meditation prior to bedtime. Repeated incubation question: What should Suzette do for a carrer? each time I became conscious throughout the night.
I see a healer, (much like the character played by Ellen Burystn {sp?} in the movie Resurrection). She is trying to avoid her own abilities, by downplaying them, laying low, and living in denial about them. However, her friends and neighbors have discovered her gift, and they persist in coming to her for help and in bringing loved ones who need her special abilities. Reluctantly, thinking each episode is an isolated fluke, she helps each person, one by one.

5. Craig

Wed, 21 Apr 2004
18:59:29 GMT
Public Speaking for a group, my grandmother excited
4 -21-2004, 7: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: Set intention when falling asleep to dream the best career direction for Suzette
With a bunch of folks from some community and I'm to be presenting a talk for the community soon. My deceased grandmother is there and would love to see my powerpoint slides afterwards because she finds them impressive. I seem to remember that she's seen them before, but she says she hasn't and then I remember that it was on her birthday that I presented and I think she was in the hospital. I'm looking quite forward to presenting for the group.

Seems like a possible career direction suggestion, though it is also quite possibly connected with my own career (that includes public speaking) and may simply be reflecting that. I'm not sure, but I think my deceased grandmother's birthday (from the dream) is in 3 days.
Suzette, ever considered public speaking?

6. Dreambjo

Thu, 22 Apr 2004
16:00:51 GMT
Suzette's Dream
4 -21-2004, 3:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: I repeated mentally my intention to receive specific information in an easy to understand format about Suzette's new career which will include her many interests.
I am traveling down the coast. I go into a hotel. I have come here to attend an interesting seminar presented by a trim dark haired woman in a business suit, mid 30's. She travels the world over doing these seminars where she teaches skills like communication skills or motivational speaking or counseling. I had heard she's pretty good at what she does. She's written books. So she's a marketing business woman, creates groups of people interested in what she's teaching. She helps them, answering questions and teaching them skills. Maybe she does hypnotism or astrology as well. I go in to a small conference room to listen to her as she facilitates this group. I want to connect with her and chat. I watch as people who have obviously been to her seminars before come up. She has quite a friendly following. She is competent and enjoys her work. and her style of traveling and connecting with others.

7. Rita

Thu, 22 Apr 2004
19:08:38 GMT
There's More to Learn
4 -18-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: I centered myself with , aligning with Spirit, and focused on my intent to provide information for our client as an act of loving service.

RMDREAMS, 04/18-19/04

Psi Angels Mission: I am attending a meeting or some structured learning event, and arrive later than others, for I stand waiting at a semi-circular desk where others, 2-3 women, are chatting but not paying attention to me as a new arrival. Finally I do get to ask about accomodations, etc., but I don't get to go to my room, perhaps because I was late and need to get to a meeting immediately.

Scene switch: I am in a large pleasant room with a group of people, male and female. The setting reminds me of a dream retreat weekend and there is a man/priest who seems to be the director, but my focus is more on a young man who appears to be considering a religious vocation, but who is also very interested in dreams, so that a career in one of the healing/helping professions (counseling, etc.) might be equally appropriate for him. This is a late afternoon or evening session which is like an introduction and getting acquainted opportunity, in which the man/priest has a major facilitaing role but in which all are expected to share their skills, interests, personal stories, etc. We do.

We tell of how we have helped others and I mention one or two cases in my experience in which dreams were important. I also have with me a strange "fan", made of five segments of silk, in colors that are harmonious, lavender, light cocoa brown, maybe a soft green or mauve, and the segments of the fan are like 3-dimensional padded silk petals or leaves, forming a large semicircular flower when open. The fan could be extended out in beauty or folded into itself. I say that this was made by a man who used it as a metaphor for how his depression made him fold his mind inward upon himself, shutting himself in and keeping others out. I believe he might have had a case of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), perhaps war-related, as if he might have been a veteran. At any rate, he gave the fan to me as a gift for helping him.

I am comfortable with this group who are learning from each other, as well as the leader who is very knowledgeable and open to the experiences of everyone there. When the session is over, I realize that I still haven't found my residence hall, and back at the registration desk, I find that I will be housed on-campus with 40 others, and I hope it is not an open dormitory setting with no privacy. I gather up the bag I came in with and some other small things, thinking to go out to get my luggage, still in my car parked in front of the main entrance of this building.

It is going to rain so I'll have to hurry. The person at the desk offers to help me, but instead of going to the car out front, she suddenly opens a door that takes us out the back of the building we are in. We start climbing a circular drive to a large building (residence hall?) set on the hillside above, with nice views in the distance. The roadway / driveway is rough as if newly built with crushed stone, etc., and going isn't easy. Rain starts falling but I don't mind, and am happy to be so near the main building and not far off across the campus. Though I still have to go back for my car and other things, I feel as if I can settle in her nicely. There is this strong sense of "feeling right" about being here in this place where I know I will learn but can also share what I know.

If I were to think of this dream as offering me suggestions as to what to do in the future, I would think it was steering me into a position in which I would be working in a healing / helping job, possibly using creative skills and dreamwork as some of my tools. Though I have already had experience in this kind of work, I have more to learn and to teach, so the school setting seems very important to me. Perhaps there is some opportunity to be attending school while working, too.

I don't know where the school is other than on a hillside with distant views, not smacked down in some crowded city setting, but there could be some precognitive element to this dream, if our client is considering taking or teaching classes in a college or university setting where there are
accomodations for residents or faculty in a large multistoried residence hall.

8. Terry

Fri, 23 Apr 2004
04:14:56 GMT
Evil forces calling Suzette
4 -20-2004, 5: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: I read the mission and made some notes on a note pad. When I was preparing for sleep I read the notes. I asked for answers for Suzette and to be shown thy will be done be for her.

I have walked through a Puerto Rican neighborhood ( just a guess) to get to a hospital. I am walking down a narrow road first and then a fairly dark dimly lit corridor of an apartment house.

Someone came along in a car passing out phone books. I look up the name of the hospital. I place a call to the hospital. I am not sick. It does not seem to be for me. I realize I can't look up the number unless I know the name.
I must ask someone what the name of the hospital is that I am looking for. I ask someone and I am told it is Wuestoff. That is the hospital I was born in. ( That is not true) I prayed as I walked the road through this neighborhood. I realized I was in a lot of danger and should not be there. I don't belong there. There is hand rail that separates the road to create like a side walk.
I realize I could get hurt in the road so I get to the side.
The left side of the guard rail.
Inside the building it is dimly lite and very run down as is the neighborhood. It seems like I may be in the ghettoes or slums but perhaps it is just a poor neighborhood.
I am approached by a white man in the hallway. I am afraid. I pray. We may have spoke and he may have given me instructions. I turned on the light so I could read the phone book. He may have given me the name of the hospital.
I am ready to place the call.

I woke up thinking I had just be born. I was shaken and afraid. I was totally overcome with the feeling of evil lurking. I could not go back to sleep.
I think Suzette is being called to the maternity ward of the hospital where babies are born. I think the evil is some type of narcotic drugs that is threatening Suzette ability to work there. I think the dream is telling Suzette to call for help with a drug problem. The following night in a dream I was told to share with the group about Narcotics Anonymous. It is also possible that Suzette needs to check into a hospital for treatment before she will be well enough to work.

10. dtwaaz

Fri, 23 Apr 2004
14:08:29 GMT
Dancing on air
4 -23-2004, ?: local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is unrelated
Preparation: Incubated during preparation weekend

I had two dreams the 17th and 18 both related to order. I can't recall the details but they both ended as 4 chapters of a book, aspects of life that were out of order. The dreams left me uneasy, as it's easy to just follow life along in the order it arrives, yet a difference could be made if attention was paid to what was ultimately more important.

I'd been having dreams the prior week or two about misplaced focus, so I don't know if these dreams were more of the same.

The only visual in the whole week, was of a dancer or ice skater who is lifted high into the air and appears to be flying. Stunning. My impression was that the dancer can soar and there is trusted support.

Other than that I've been thinking about how happy physical therapists seem to be. They get to combine spiritual/holistic with technology and most are very balanced and pleased with their lives. It wasn't a vision or dream, just an observation.

I wish Suzette the very best in choosing a career.

I've had no other dreams this week, continued exhaustion seems to have shut them down.

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