1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 14 Mar 2004
17:36:58 GMT
Submitted sessions
These are the submitted sessions.

2. Kathy Turner

Tue, 16 Mar 2004
22:32:56 GMT
Flying High
3 -17-2004, 6: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: As I lay in bed I asked my dreaming mind to come up with some ways that the ATC could raise money.
I mentally said "hello" to all the ones I knew were involved in ATC - acknowledging what they were doing.
I re-visited mentally the images of the children in Iraq who already had received some gifts from ATC.

I see that the TV Show (or computer game) has an additional three minutes - a gift time. So I press play.

It is a computer generated animation of three figures (one in black - a flying black cloak and sword drawn); one in green (a leprachaun - spelling???? - type man - at least he makes me think of one - and today is St Patrick's day!) and a third one - possibly in yellow - possibly a woman). They are racing/flying up the highest building that has ever been shown on such a game. The building itself is equally stylized - a sort of stone colour (or has some pink in it). The figures are racing as if they had to defend the building (like a superman/spiderman film) but I think there was no fight at the end.
The enjoyment was to come, not from a story of a fight for what was right, but from the virtual experience the watcher received of flying to such heights.
I could see I was too close to get the full effect, so I moved to a lounge further away.

In terms of literal suggestions:
1. Make a very short computer generated animation and use the money raised by it for ATC. Perhaps an animator would do it free as his/her gift.
2. AND streching the dream suggestion just a little (and following ides that come to me as I ponder the dream)- what about those dream artists who make COMICS (e.g. Kathman - was that his name - shown in the Art Gallery in the Psiber Dreaming Conference) - perhaps one of them could make a short comic strip and donate the income from it to ATC.

In terms of a more symbolic reading of the dream:
Produce a short advertisement which mainly gives people the experience of the joy of giving gifts to these children. This could be in the form of photos of the children's delight in receiving the gifts.

The aim of the advertisement would be to produce a feeling of the joy of generosity in people - then some information on ATC. NO request for anything. i.e. draw on people's goodness, NOT their fear or their sense of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the task or their horror that they may be implicated in the trauma suffered by the children nor even their guilt in refusing or in giving too little etc.

Give them the gift of experiencing generosity and the gift of total freedom in their reponse.

That allows everyone to FLY! AND it will produce gifts.

I favour the symbolic suggestion BUT given the incredible clarity of the computer generated images perhaps something is possible there.


4. Terry

Thu, 18 Mar 2004
19:45:23 GMT
Music is the key
3 -18-2004, 5: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: Monday evening I checked to see if there was a mission and read the description. Tuesday evening I went to the website to read the story behind this mission and went to bed. In bed I cleared my mine of my concerns and issues, and prayed to be of service to this mission. The dreams of Monday and Tuesday seemed to be resolving my fears about this mission. I will report Wednesday dreams because of my uncertaintly of whether I will have time to do this on Friday. Again, after getting in bed, I mentally let go of anything and everything that was on my mind and prayed to be of service to the mission.

I am in a mall. I am volunteering to work at an information booth. My mom and my sister are there. We are suppose to go to the movies when we are done. I am concerned we are not going to make the movie. There are some dark clouds and a bad weather system that appears to be moving this way. We must leave now and make a run for it.

I am not dressed quite right but it seems it will be O.K.
The woman who is replacing us at the information booth comes so we go. A woman is singing in a beautiful soprano voice. It is clear and wonderful. I am to join in but I an unble to do so. I do not have that kind of voice and can not reach a clear sound like that.

I have taken over a business and there is a problem with the computer. We are discussing repairing it. There is a couple of men working on it. There is a computer technican and there is an employee working on this. My employee insists that we repair. I am looking at the cost issue and the probablity of fixing the problem. I agree with the technican that we should go forward and try to work the system overriding the problems. My employee agrees to go ahead and see if this will work.
A customer comes in and she needs assistance. We have her financial assets. She has considerable money and is a valuable client. Her consultant does not feel she has had adequate time to prepare to meet with the customer. I volunteer to review the different ways she can do what she wants to do.

There are two women who have taken over the pizza concession at the mall and are working the evening shift. They want me or need me to babysit their children. They do not get home until 10. I am watching them cook on a grill.
They are melting butter and frying mushrooms and cheese. They are determined to work hard to make this business work.
The cost is to sacrifice their own children to do so. I agree to watch their children. I am playing this out in my mind and I realize that the children will be in school during the times that their mothers are home. So I offer to bring them to my house.

We are having problems or difficulties with the radio frequencies. It is to painful. We can not open our eyes to see how many more people die before this is over. We instinctivley want to run away and avoid facing the reality presented in your dream to help the children. The way to override the feelings and emotions and is through and with music.

I woke up during Monday's night sleep at 2 a.m. to the words "the first thing to do is to stop destroying Iraq."
It was interesting that in Tuesday newspaper there was an article on the new leader elect in Spain who ran on this issue. It was reported that he won the election by declaring it an "an error" to send troops to Iraq. And, he has set a deadline to bring the troops home. Putting this together seemed to show how to use the Presidental elections in the U.S. this year to end the military action in Iraq.
On Tuesday night I awoke at 2 am to a song that I don't know the name of. It seems to be popular on the radio station for children. The words that repeated over and over for the remainder of the night were "lady lady come be my best friend........become my best friend .....do what you can girl.
My daughter woke shortly after going to sleep( I was reading the story and dreams behind the mission) and she was very upset and crying that she dreamed that " everyone over 21 dies." I could get nothing more out of her.
Many blessings to you all for your efforts.

5. Rita

Thu, 18 Mar 2004
21:41:25 GMT
3 -18-2004, 4:35 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is related
Preparation: Aligned/centered myself, focused on the children in need, and asked for a dream to fulfill our mission of finding funding to provide the necessary help for them.

RMDreams, 3/17-18/04

PsiAngels March, Mission 3, #2 focus, funding.


I am in a room in a church or public building, getting ready for a service or ceremony. An engaging, personable youngish (35-40) man/priest (fair of face and feature, reddish/blonde hair, nicely built) is with me, as well as an even younger girl. We have already rehearsed a procession into a church/auditorium area, in which I will go first holding something up high, and when we reach the altar/stage from a side door, I move to the left facing the people, the younger person to the right, and the man/priest to the middle where he makes a kind of opening address or welcome.

As we begin to do this “for real”, not in practice, I find that what I am holding is a tall metal object, like a golden bar with a rounded holder on the top and another crosspiece or handle on the bottom. On top is mounted or displayed a white object which looks like a Eucharistic host (round piece of unleavened bread) used in Catholic Masses, as if a sacred symbol. It is burning like a beacon, with gentle red/gold flames, and I am grateful for the secure finger grip near the top to help to balance and steady the holder for my hands are not strong and this helps me to carry it with greater ease and confidence.

The girl is behind me, perhaps I have some kind of robe that she carries the train, not sure, but she is going very slowly, perhaps has some physical problem, which hampers her (and me) from walking quickly as we traverse the passageways from this inner room to the larger meeting space. The man/priest follows last.

When we arrive at the entrance of the main room, I can see that there are many people seated within, waiting for us to begin. But then I look up and realize the white object has been consumed by the fire, too soon for our entrance. This was a very important part of the ceremony, and as the man/priest and I talk, I say I will run back to get another. He says he will send someone else (KB?) and asks if Nancy (Grace) is in the audience. His plan is to have her play some music for singing to fill in the few minutes this will take, and it will be as if we had planned it that way. The “Queen” is in the audience and it is very important not to offend her by being late with this event which has interested her enough to grace it with her royal presence.

I’m aware that there are children out there who would be very sweet and enjoyable to hear singing and decide this is a good solution.

I awakened from a dream earlier this week with little recall but the idea that making tapes of children singing would be a good fund-raiser.

From this dream, I see the singing theme repeated and wonder if methods of fund-raising might be:

1. A concert, one time event, paid admission, possibly with "name" performers, tapes of event sold later. (Nancy Grace has mentioned such an event as an ASD fundraiser, and she showed up in the audience in my dream, or at least is reference in it.)

2. A tape or CD of children singing songs of their lands, or Iraq children with their native songs, to be sold online or at our conference, proceeds to go to Aid for Children.

3. A tape of dream songs, sold as above.

8. Katie

Fri, 19 Mar 2004
21:11:50 GMT
Various brief
3 -19-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: Somewhat sure it is unrelated
Preparation: intention on going to sleep or during waking intervals; looked at pictures on link from Ilkin to get visual images

1. A dinner party.

2. Military invasion. Takes place in New York. We are being invaded by a foreign army. I can hear them marching, see the boots & bottoms of their long coats. Looking for a place to hide myself or my valuables. All likely places are torn up -- this is the second war, second invasion. A kind of nice enemy soldier is talking to me, I realize he's a doctor. He gives me what looks like a measuring spoon with round pellets in it, I'm to hold that in my urine and the pellets will test for bacteria. How civilized, I think bitterly, they're testing us for infection now before they rape us. I'm defiant and the doctor loses patience with me and his cheerfulness.

3. Bombing. I'm coming home (New York) in a car with 3 friends; at a stop sign we hear a series of tones, think it's a cell at first. Then we realize it's a civil defense alarm. I rush home, find my parents digging a shelter/sub-basement. I get busy, tell my friend Patty to get the dog, and strip all the linens off the beds and bring them down. The dog is Coco who's very old in the dream (dead in WL). I see other dogs die, maybe Coco too -- I'm sad but accept this as part of war.

4. With Tom and Phoebe (coworkers). We become aware of a hostile being or power, and also aware that it can make bad things happen to us when our energy is negative, for example if we quarrel. To counteract this I use my psychic powers to call upon a lot of dogs and dog owners I know that love each other very much, including dogs that have passed away. They all come, streaming into a big field. I tell them that we must use this love as a tool to wipe out the malevolent energy or being.

4 dreams on 4 different nights. Not at all sure any related, but after #1 I woke and thought, sure you could raise money by having dinner parties & giving a presentation on the project. #2 & #3 relate to war, invasion. Both take place in my parents' house, so maybe that is the "from a child's perspective" angle. #4 is something like the mission of WPDB -- using psychic energy to bring peace.

11. Dreambjo

Sat, 20 Mar 2004
16:11:51 GMT
Pre Mission Dream Experiences
3 -17-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: My intention was to try to come up with useful fundraising ideas or resources to help Ilkin's children. I have not remembered my dreams for 4 or 5 days due to medication and lack of sleep however, when I activly affirmed my mission to dream and even my vision before I slept were filled with powerful images and emotions of what it would be like to be a child in a worn torn situation full of fear and confusion and intense survival streangth. My drug indused visions were emotionally strong which somehow gave the child in me the strength and resouses i would need to survise and I had many powerful visional images of red blood stained clothes and frightened faces and yet, the heart beating streangth of survival.

As I fell asleep I had the following two images.

(1) It is like a gangster movie. A circle in the center of a room. 1920 style gansters, sneaking up on each other, one fat man with cellulode on his butt and thighs crawling hafe naked up some ruins. They are mean and killing each other. You didn't know who was friend or foe. I am a woman in an evening gown in danger of being killed.

(2) The second dream of the night, 3:30am. I am in outer space. Drifting with my "husband" and a group of people who are traveling all together. I am profoundly confused because I can not simultanteously see me and be me.
First, I am trying to see where I am floating, but I can't see me because I am experiencing being me. I am frustrated trying to understand then I see "my" face, form up as crumbs or molicules like a bas reflief in the butt cheek of my "husband". This confuses me highly but I feel it is very inportmant to understand this. I keep disappearing and reforming as do the others in my group.

Thank you for your thoughts. I am healing. I will be OK.

(Note: submitted by Leslie. Neutral confidence level of "no idea" selected by Harry.)

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