3. Harry Bosma

Tue, 27 Jan 2004
15:47:25 GMT

Here's a systematic search for commonalties. Remember, we need to find one single location.

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I start with angels who submitted one session only: Agnes, Joy, and Terry. Commonalties between them will carry the most weight.

- Agnes lists a (yellow cream) sofa. I'd like to add the street with shops, and the house three steps up and flower boxes on each side of the door.

- Joy lists a tree and a lake. No commonalties with Agnes.

- Terry lists a sofa (no details). A commonality with Agnes.

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

Moving on to LizLynne, Diana, and Bjo, each with two sessions.

- LizLynne lists for the first dream: outside, lake (water), Worship Service, Flat bed Truck, yellow wood 5'7", a hole deep enough for children to sit in. For the second dream: a fabric store. The lake is a commonality with Joy.

Diana lists for the first dream: sofa dark plush, inside home with a smaller sized living room outdoors at the front, right corner of bleachers if you were exiting, in a desert area, tiers at the musical also reminds me of standing on bleachers or some tiered situation adirondack chairs of wood with slats in between. For the second dream I see: a microwave sized box, and a convenience store. The best commonality is the sofa.

Bjo lists for her first dream: university student union, large open area indoors, large as a gym. Let me mention the sink basin with cool water too. For the second dream: inside office large area of a factory. Both dreams indicate some large inside area. No commonalties.

So far, we have a sofa (different types though), and a lake.

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

Ilkin submitted many sessions, so I think we first need to look for commonalties within this group of sessions. I follow the numbering from the list with all the core sessions.

2. Looking for Jean's ring: outside, round garbage basket, rectangular wooden box, lots of water flowing, glass or mirror large.

9. Ring falling on carpet: outside, praire, mountains, wooden houses, carpets, rectangular, 3-4 meters, wool, a closet, cloths, turquaze, yellow, blue, snow, mist, clean air. No clear commonalties with #2.

21. Stealing ring, bracelet, earrings: nothing listed. Let me add outdoors, a friend's home, ordering food from a nearby shop, a wishing pond, houses near the sea. Hardly any commonalties with #2 or #9.

24. hole, pearl, water: outside, a green park, trees, water, leafs, white bag, inside, entrance of a house, door, woooden, stairs, keys, white bag, chiffoner, floor wooden. There seems to be a general theme of water, see #2 and #21.

33. Desperately searching: nothing listed.

Commonalties with the other angels. First the "heavy-weights" Agnes, Joy, and Terry. Water goes together with the lake of Joy. Then LizLynne, Diana, and Bjo: again the lake for LizLynne. Also, Bjo dreamt about a basin with water.

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

Final results first step

The final results for locations: a sofa, and a lake sized water area.

So far, I think this looks pretty good, especially for a very first mission.

Now, the search as done above was strictly for locations. There are perhaps other commonalties to be found, that can refine the results. We can go there in one of several possible next steps. But for now, what do you think of the analysis so far? Did I miss any locations?

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