1. Harry Bosma

Sun, 15 Feb 2004
20:13:11 GMT
Submitted sessions - mission 1
Mission 1 is the precog mission: the house where Rita will be next winter.

3. Laura

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
11:18:46 GMT
"This is not the house you are looking for..."
2 -16-2004, 2:14 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1

Dream One: “This is not the house you are looking for…”
Waking time: 2:14 a.m. EST
I have returned to my childhood home on Deerhill Lane. This house is South of Boston, and I lived there twenty two years. The home is now again up for sale, and I am interested in purchasing the home. I am being led through the home by an agent, and look at the changes that have been made to the house since it was sold by my parents. The real estate agent leads me to the second floor bathroom, and I look out the window, looking down to the porch. I see that the current owners have tried to do their own version of vinyl siding, but the workmanship seems very amateur, and the vinyl is attached to the wood with only a few nails. To the untrained eye, it seems okay. The agent keeps talking, but I quietly notice that there is a birds nest under the eve, and the vinyl siding is actually hiding some deteriorating wood. Suddenly, a voice I recognize as a friend says: “Look, this is not really the house your are looking for.” EOD

Upstairs bathroom, porch, vinyl siding, birds nest.
This house is South of Boston, in a small town called Marshfield. I don't think this is related to anywhere Rita would look.

The dream characters were myself, and the real estate agent.

I will attach a sketch under separate cover to Harry. This of course is my own conclusion, but perhaps this dream will serve to show as an example as a house that for all appearances, seem okay on the outside, but upon further inspection there are some questionable defects. Make sure to get a good house inspection to look for nesting animals.

(Here's the sketch)

4. Laura

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
11:18:47 GMT
Pot-Luck - Coldpepper
2 -16-2004, 8:33 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1

Dream Two: Pot-Luck – Cold Pepper
Waking time: 8:33 a.m. EST
I’ve been invited to a pot-luck party and I agreed to bring a vegetable dish. The party is being held inside, even though it is a brisk autumn day. I enter through the side door immediately into the kitchen. As I turn to my left, there is a “great room” where the party is being held. There is a decorative floral rug with white fringe under a basic shaker style dining table. There are no chairs. This is meant to serve as the buffet area for this party. My attention is brought upward, the ceilings are very high and white, as if newly painted. The entryway of the room, there is a huge, arched grapevine swag. It is covered with various autumn silk flowers and artificial sugared apples. Off to my right, there is a living room that seemed very large, again with high ceilings. When I put my dish on the table and take off the plastic cover, I am very surprised to see that I have made some type of coleslaw. But the coleslaw isn’t made of cabbage, but rather it is made of finely sliced green, red and yellow peppers. My friends giggle with me and start naming the dish: “Cold Pepper Slaw” EOD

Never heard of nor have I eaten any type of colepepper slaw, but it looked tasty. I don’t know why, but this seems like something significant. When unusual items appear in my dreams, they tend to have some type of connection.

A "Great Room".
Very high ceilings. White walls.
Living room off kitchen.
There is an arch of grape vines.

Never heard of nor have I eaten any type of colepepper slaw, but it looked tasty. I don’t know why, but this seems like something significant. When unusual items appear in my dreams, they tend to have some type of connection.

I only got part of the house, I didn't get any impression on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Sorry, Rita. Hopefully the other angels will have something more to add.

(Here's a second sketch)

7. Dreamsaurus

Wed, 18 Feb 2004
09:46:51 GMT
2 -18-2004, 10:31 local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1

1. I was at a lake, somewhere,like my childhood home's
place we called "Fire Bay"(translated).
2. Someone arranged a food competition
3. Me and a working colleague (Mr) made pommes frites using a pan
4. We throw a bit of food away in order to get right amount.
5. We felt that now it's right.
6. There was a tiny audience around.
7. I told to Mr (my work place colleague) that we have fish too.
8. We cut narrow fish slices and put over the bread.
9. We didn't focus on other teams and what they did.


at lake, on shore
4 season zone
tiny hill, hillside

A male +40, Danish colleague from work, actually from neighbouring country.

Ate too much meat in the evening. Woke up about 01 and drank water. The food issue might be a day recidue.
Place and shore could have precognitive aspects. Why not
the food too. In the scale 0-10 pg-strength would be 5-6.

12. Terry

Fri, 20 Feb 2004
23:19:47 GMT
Sea Mist
2 -20-2004, 4: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1
I am unclear that this was a dream. But, I awoke to a cottage on the Cape. It seemed to be near the sea and also a somewhat wooden area. It almost seemed remote. I did not sense any big neighborhoods. There did seem to be the presence of a large mansion was the only other detectable structure. I could not see the beach or any water. I seem to smell salt air.

13. Ilkin

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
02:08:22 GMT

2 -20-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1

Though I tried 2 times, I couldn't have a specific dream. I was thinking not to write anything yet but it seems that tonight is last.

The only thing I can make a connection is;

"A little two floor house made of vanilla brick or stone shaped walls. Looking a green view. Having a large terrace, balcony or a veranda. Wooden stairs. Rita was happy. Her hair was different from the photo, cut at the level of her ears lengst and straight. A room prepeared for a child. Wood bed and boards, toy and some things hung at the walls. Window to the opposite of the door. There is a 5-6 years old boy with dark har, white skin and pink cheeks, she is putting him into bed. The bedcovers (sheats, pillows ec) are bright and navy blue."

If still there is time. I am going to sleep now. If I have anything in my dream and we can still write tomarrow I will submit it.

Rita (if she was Rita)
5-6 years little boy

clean air, garden, neighboring houses, green/ greenish/ including green curtains.

This may not be a new house. I don't know how is her current house but she was as very familiar and happy with the house. Either it is a house she already know where she go or she will not move.

14. Katie

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
04:47:27 GMT
2 -20-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Other details: mission 1

I'll combine 3 short dreams into one since none have detail but all have same theme:

#1 I'm living in a dorm room with 1 friend and 2 strangers at beginning of term. We're making arrangements for who'll sleep where etc. 4 single beds, window at one end, bathroom at the other. I don't much like the strangers, but I have a patient feeling.

#2 I sleep at work, that's where I live all the time. My staff wakes me for an emergency, I tell him it's not 8 yet and so I'm technically not at work. We argue about this.

#3 Someone from my job at vet clinic calls to say M (former boss at first job) is there. She had a big fight with her husband, let herself in and staid the night. They warn me she seems out of it like maybe she's had a stroke. Later I talk with her, she's completely lucid tho uncharacteristically hard and angry.

dorm room
vet exam room

dim or artificial light

Female friend, two strangers who are friends, all female my age (college age?)
Tech guatamalan male about my age wpr = 38, dark, short
Boss female asian about 65, dark, short

All 3 dreams seem to have a feeling of unwilling communal/institionalized living so I hope these have nothign to do with Rita! I'd rather think it has something to do with facing my own workaholism and not keeping a good boundary between home and work life.

15. Leslie

Sat, 21 Feb 2004
05:23:00 GMT
Home for Rita
2 --2004, ?: local time
Other details:

As I was thinking of the picture of Rita and her dog, I tried to visualize a home for her. I saw a one story home with a wrap around porch and a small stream close by. I could hear the water and feel the breeze of a warm sunny day. As I entered the house, I stepped into a sun filtered living room with a large floor to ceiling fireplace made of smooth river rocks. To the left were french doors that open into a cozy library/computer room.

That is a far as I have gotten.

Note from Harry, Archangel for Rita's mission: Leslie had said she would do mission #1.

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