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Mon, 26 Jan 2004
20:30:11 GMT

Hi all -

I did have time set up a task night on 1/18 - 1/19, in which I planned to use the LDIT to find out more about the ring, although I became pre to sub lucid, I did not seem lucid enough to remember my task. The dreams did not seem to have any obvious connections to the ring, or to Jean, and I had hoped that something better would have shown up before the 24th deadline. It hasn't, and as a number of participants did have ring or jewelry dreamsI decided not to send in my dreams, lest they "muddy the waters".

However, after reading looking over all of the dreamsposted here, well, the waters already look pretty muddy! <g>

So rather than let my dreams go to waste, I'll post below what I consider the most likely candidate for a relevant dream, although none of my dreams actually featured a ring or Jean. In my first two dreams , I had my hands, tand then my feet, massaged by a disembodied massage therapist, so unless Jean's ring has made it's way onto the hands of a healer/bodyworker, they probably do not apply. The third dream however, at least has some references to feeling lost and to ASD and to the approximate time that Jean lost the ring, and so might have some relevent information:

"At an ASD Conference/Convention, in a very large "Hilton" Hotel, around a week or so before Halloween. Inside they have a sort of ride, with a jet-pack wing, which they've modified into a kind of haunted house theme. I deicde to skip lunch and explore. I go down an escalator, and somehow end up outside, carrying my black latex Halloween top hat and a rubber monster mask. The hotel seems set in a town or small city, located in a valley, with moutains or hills rising in view most ways I look - I don't see a lot of greenery. It reminds me of Colorado. Somehow I've lost my way, and can no longer see the hotel complex. I ask a girl, 20's , blonde hair, slightly greenish skin, for directions. She tells me she has an interest in dreams, and in ASD, but bemoans that she her dreams seem so "normal", or mundane. She gives me directions, and I invite her to drop in at the conference to see for herself what goes on. A woman follows me, who looks somewhat like Deirdre Barrett. After walking awhile I still can't see the hotel and I feel frustrated and lost."

Possible input for Jean - do you have any hotel like environments that you went to around the time that you lost your ring, or that have a location located anywhere nearby where you think you lost the ring? If so, you might want to check with their lost and found departments.


Mon, 26 Jan 2004
20:45:02 GMT

Hi Harry and All,

I'm about two steps behind everyone else though I sent in some pre-incubation dreams to Harry and some from the mission week, but didn't post them here.

The early ones are as follows: RMDREAMS 01/05-06/04

I am in a house with a large piece of furniture, like a sideboard or long dresser which has legs, but one is broken, and some of the wood on the bottom, trim?, is also damaged somewhat, as if the leg having broken may have caused the furniture piece to hit the floor at some time. I see something under it, (maybe one of the "pearls" from the next part of the dream that I remember more clearly.)

I am outdoors with M, (tall, late 30's, handsome)or someone like him whom I know well and some other people, a woman and one of my son's childhood friends. I see on the ground a round pearl-like object, smaller than a marble, but larger than a typical pearl, and can tell from the reaction of M that it is something that he wanted to keep hidden. Then as I walk along a paved street I see one or two more of these objects and press them into the paving with my foot so that he will not know I saw them, but I can retrieve them later. I also pick up several as well and place them in my pocket. By this time, I don't think they are pearls but they are some kind of opaque but iridescent glass, very round. At first I thought they might have been strung together in a necklace and that it had broken, but am not so sure--something else that my mind is trying to identify by comparison with something I do know?

The paved area--parking lot slopes down and there is an area like a storm drain which next to the inner opening has a yellow glass/ceramic object about 5 inches high stuck into the ground. I look inside and know there may be more in there than I can see by getting on my knees and looking in. The others are also around. I find somewhere maybe inside the drain another yellow glass/ceramic object, larger than the first, but on closer inspection it is not a cylinder but rather reminds me of an animal, a horse, as I turn it in my hands and try to figure out what it is? I show this to the others.

At the end of the dream, I create a diversion so that M can remain undetected with whatever his secret is, though I know that I will confront him personally about the objects I have found to discover what they are all about. They do have value of some sort.

RMDreams, 01/07-08/04

Restless night, full moon...busy day but decided not to go to NJ tomorrow, next day instead...

JEAN FINDS RING? I am at a meeting and after I go outside I see Jean come out with another taller woman, Robert Ossana, or some dreamworker I know, and the latter gets her car while Jean waits with me. I want to tell Jean of my dream that might be a Harry's angel dream but we're not supposed to begin the dreamwork until the 18th and I don't want to muddy up the pool with giving mine an airing before the results are all in and tallied. Jean doesn't want to hear it anyway for something happened that made her know where the ring was, and she and this other woman are setting off for there right now. Jean has tears in her eyes, tears of joy that she has "found" her ring. I am not so sure, but she says that it is at an "institution", a school, church, library, ? I'm not clear about that but the word is used a couple of times as the place where the ring can be found.

RMDREAMS, 01-12-13/04

Second dream, LOOKING FOR GARNET, FINDING OTHER JEWELRY: I am working at a place much like the aerospace firm where I worked as a research chemist. A woman, middle-aged, taller than I and heavier but fit, curly reddish-brown hair (I know her in the dream) comes to me asking for the key to the First Aid Room. (She has a headache and wants to take something for it or to rest on the cot, not clear now.) I don't have my key with me, but I walk down various hallways with her, looking for someone who I think should have a key. We wander quite a way through the building until we are successful, but as I retrace my steps alone I realize I have lost the garnet stone in the ring I usually wear on my right hand.

(Note of explanation: Although I have quite a lot of good jewelry, I wear little of it, but this ring is one of my favorites and was made for me by a German diamond merchant/jeweler and friend of my family, Jake Dautel. He had repaired the more elaborate garnet ring I had been wearing when I was so badly burned in the explosion of the experimental rocket fuel in the lab. That ring was cut off my finger and Mr. Dautel fixed the band, but the center stone of three on that ring was cracked by the heat of the fire or the water from the safety shower under which Ed Butler pulled me to dowse the flames.Mr. Dautel surprised me by making me another ring and it has always been a precious gift, since it was the only way at the time that he could show his love and caring.)

When I discover that the stone is missing, I am intent on finding it, and go down the hallways which are tiled in most cases, searching for the stone. At some point I come upon a small step-stool of the kind that can be rolled around and I sit on it, and am able to really get a closer view of the floor as I wend my way down the halls, not at all embarrassed by the curious glances of people, but sometimes explaining where necessary what I am doing. I enter an area where there is a meeting of 3-4 men who have some equipment set up on a couple of tables, computer and printer, or techno stuff. On the left side of the room/hallway, I look under the base of a heater/air conditioning unit, or something that has some space between its legs and the floor but only a few inches and not easy to peer into. I spy something gleaming and get down to fish it out. It turns out to be a collection of odds and ends of jewelry, earrings, etc. and I am amazed that they were swept under there. I extract them, planning to take them to lost and found, for they aren't the garnet stone I am searching for.

I keep looking and go up some outside stairs, entering a room that has yellow carpeting, and there is a woman in there who is older, with an old-fashioned bouffant hairstyle. There is a kind of bust or dummy head on one of the pieces of furniture and I think this odd, until an old man comes tottering in, almost falling over himself to land in a chair on the far wall. I then realize I have unwittingly wandered into an upper apartment in this building and am in their private space. I apologize profusely and leave going back down the long stairway and entering the first floor of the building instead.

RMDREAMS 01/16-17/04

FINDING JEAN'S JEWELRY: (part of a long, long dream) I am in a house with others, Jean's house?, and aware that Jean has lost some jewelry. I have a sudden hunch or intuition as to where it might be and head for the door so that I can look outside at the window sills, mainly the space between the two windows, inner and outer storm windows. Another woman(dark-haired, slender) has just stepped out ahead of me and I think she may have the same idea--she turns to her left and I to the right. There is nothing at the first window I look at, nor does she find anything on her side, but I continue to the next, and see there between the inner window and storm window jewelry of some kind. I go back inside and unlatch and lift up the inner window and find what looks like necklaces or strands of beads, a handful of them, yellow, green and white(pearl?). Jean is so happy when I give them to her and I say that "we" have found them, meaning me and the other woman, since she had the same idea as I though it was I who actually found them. Later, it appears as if she wishes to take total credit for the idea of finding them, which I say doesn't matter, since they are now back with Jean.


Mon, 26 Jan 2004
20:52:48 GMT

And these are the dreams I sent to Harry yesterday from mission week, which seem not nearly as on track, tried too hard for I am certainly searching, but lost focus on ring. I had more dreams than these but am entering these since from the quick overview of others' dreams, I see definite overlaps...

Comments: I dreamt of finding jewelry before incubating, but during the incubation period for finding Jean's ring when I was deliberately trying, it was as if my dreams were saying NYAH, NYAH! When Jean originally told me about losing her precious ring, I told her the story of how my son had lost his wedding at our Adirondack camp and we all spent hours outside going over all the places he had been, including in the water. Finally, we had him retrace his steps exactly from getting up in the morning and we found the ring in a stack of bath towels where he had reached in to get one, not taking one off the top. So these incubated dreams seem to have picked up on piles of things, including papers, food in freezers, clothing, etc. among other themes. Not all of the dreams I recorded are here, and I have included a couple which seem to have nothing to do with the mission but are interesting, especially the one with the model of the "leader's house" which made me wonder if I am not still looking for Osama bin Laden.


ABOUT THE FIRST BATCH: I'd guess the ring is somewhere down low near or on the ground, in a space that is small and hard to look into--a drainage grate near a parking lot or paved area, under a piece of furniture with legs, etc. I don't get the sense that anyone else has found it, though Jean did in my dream. Saying "Institution" made me think of Foundation, and perhaps it is near a foundation of some sort or at an Institution or Foundation she visited during the time frame of her loss.

ABOUT THIS SECOND BATCH: If any of this has anything to do with Jean's ring, I would think of looking for it in piles of things, clothes, papers, cards, or in the cushions of a couch or easy chair especially deep in the inner creases where things can get wedged.

The old flowering tree, or clumps of spring flowers coming up--are there some near her house or where she walked? Could she have lost her ring in feeding or watering the dog? Are there containers she uses where her ring might have come off? Or in the freezer or refrigerator?

RMDreams, 01-20-21/04: SEARCHING FOR THE RIGHT HAM: Part of a much longer dream that I lost on waking too quickly and needing to move fast.

I am staying or living near or with someone, or renting from them, an older couple, a nice place, open and pretty with porches, white paint, countryish setting. I have earlier purchased some very delicious ham that has a strange outer crust, as if part of the baking process, like VA Honeybaked Hams, but not exactly that. I have told this older couple about it. They go to buy some at a nearby store but cannot find it. I go there and dig through the freezer or meat section looking for it, through packages of meat wrapped in butcher's paper or plastic freezer bags, but don't see anything quite like it, though there are other hams or meat slices cooked in more traditional ways. I think I may still have some back at the house in the fridge that I would give them to try. I end up waiting for them to come to their house, having let myself in, but then I hope they won't think me too pushy or forward for entering their private space. On one level it feels OK, on another not.

RMDREAMS 01/21-22/04

FLOWERS OUTSIDE AND IN: Outdoors I am looking at a few new clumps of plants, springlike shoots, one in the center is larger and taller about 4-5" high, and the others are somewhat smaller, maybe three of them, about 2-3 " tall. I ask a woman what they are and she explains that they are some variety of plant, like a grape hyacinth, but some rarer hybrid that this woman's mother or grandmother or some older woman had developed through her years of gardening. I ask if it would be possible for me to get a small shoot or two, to try at home, but she says she cannot give any away, and I respect that, especially since I am a stranger to this woman.

She speaks about a garden club meeting that perhaps these plants will be discussed at, and I find the place, like a library with a volunteer/worker sitting at the desk and on a stand in the front of her is an open book, which has notes as to this older woman's gardening records, experiences, etc. I ask if I may come from time to time to read from this book, for I know I could find valuable advice.

Somewhere in this environment, I meet a young child with its mother, maybe the woman at the desk's, and she is interested in my key chain which has a number of "earth objects" attached. Some closed shells that can be opened, some very pretty stones, etc. and I explain to the mother and child that I collect these, appreciating their natural beauty. There is some vague memory of offering or giving something to the child to keep for herself.

Later I wander out into a hallway that is adjacent to where the actual gardening club meeting will be held and I look inside the locked doors to see a pretty open area, with unusual decorations, maybe shining squares of blue, etc. I can also see that there are floral arrangements outside on pillars or stands with new spring blossoms, red tulips, e branches with white flowers, some pink things, all done very artistically with not a lot of bunching of the flowers, open, airy designs which I always prefer to the FTD type of arrangements.

A woman comes in and sits at a piano and begins to play some old sentimental song, like "Our Love Is Here to Stay", or something like that which touches a soft spot in my heart and mind and I tear up with emotion as I listen. It is very pleasant as I lean back and listen, but eventually I know I must leave and get on with whatever I had set out to do earlier, before I became distracted by flowers and their beauty. Nice interlude.

RMDreams, 01/23-24/04(Lots of dreams last night, and though I incubated for finding Jean's ring, these are all over the board)

...Part of a dream...He seems less interested in the fashion part of my shopping and shows me models he has made with some kind of colorful clay or unusual particulate material that sticks together. He has constructed most artistically and realistically several buildings of some old site, and points out one that belongs/ed to a leader. This one has three houses attached, the one on the left side smaller, the other too larger, all defined by different exterior colors, shades of red, orange, gold, etc. clay like colors. Building from the Middle East or Mediterranean? On top of the middle one, but not right in its middle is a small "tower" or other room, as if maybe a watch tower/lookout to protect the leader. There are other buildings, too, very interesting. (On waking, I wondered if this isn't where Osama is hiding out...)...

I head back to a room that is my hotel room, and realize I am wearing a white lacey outfit, almost bridal looking, as if that were the last thing I had tried on. I begin to fold or order clothes on the bed but also see layers of papers and I try to straighten all this out. The young man comes looking for me and comes in without knocking which I thought somewhat rude since I really don't know him well enough for that liberty.

DOGGIE/KIDDIE DREAMS: In an early fragment, there is a little dog who is in the street and I am worried that he might be hit. He is near a cross street, more a residential area than a big city, but there are two containers that have tipped over in the right lane, and I know cars will swerve to avoid them. I later put these two things in a utility room, perhaps one or both are dog food containers and the puppy needs to be fed. I sit on an cozy upholstered couch and the dog comes to cuddle up with me. I realize that some of his things (food, toys?)could fall into/between the cushions.)

DRAWER IN MOM'S BEDROOM: This fragment may go with the above fragment, but I am going through a drawer in the end table of my mother's bedroom and find an unusual amount of note and greeting cards and other miscellaneous stuff which I show to my sister. More to this about clothes--hers? My mothers?

HOUSE AND TREE IN THE WOODS: I have an old house in the woods, almost as if it were one I inherited or was somehow otherwise gifted with, and while it is isolated, there is another house above it on the mountainside whose owners may not know that I am going to occupy this one. It is as if this is my first visit. I am not alone, with at least one other person. I have an old key or keys which I use to open a pair of double doors of a dark, varnished wood. It is late evening but not pitch black and some things can still be seen, including the lights of the house above. To my right I see a tree that is covered with blossoms, reddish flowers, multipetalled, like camellias, and I want to go over to look at this lovely tree, knowing that the someone who planted it a long time ago is probably missing its present beauty.

PART OF A DREAM FROM 01/24-25/04: I sit near the back and keep looking to see if I can find them, but I can't even see the altar down below I am so far back. I go farther front and sit in the end seat of one of the rows on an aisle and can't see well from there either. I'm seated next to a young person, child, and another comes back to the area, making me realize I have taken her seat. Indeed I sat on a small pillow that was hers. She tells me I can stay there but I want to at least give her back her pillow, which I do and then I decide to give her back her seat next to her sibling, but can't seem to get out of this soft grey easy-chair kind of seat. (I wake up struggling and find that Jim has wrapped his arm tightly around me, pinning me close to him, so that I can't move IWR either.)


Tue, 27 Jan 2004
05:32:04 GMT

Hi everyone, I didn't get my act together to incubate this dream, but had a strong jewelry dream a month or so ago that seemed worth mentioning.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A big dinner in my honor, I’m leaving or graduating. I’m given a piece of new jewelry, maybe a diamond ring, not a solitaire, and my father hands me a case of jewelry that’s belonged to the family over the years. He’s inarticulate with emotion. It’s a flat green leather case, and most of the jewelry is something like cameo type, the “stone” is a flat piece of something golden, like amber, rather than a gemstone. I note that this must be his preferred kind of jewelry. I get up to make a speech and am choked up. I want to say that I’m just holding these jewels in trust until it’s my time to give them to the next person in the family, the youngest like I am.

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