1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 14 Mar 2004
17:36:58 GMT
Submitted sessions for logistics question
These are the submitted sessions.

3. Leslie

Thu, 18 Mar 2004
08:33:41 GMT
Mission 1 How to reach more children and in more areas.
3 -15-2004, 2: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Sure it is related
Preparation: I had such a busy weekend that all I could do was read your information about the mission and fall into bed. At that point, I laid on my back and breathed deeply and slowly until relaxed and began thinking of Ilkin and her dreams for the children of Iraq.
I tried to think of what circumstances they would be in. Some in the hospital wounded, some orphaned perhaps living with relatives or strangers. Do they have orphanages there? Some losing other relatives, friends or just hearing and feeling the hatred and fear of others.. I fell into sleep and woke later. The thought that was there was, I wanted to send them a brightly colored sleeping bag or blanket with a pillow in the shape of a whimsical animal face. I would like to attach a card saying something like, At night when you look up in the sky at the beautiful stars, everyone else on earth can see them too. Some places on earth are peaceful and at this time, as you know, your place is not. But,with time,it will change and become a better place. As, you get ready to sleep, I would like you to think of the blanket as a big hug from me to you. I hope you can dream of a better place. If we all dream of the world being a better place for everyone than perhaps it will happen. I fell back to sleep. And woke again later, thinking call the military and see if we can fly into towns and distribute loads to the hospitals, temples, etc. But, that seems far fetched. Perhaps,when possible have a non profit business established there to pay local people of Iraq, who need jobs to sew, work with wood, or use whatever possible means to make toys and items to give to the children and their families to help them make a better life. I fell asleep again.
As I was writing the dreams down just now, I had a thought. Since many people desperatly need money to help survive in Iraq, What if we paid local Iraqi's to deliver the packages? But, how safe would that be? If it got into the wrong hands, it could be sabatoged with a bomb and blamed on the Americans. ?????

6. Joy

Fri, 19 Mar 2004
14:37:42 GMT

3 -19-2004, 5: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: Formed a simple intention to dream for the mission which I renewed each time I woke during the night.

I'm sorry, this was a difficult week for dream recall and I didn't come up with much. On the main mission night I dreamed something about a hospital. On the last possible night I tried again and dreamed about finding myself responsible for teaching a class at a girls' school where some students lived in dorm rooms and a few semi-private rooms. Prominent colors were bright red and dark blue with a touch of yellow. My student were about 9 or 10 years old.

And just before waking I saw a kind young male doctor speaking softly while holding a baby.

Schools and hospitals are rather obvious as good places to find children in need. Not much help, eh? Wish I could have told you how to reach them.

My good friend was hospitalized all the previous week; I'd been visiting her daily; she was just released before start of mission week and still confined to bed rest so I've been much preoccupied with her. So, no indication that the hospital association came from anything other than my own recent preoccupations.

7. Laura

Fri, 19 Mar 2004
17:42:23 GMT
Sleeping Naked on Ocean Surface
3 -17-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: Sure it is unrelated
Preparation: I started this mission a bit late in the game. Harry's messages wound up in my email spam folder, unfortunately. I had two nights to concentrate on the mission before falling asleep. One morning, I could not remember my dreams at all. The next morning, I remembered fragments of my dream, but finding it hard to relate to the mission.

Dream Fragment.

Ocean theme, water and waves. The ocean is dark and calm (without a particular color) with gentle waves crashing twice...once out in the distance at a sandbarand the other time again on the shore.

There is a woman far out in the distance. At first, I thought she was on a type of flotation device (life-saver or raft) but she is not. She is naturally floating on top of the surface of the water. She is nude, curled up in fetal position. Her hair is brown, long, and partially in the water. It spreads out on top of the ocean surface like seaweed. She is sleeping soundly.

The sky has clouds with orange/red lining, the sky is layered colors, but mostly dark. The stars are just starting to appear.

The moon is white and glowing, perhaps a bit hidden by the clouds, but still illuminating the clouds and casting white light around the edges of the woman's skin.


Initially when waking, I feel that this has abolutely nothing to do with the mission of discovering logistics for the children of Iraq.

It is only when I begin to peel back the layers of the color meaning, and dig a bit deeper into the fact that this woman, whoever she may be, does not need a life-saver (floatation) device, but knows how to stay afloat without drowning. (Perhaps the person guiding this project has been saved already, and is going to be giving the life-saver to others, or swapping the words around "saving lives" of children.)

When analyzing the colors (and I am paraphrasing a great deal from Bob Hoss's color guide):

Red (sky): intense, vital, transformed, creative (alternative meanings: helplessness, an environment is dangerous and out of control) The desire to help these children who are without choice or control of their dangerous living environments.

Orange (sky): I want a wider sphere of influence, more contact with others. The mission was to find a logistical way of promoting this project to a wider audience.

Brown (hair: seeking to secure a state where I can be physically comfortable and relax and recover. I think of the children finally finding a place to be comfortable and recover from the trauma in their lives.

Although the overall theme seems to have strong indicators about the mission quest....the dream did not reveal any obvious or outstanding answers on logistics for this important project. It lacked the "HOW" to accomplish this task.

Harry - I am sending you a 30 second sketch.

9. Dreamsaurus

Fri, 19 Mar 2004
21:19:46 GMT
3 -19-2004, 22:15 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: No idea
Preparation: Just understanding the main issue and who lies behind. Then living busy period. No special incubation period before bed time.

1) I was in a office like room.
2) A colleague used sewing machine, making a piece of textile
3) I think it was curtain or blanket.
4) Surprisingly, I made one too.


Short dream snippet. Thought write it down.
Too short.
Did it now, here because promised Harry to
to be Angel LT (light).

10. Niki LeBoeuf-Little

Sat, 20 Mar 2004
03:43:52 GMT
"Believe me if all these endearing young charms"
3 -19-2004, 6:30 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
Confidence: No idea

I latched onto the "fill the bowl" visualization posted in the Dream Town forum, and imagined that the bowls to be filled were held by children in need of help. I imagined filling the bowls with:

  • hope - symbolized by the sun rising
  • comfort - symbolized by an adult embracing a child
  • kindness - symbolized by someone taking a child's hand
  • safety - symbolized by a child going to sleep, smiling

Each visualization I tried to see very clearly, and then to dissolve it into a mist that coelesced into a ball I could put in the bowl. And I mentally asked the question, "How can we reach you to help you?"

This I visualized while going to sleep each night this week.

I also started taking B vitamins the other day, in hopes of improving my currently crappy dream recall! But I understand I may not see results until after having taken them for a week at least.

I dreamt I was sitting on a bed (white fluffy sheets, sunlight streaming in through a window in front of me) with a male acquaintance I had recently met (no relation to anyone I know waking), and I was expressing surprise that this old poem/folk song were used in his family specifically as a memorial to deceased family members. It didn't seem a likely choice of song, to me. He was surprised to hear I knew it, and we began singing it together:

Believe me, if all these endearing young charm
That I gaze on so fondly today
Were to change by tomorrow, and flee from my arms
Like fairy gifts, fading away

Thou wouldst still be adored as this moment thou art,
Let thy loveliness fade as it will;
And around the dear ruin, each wish of my heart
Would entwine itself fervently still.

Because we were familiar with two different versions of the song, our singing it together formed a sort of harmony where our melodies diverged. We exchanged a glance that said we were both impressed with ourselves in this impromptu performance, and sang it all the way through on the verge of laughter.

Later: a vague recollection of talking in Spanish and then being afraid I'd be expected to keep up the conversation past the point that my sad attempt at fluency would take me.

I have been listening to a tape of a Celtic Folk duo from Texas, Ceili's Muse, which includes this song. The harmony in the dream closely matched the harmony on the tape.

That the song was used as a memorial in my dreamed acquaintance's family brings to mind the many dead that the children in Iraq have had to suffer at such a young age; something about the song brought comfort, even though its literal meaning is miles away. Perhaps the idea is that the love that the dearly departed have for those left behind does not die with their mortal bodies, nor does our love for them.

The Spanish segment brings to mind the obvious clue that one must break down the language barrier to help those of another country, and that takes a risk-taking push beyond one's comfort zone.

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