1. Harry Bosma

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
12:18:23 GMT
Other sessions
This is a place for any other dreams or visions that may seem relevant to the discussion. This includes late dreams or visions.

2. Ilkin

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
22:28:49 GMT


Last night I had a voice telling again and again to look at my previous dreams. I don't know anything about the area Rita plans to move (that is why I choosed to look for the housi, mission 1) but I wonder if there can be any places named; Montrand, Sencrand or Vit. And some parts in the below dream may have some relations;

17 Febduary 2004

- I have to take some children from a house to look after them / baby-sit. I am collecting their toys and coats etc. There is a multi colored crayon set. Some colors are missing and I am looking for them. The house is at a seaside.

- There is a market on the road. I have no money on me. My money will arrive at 18.00. I am buying cigarettes 3 times for free, to pay later.

- They are moving the office and collecting the stuff. I am regretting, why I didn't took my stuff when I quit and have to go back again for them. I am thinking to throw away some of them but changing my mind. I am walking between long shelves of the market. There is a thick bright plastic file with tree separate thinner files in it, writing "Life Story" on. I am thinking to leave it behind, I can find and buy a new one out somewhere.

- I am back in the garden of the house, by the seaside. I helicopter is directing it's lights on me. It is coming closer and landing down. While I am trying to get away from it in the sea, I am falling on the sand. There is a pair of shinning, bright red, long heeled shoes in the sand. I am thinking; "Oh...these were mine too". The people who get out of the helicopter tells us to take our stuff. We are collecting everything. I am having a feeling that I have to go to the church. I am worrying how I will find one on the road, because I didn't give attention where their exact locations before. But I am relax because I know there are many churches around. We are on the road in a big black jeep with the men from the helicopter. While passing the market I am seeing that there is a church and a mosque backing each other, sharing the same wall, behind the huge tree by the market.

- A girl is telling her life story. It is very similar to mine. It came out that we have lived same things at the same times. I am asking her; "Do you remember me?". She can't answer. I am saying; "I don't remember you but you must remember me. I was known by everybody".

- I am about to buy a house. There is a large cave going down the earth, covered with green bushes. I am thinking that I can't buy the house in front of it because it's end can't be seen and I can't know what is there in it.

- The girl is sitting by table, going on speaking; "Yes, the birds here are weird. Even if their dirt fall on you and touch your skin, they can burn". She is showing her hand; "Once, when they fell and burned my hand, the doctors had to take of the skin over the burned part and took serum from the flesh to test".

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