Report Mission 0404

compiled by Harry Bosma

Raw material:

Career advice

The question is simple: the client wanted advice on what direction her career should take.

Mission design

As there were more than enough angels available, a few angels approached the question from a different angle
  • Question 1 - Which profession would be the most suitable and satisfying.
  • Question 2 - What will Suzette be doing professionally in July, three months from now.


Career question

The angels strongly suspect that the client would be a talented healer. Especially the session by Gillian shows that the client may be underestimating and denying her talents in this area. The session by Dtwaaz could be interpreted to offer encouragement: the dancer can soar and there is trusted support. After that, Dtwaaz immediately mentions physical therapists.

A second possibility is public speeches and presentation. In the (private) discussions of the results, Craig added some added some background to his session, that gave it additional weight. The session by Dreambjo is about seminars, and adds much detail to Craig's session.

It is unclear whether the two options are alternatives, combinations, or following after each other.

Sessions by Rita and Terry confirm the direction of healing, but seem to add background on how to proceed in that direction. Rita's session shows a learning environment. It may be interesting to get back to the client to see whether the details of the environment turned out to be true. Terry shows that the client herself may need to go through some healing process. Terry's comments about narcotics are interesting, keeping an open mind that symbollically this refers to all kinds of behavioral addictions.

Situation in July - career

The sessions for question #2 - about the situation in July - seem more diverse. However, the information about the possible profession is compatible with the previous finding of a healing profession.

LizLynne tells about her job at Healthcare organization. Katie later explained that by social services she meant child and family therapy. However, these dreams could also be interpreted as for example being at the current job, as  these dreams show the current jobs of the two angels.

The session by Robert involves somebody giving a massage with the use of a massage chair. Robert also mentions creative expression and piano playing.

Central theme of LizLynne's dream seemed to be the importance of staying close to oneself, and not to give in to concerns about what others may think.

July - location

Sessions for question #2 seem to pay much attention on a location where the client could be working. The session by Leslie even seems to deal exclusively with location.

Unfortunately, there are no commonalities. The best that can be done is to simply add everything together. That could mean that in July the client could work unexpectedly in a shop with cubbies, as a massage therapist, happy and feeling right at home.

Narrowing it down

There are many very different healing professions. What impressed me was the following written by Gillian in the private discussions:

... the woman was a healer of physical problems, using, it appeared, the laying on of hands, along with some kind of mental/spiritual focus. The woman was attempting to live beneath the radar with this amazing gift, and was dressed in clothes that did not fit her, but which served as something of a disguise.

During my preliminary tune-in meditation, I did keep getting an impression of a physician, and then a psychic, back and forth, then simultaneous.

Concluding remarks

Angels recently started to rate their confidence in their submitted sessions. There is yet not enough feedback to know whether these ratings are accurate. It is possible that personal characteristics - some people are modest, some more bold - play a significant role.

With the client's approval and permission, I'd like to get back to the questions in July 2004.

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