1. Harry Bosma

Wed, 25 Feb 2004
21:05:51 GMT

(Updated later for submission by Niki)

Here are my notes so far. Feel free to add or comment.


Laura: Dream #1 has childhood home, porch, possibly a warning that appearances may fool you. Dream #2 has a clear description of the ground floor, with what seems to be two connected spaces for living, and a kitchen. Heigh ceilings, possibly newly painted.

Juhani: Also a childhood home, at a lake, hills. Additional theme of food.

Terry: Cottage, possibly near the sea, remote open area. Also a large mansion.

Ilkin: Two floor house, vanilla color outside, large terrace / balcony / veranda. Stone walls, wooden stairs. The presence of the child with his own room is remarkable. Green area, but with other houses.

Katie: Sleeping away from home, unwillingly.

Leslie: One story home, porch, small stream. Living room with large fireplace, made of river rocks. Frenchs door to cozy library / computer room.

Juhani, Terry, and Leslie suggest a combination of hills and water.

Most of the sessions mention or imply two floors. Leslie disagrees, and I want to keep that in mind because she hit one of the fast feedback items: Rita finds a computer room very important.

There is conflicting information on the size of the house. Laura mentions high ceilings, Terry a cottage and a mansion.

I think the food theme (Laura and Juhani) is worth exploring.



Dreambjo: garage on the right side. Modest size. Hill, woodsy area. Outlying medium sized town or city.

Ed: Small town, house 1-2 blocks from main street, or the equivalent in a subsection of a larger town or city. Winter. Large holiday trappings on the commercial street, open air holiday music audible from a block away. House built 1940's or earlier I'd guess, some brick,in front - an ornamental curved wall? large lot, lot's of wood inside, very nice lot and house, originally probably somewhat secluded and private now somewhat overtaken / engulfed by the town's growth. Towns name may begin with an "M" - something like Murchausen.

Ed continued: Lot ~1/4 acre or more, understated formal garden in back, adjoining lots/houses smaller with space between them and the house. Shape of house - rectangular - possibly other wing to the left of the living room kitchen and an upstairs. However, I only saw the first floor - spacious living room, kitchen, 1500 sq ft. or so. Lots of wood floors paneling, and expensive craftsmanship, many windows. Back windows show the well kept nicely landscaped formal (understated) garden. Front area - spacious concrete a quasi rectangular parking area adapted to the front of the house and landscaping) used as a driveway, my guess 15 X 30 ft, parallel to the sidewalk and road in front (lengthwise).

Agnes: Redwood trees, Mt Helena, hill, autumn.

Joy: rural area, flat valley. Excellent description of the whole area, including type of people. Advice to consider teaching.

Niki: China and "west", perhaps a yellow house.

There must be at least three ideal homes in here, as Ed's session is the only non rural place that came up. Joy's description of the valley is also distinctive. The sessions of Dreambjo and Agnes could refer to the same home. Their sessions remind of what team #1 found, minus the water.

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