Report Mission 0403

compiled by Harry Bosma

Raw material:

Aid for Traumatized Children

The Aid for Traumatized Children project helps children in Iraq. Ilkin requested a mission for this project, Diana supported the original bid.

Mission design

Ilkin had two specific questions:
  • Question 1 -  How to reach more children in more areas? This is a logistics question.
  • Question 2 -  How to raise more interest in order to get more donations? This is a funding question.
The angels didn't know about the urgency of this mission. Iraq is no longer big news, leaving the "Aid for Traumatized Children" struggling for funding.


Music and stars

The theme of music turned up once for logistics and twice for funding. In logistics diverging melodies create harmony (Niki). In funding, music is the key to handle overwhelming emotions of pain (Terry). Singing children are suggested when an important spiritual ceremony needs to be saved (Rita).

In logistics two angels reported stars in the sky. One interpretation is that stars refer to famous performers.

Concrete suggestions by Rita:
  1. A concert, one time event, paid admission, possibly with "name" performers, tapes of event sold later.
  2. A tape or CD of children singing songs of their lands, or Iraq children with their native songs, to be sold online or at our conference, proceeds to go to Aid for Children.
  3. A tape of dream songs, sold as above.
Other ideas:
  • Find a Brittney Spears, or musical group. Celebrities outside the United States could also work. (Laura)
  • What if everyone, everywhere, sang the same song at the same time? (Niki).
Logistics and blankets

The logistics question resulted in practical suggestions to use schools and doctors (Joy), and perhaps the army (Leslie).

More remarkable is a double mention of blankets, either especially created to sooth the children (Leslie), or at least hand made (Juhani). I wondered why this showed up for logistics. It is related to neither logistics nor funding, but apparently the logistics question had more room to bring up other ideas.

Concrete suggestion:
  • Find volunteers to create blankets.
Funding and healing

Two angels submitted sessions about healing issues. One solution involved psychic healing (Katie). Another involved alternating between seeing and being oneself (Bjo).

More in general it was brought up that involvement of people should focus on joy. Kathy gave the example of joy of generosity, and how that could be highlighted in advertising. My more subjective impression of all the dreams is that they seem to point to combining joy, lightness, and healing.

Drawing by Laura
(picture drawn by Laura)

Concluding remarks

There are two ideas not yet mentioned:
  • Find an artist to create a short computer generated animation, or a short comic strip (Kathy).
  • Involve local businesses (Terry, possibly Leslie).
 I'd like to conclude with an advice Rita came up while interpreting her dream:

My read on the dream is not to get all burned out before we produce what is helpful and awaited. In other words, be sure of what we are going to do and the timing thereof, which may take a little more time than we expected, but which will manifest with the help of others outside of this group. My feeling is that the solution to the mission lies within us and without us as we make the necessary connections.

I'd like to check in with the Aid for Traumatized Children project in about three months. That would be late June, early July 2004.

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