Report Mission 0402

compiled by Harry Bosma

Raw material:

Rita's next winter home

Rita and her husband have to make a decision about the house they will be living in next winter. For privacy reasons few details will be given here.

Mission design

After the first mission it seemed useful to come up with a design that would allow more angels to make an important contribution. Rita's question was broken up into two related missions:
  • Mission 1 - Describe the house Rita will live next winter. This is a precognitive mission.
  • Mission 2 - Find the best suitable house for Rita for her next winter home.
The Angels were given five days to do their dreaming and remote viewings. Angels had to limit themselves to one or two sessions. Other dreams or insights were treated as secondary to the core sessions.

New in Rita's mission was the use of fast feedback items, to see whether angels were on track with their sessions. Discussions with Rita resulted in four important wishes for the next winter's home. Those wishes were used for fast feedback to the angels. One of the angels clearly found one of those items, and more indirectly other items were found by the angels too.

At the beginning of the mission, several angels emailed me that they would like to try something more intuitive, going beyond the use of commonalities.


Mission 1 - the precog mission - did not result in remarkable commonalities between the submitted sessions. The best that can be said is that the house will be in an area with hills and water.

Mission 2 - the search mission - seemed to point to several possible locations, about as many as there were angels on this team.

Hints to specific geographic locations were discussed, but nothing really convincing was found. Going beyond commonalities, possible messages and issues were identified. Here are those that stood out:
  • A warning that a house could have hidden problems.
  • Connections to "roots" (two angels on Mission #1 dreamt about their childhood homes).
  • Certain more personal concerns of Rita.
Rita told us that the last two points were indeed on her mind. Details are again held back for privacy reasons.

Drawing by Laura
(picture drawn by Laura)

Rita also said she found the description of the house in Ed's dream remarkably close to what she has in mind. Ed was on the search team.

This mission shows that it is much easier to pick up on involved issues than describing houses or finding geographical locations. Future missions could try to do more with these related issues, while continuing to work on finding more direct answers.

Final feedback on this mission will be available in the winter of 2004 / 2005.

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