1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 15 Feb 2004
20:13:11 GMT
Submitted sessions - mission 2
Mission 2 was the search for the perfect home for Rita's next winter.

2. Dreambjo

Mon, 16 Feb 2004
20:58:24 GMT
A House, But Where?
2 -16-2004, 1:40 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2
I am looking at a house. It is a two level house, built into a hill. The garage and living space is on the first floor. The garage is to the right side of the house. Blue ceder shingle siding, a light wood railing between the floors (Maybe a slim balcony). Seemed a modest size, maybe a three bedroom. Seemed cozy and nestled into the hill. It is an urban woodsy area. Trees abound, an under developed road and driveway, unpaved, dirt and gravel. Snow and old dead leaves are on the hilly ground.When I awoke, the thought of the Appalachian mountains came. This is a secluded woodsy area where a fair amt of people live, but you can't see them. It is just outlying some medium sized town or city.

Outside, woodsy area, but near a city or town
Deciduous trees, bare in the winter, dead leaves and snow on ground. Hilly.

No characters.

6. Ed

Wed, 18 Feb 2004
00:21:37 GMT
Rita's Future Dream House
2 -17-2004, 6:45 AM PST local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2

Psi-Angel's Mission #2 Rita Dwyer

Intent: I want to find the house, where Rita - and those who live with her - will have the greatest happiness and spiritual development for the winter of 2004 - 2005.

Ed Kellogg RWPR 6:45 a.m. PST Tuesday , February 17, 2004.

I've arrived at "Steven's house in Las Vegas". It's only seemed to take a few hours to drive there - which doesn't seem quite right. The house looks different than I remember, more of a tract or development house. Brown carpets, white walls. Apparently Steven has a number of guests. I see a couple of Yorkies and a woman in her thirties I don't know. I also see a number of other dogs running around of other types, and wonder if Steven even has a place where I can stay, with all his other guests. I notice differences. It doesn't look right. It doesn't look like Steven's home.
I become fully lucid and realizing that I dream I look out the window. I see snow outside and not much else - it doesn't look like Las Vegas. I remember my task and chant out loud that I want to go to the house where Rita can live in the winter of 2004 - 2005 and find the greatest happiness and spiritual development.

I walk out the front door and fly into a featureless white space. I end up in what look like a small commercial downtown area or street, upscale, quaint, but of an old-fashioned style, not modern.. I hear Christmas/Holiday music playing. The buildings on the street not very big - two stories high or so. I see lots of people bustling about. I reaffirm my intent, and now find myself. a couple of blocks away in front of a good-sized elegant/well kept house on a fairly large landscaped lot, perhaps half an acre. I can still hear the music from downtown, although I now don't see any people. I guess it seems only a short walk away. The house has some brickwork in front - a curve brickwork wall - decorative 3 ft. high, but part of the building. Also a large concrete/stone driveway, open and empty, but a nicely designed space. I note the brick for later reference - I can't see if the rest of the house seems brick as well though - but I decide to go inside stay outside looking for more details that will let me know location, like the city and state.

I go in the front door - a nice wood door. The interior has a lot of wood in nice furnishings , antiques. I guess the house dates from the 1940s or earlier. I begin to lose vision but hold onto the dream kinesthetically. I wander around trying to feel for a phone, figuring that if I can find a phone, I can find a phone book that will tell me the town and state. I feel phone under my hand in beneath it a small telephone size book, an inch-thick or less. My vision clears up, and I find myself to the right of a kitchen area, off white and tans. I look at the look at the book. It has a white cover with a large word at the bottom - M-something. Something like Murchausen? Manufacturing? or something like that on it. I guess that I haven't found a telephone book, but something like a prospectus or a catalog. I look at the other books under the telephone, but none of them have telephone information either. They all seem like catalogs one catalog is something looks at like a small elf of the cover raptor trademark. ( I did not open any of these books to see if they had telephone listings inside however.
I decide to look around the house and go into living room nearby, that has a couch. Again nicely and expensively furnished and kept up, although it seems somewhat dark, because of all the wood: wood floors, wood paneling, dark carpets. However, it also has lots of windows, which makes it into a comfortable open space. I look out the back windows and see what looks like a small scale (in height, not necessarily in size - length and width) formal garden. It has 1 ft. high hedges in a geometrical pattern /border I can see and some other greenery behind, green lawn in front, attractively landscaped and kept. At this point , the front door opens into people come in , carrying shopping bags. An elderly couple in their seventies , a man and a woman. The man clean shaven, perhaps 5'10", the woman , 5'6" or seven, both have gray hair, the man's combed back and thin. The clothing hangs on them as if they've lost weight. They don't look overweight, but stooped and somewhat flabby, wearing clothes that used to fit. I assume that they seem the present owners or tenants.

There looks surprised to see me, but not shocked as if they has encountered a burglar in WPR. I go forward and explain my mission, that I've used the dream state to find a house for friend of mine to live in for the next winter. I don't know whether they really know that they dream, but I act on this assumption. At least they don't seem too shocked to find a stranger in their home, or as upset as they would in WPR..

I ask them for the state in which they live, so that I can specifically locate the house. The man smirks a bit, and acting like a wise guy and says: You want to know my state? My state of consciousness? That will take a while!" And chuckles, although it seems clear he knows exactly what I mean. His wife elbows him, impatient at his rudeness. I try again. I tell them that I specifically want to know which state in the country giving examples, "Virginia, Pennsylvania , Connecticut" -- that sort of state. The man grins and says "What about South Wyoming?" , smiling and chuckling again. I begin to find his actions and attitudes obnoxious. I ask once more for the state this time, as his first response seems facetious, but this time neither of them says anything. So I try a different approach, and politely ask if they could tell me the name of the city or the town in which my friend would find this house. However, now they don't say anything at all, the man just smirks.

I begin to feel annoyed and decide I'll try different approach. I create an energy ball between my hands, about 3 ft. in diameter, and on the spot compose and intone this magical chant "By the power of Alkahest / Give me the information that I request!" Both the man and woman look shocked the little afraid at the energy ball I created - it grows a bright white and emanates a crackling power. I throw the bright energy ball at the man, who sits on the couch next to the woman. It hits the man, disappearing on impact, knocking him off the couch onto the floor. His eyes bulge out his head, the left eye more than the right. His wife, admiringly says something like "Wow, Frank (?) normally dominates everyone around him, and you knocked him out with no effort at all!" She seems to think it served him right, and now looks pleased rather than frightened.

I walk over to Frank(?) and kneeling on his chest, ask him once again to please give me the information about the state and town in which I can find this house. He doesn't say anything, (which might seem because in my anger I overcharged the energy ball and now he simply can't - still in shock.) However, I assume he doesn't speak because he still won't rather than that he can't. I put my hands around his neck, and tell them that he doesn't give me the information, I'll tear his head off from his shoulders, which even though fairly easily repairable in the dream world, he will still find very unpleasant. He still says nothing. I feel angry, and begin to twist off his head, but mastering my anger, I stop and reflect. The threat didn't work, or perhaps he doesn't even seem capable speaking, at this point twisting his head off would serve no purpose except to indulging the "Monsters in my Id" at his rudeness. And in any case, I've determined not to indulge in violence or said monsters, even when provoked in dreams but to respond from my higher instincts, rather than from my lower when at all possible (e.g. when I stay lucid enough to remember to do so!). In any case, this person did not attack me, he only acted impolite, uncooperative, and obnoxious. Having mastered my anger and annoyance, I let go of his neck, and get up. I tell them that in any case, even if they do not choose to help me, I'll pass along what information I have to my friend, who has certainly her own guidance and can surely find this house on her own, with or without their help.

I get up and look a bit more around the house, looking out the windows. Some of the windows may have a diamond pattern of panes. I see snow out one window, (perhaps on an adjoining vacant lot or snow covered lawn on its left side?). I get the impression that the house sits on a large lot at least a quarter to a half acre or more, on a bigger lot than the and smaller / less expensive houses to either side of it. I decide to go outside of the house for details that would help Rita in identifying it. I go out the front door - made of light brown - honey colored wood, with a window pattern of glass panes , perhaps a diamond shape with 4 or more panes in the center of the upper half. However, when I go out the door and turn around, the house has disappeared , and I find myself now back(?), on the commercial street I'd seen previously. I see a row of adjoining shops, 2 story facades (old brick or stone) in the place where I would have expected to see the house. The shops look quaint with some stained-glass, etc.. Old buildings, but the storefronts well kept in a hippie-ish / boutique style. RWPR. 6:45 a.m. Tuesday , February 17.

Note: Diagram of portions of house/grounds/ floor plan available. Probably a two story house, although I did not go up to a second story or see stairs.

Small town, house 1-2 blocks from main street, or the equivalent in a subsection of a larger town or city. Winter. Large holiday trappings on the commercial street, open air holiday music audible from a block away. House built 1940's or earlier I'd guess, some brick,in front - an ornamental curved wall? large lot, lot's of wood inside, very nice lot and house, originally probably somewhat secluded and private now somewhat overtaken / engulfed by the town's growth. Towns name may begin with an "M" - something like Murchausen.

Lot ~1/4 acre or more, understated formal garden in back, adjoining lots/houses smaller with space between them and the house. Shape of house - rectangular - possibly other wing to the left of the living room kitchen and an upstairs. However, I only saw the first floor - spacious living room, kitchen, 1500 sq ft. or so. Lots of wood floors paneling, and expensive craftsmanship, many windows. Back windows show the well kept nicely landscaped formal (understated) garden. Front area - spacious concrete a quasi rectangular parking area adapted to the front of the house and landscaping) used as a driveway, my guess 15 X 30 ft, parallel to the sidewalk and road in front (lengthwise).

Two seniors, a man and woman, probably husband and wife, Caucasian, about 5'10" and 5'6", both have gray hair, the man’s combed back and thin. Oval face - no facial hair. Womans face more rectangular. The clothing hangs on them as if they’ve lost weight after they bought it. They don’t look overweight, but stooped and somewhat flabby, wearing clothes that used to fit. Man's name Frank(?). Probably current tenants or owners of house.

8. Agnes

Wed, 18 Feb 2004
18:42:30 GMT
new winter home
2 -18-2004, 6:30 local time
Type: remote viewing
Other details: mission 2
"we were driving uphill, there were redwood trees around, and i pointed out to you, that's Mt Helena, you'll live there." (Mt. Helena is Helena Montana yes?)

Location: outside
driving up a hill
redwood trees all around

someone i was telling to about the place
(name:) i thought was Rita
remote viewing happened 6:30pm 02/18/04 Philippine time.

Note Archangel Harry: combined original and repeat submission.

11. Joy

Fri, 20 Feb 2004
07:18:52 GMT

2 -16-2004, 6: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2

I dreamed this at the end of the main mission night. I was holding back on posting it, hoping for a dream with specific reference to Rita. But on the other hand, I accurately dreamed the surroundings of my sister’s new house when I dreamed it was me who was thinking about moving in. So, maybe I played the role of Rita in this dream – especially if by any chance she’s planning on doing some teaching while there. See, last year at this time I was in Honduras helping teach at the school my sister-in-law has there, and in this dream she had a school in northern Michigan where she grew up, and I was helping teach there. I don’t think this dream suggests that Rita’s house will be in Michigan so much as I think that the scene was set by the idea of living there temporarily to teach.

I explored my surroundings by bicycle and this is what I found:

This is a rural area, a large, flat valley of mostly farmland. The roads run in a north-south east-west grid and are widely spaced to accommodate farm fields in between, so that a block is maybe somewhere between a quarter mile and a mile long.

At the north end of the area I explored, which may be the north end of the valley, is a road running east-west. The house I’m staying in is toward the west end of the area. The school is some distance away toward the east end (too far to see easily from “my” house), with my sister-in-law’s house just beyond it. “My” house is on the south side of the road. The school and my sister-in-law’s house are on the north side of the road.

At the south end of the area I explored is another road running east-west, and the general store is about midway along this road, on the south side. The valley seems to continue south of this.

Connecting these two roads (and others between) is a wide road, four lanes with a grassy median divider, although it has very little traffic. The general store is a bit to the east of the intersection of this road. There might be a golf course along the west side of this road.

From my interactions with people (which I’ll skip describing) I learned something about the character of the place: It seems to be truly rural, not gentrified but populated mainly by hardworking people. It’s not completely isolated, though; there is some city influence.

16. Niki LeBoeuf-Little

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
12:19:26 GMT
vague impressions over the week
2 -20-2004, 6:45 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 2

No dream recall all week! :-(

Thursday morning (the 19th) I woke up with an old '80s tune stuck in my head: "China" by Red Rockers (and redone in the '90s by Cowboy Mouth, one of whose members was the same singer from RR).

Friday morning (the 20th) there was a vague sense of "West" - but do note I wake up with a view of the mountains west of Boulder, and they were all pink-on-snow pretty in the sunrise.


Wednesday night I walked home from work rather late. As a form of meditation, I started singing to myself the words "Any dream is the right dream; any dream will do" over and over until the tune I'd made up was well and stuck in my head. Meanwhile I visualized Rita's picture like I saw it in my browser, upper left on white background, and I imagined an animated gif to the right of it of a spinning globe with a yellow house superimposed over it. The house bounced around the globe and it had a red question mark on it. The whole was very clip-art like.

Didn't seem to help much, but there it is.

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