1. Harry Bosma

Sat, 17 Jan 2004
11:56:47 GMT
Dropped sessions
Here are officially submitted sessions not part of the core set. Empty submissions have been removed.

3. Ilkin

Sun, 18 Jan 2004
01:39:13 GMT
from previous dreams...
11 -14-2004, ?: local time
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

These were from the dreams before November 14th which I found related with Jean;

1- Searching a white purse to give something to you
2- sapphires between the leaves are shining like sunbeams.

I asked her; "Do you think the water I remember may be the river and the miror/reflecting glass may be the river itself reflecting images under the light? Did you looked to the riverside or even into the river water from the boardwalk? I don't know about the river you mentioned but it may not easily seen between the rocks by or in the water. Can I be confused your "pocket" with a basket or box or were there any baskets etc around the way you made exercices at the playground etc? Or can it fly towards the cemetery while you were making exercices (to over a female's tomb etc - woman changing places may mean woman resting in cemetery)?"

But she replied; "What I suspect you perceived was the fact that 1) my closet door is mirrored glass, the closet where I keep the jacket I was wearing.

Any of the things you say may be true. So far, I've not looked on the river shore, since it seems improbabl to me that it got there,"

8. Ilkin

Mon, 19 Jan 2004
22:44:58 GMT

1 -18-2004, 15:30 local time
Type: remote viewing
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

- White cloud/ mist like visions are disappearing in a black hole one after another. Time to time the black hole gets larger and cloudy and disappears in white clouds in the hole.

- I am in a room. There is a chiffonier on the wall between the wall of the door and the window. There is a large mirror hanging on the wall. There is a white lace, some boxes and a row of pearls (a necklace or bracelet etc) on the chiffonier. At the left of the chiffonier there is a door to a closet or bathroom. The door fits just between the chiffonier and the corner of the wall. The windows at the other wall are all open. It is night and the white tulle curtains are waiving in and out with the wind.

- Now I am seeing the house from outside. It is a white house with two floors, wooden windows. The land is green. I am seeing a tree and a wooden fence at different parts of the land. There is another house to my left. It is raining. The sky is becoming dark blue. I think the morning is near.

- It is daytime. I am seeing a man at his thirties (a little younger or older). He has curly dark hair touching his neck (not so long). He is leaning to the fences of the porch in front of the house. He is laughing with joy and eating something like an apple.

- I am seeing a hand on a black piano. It is a right hand and there is a ring on the second finger but I can't see the ring clearly. A dark / red and long haired woman is sitting in front of the piano. I am not seeing if she is playing the piano or the hand on the piano belongs to her.

- I am seeing a hole. Water is flowing in to the hole unstopped.

inside a room, normal size, chiffonier, boxes, pearls
outside a house
green land
wooden fence
a hole, water flowing

a hand
a woman, dark/red hair
a man, dark, curly hair, slim, laughing

10. Ilkin

Tue, 20 Jan 2004
22:38:52 GMT
shining paintings/ signs etc..
1 -20-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

5.15 - I had on operation from my abdomen area. My father is out of city for inspecting the military facilities and he is not calling me at all. I am feeling very sad about it. Everybody is paying much attention to me. They are cooking me lots of kind of foods but I can’t eat because of the pain at my operation area. There are many women in the house cleaning and cooking etc. everywhere, inside and over the closets in the kitchen are full of pastries. My mom gives a phone to my hand, saying to speak with my dad. But there is somebody else on the other side of the phone. He says, he is a soldier driving him during his inspections and my dad let him have a free time and went to military hotel he stays. Mom says; it is enough he didn’t call me and she will call him from where he stays to talk with me. I am thinking, he may show me interest when he turn back from his duty. We are living in a strange apartment. One of the residents of the apartment is a young man who is handicapped both mentally and psychically. He sits on a chair at the entrance of the apartment all day and tells some wise but hard to understand things to the people passing by. Everybody living in the apartment painted the walls of the apartment and entrance, doors and inside their flats large painting with shining paints. There are large shining painting of butterflies, bunch of flowers, scenes from nature everywhere. I am thinking if these people have nothing else to do. My mom says that one painted the first one and others fallowed. I am feeling I have to be nice to them and decorate our door too but because I have no talent in painting, I am buying wallpapers decorated with shining flowers to use. I can’t understand how to use them, open and stick to the door/ wall and make a mess. I feel like I made myself a laughingstock. All my thoughts are about my father’s calling me or giving me attention when he turn back.

6.30 - I am an American Indian woman. I am married to a rich man. His aim is taking my lands. His father is trying to protect me but he makes his father believe that I am not sane. I know much about his dirty works and go to the authorities. They are putting me to a room for questioning. A blond woman comes to question me but I know her being my husband’s lover, partner in his dirty works. They are capable of doing anything they want to all the world. They are able to destroy or do anything to a certain part of the world only by sending a light beam from space. I am seeing in my mind how they can send a beam on Istanbul. Nobody is questioning them about my accusations. They are so sure of themselves that nobody would believe me even if they witness with their own eyes, they can make no connection and think it is natural.

7.20 - I am repeating again and again as; “I don’t want to live in this country” but at the same time I am seeing in my mind that the people living in America are in more danger, open to manipulation of every kind and used.

8.30 – A man is repeating again and again his work on “Signs” and “Shining” were better than the play which they are performing currently, third “S” is not at the level of the previous ones.

8. 50 – Clinton is speaking on TV. All the world is watching him. He is speaking on something which is so important for all the world.

I am making some connection with some past dreams but I don't remember which dreams I have submitted. I am searching about some symbols and trying to make some connections. Because I am not able to re-enter and see what I write, I don't want to fill the parts about the locations and connections because I am finding/ remembering more in time and I don't have the opportunity to add my entries. I am trying to make a file of myself and not my comments until we can enter our submissions and begin discussion.

13. Ilkin

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
21:35:25 GMT
Fennel, Jean, Empire State, cherry wood etc.....
12 -10-2003, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

- 4.00 am - I woke up, go to bathroom, couldn't remember the dream. Went back to bed with the intention of going back to same dream.

- 6.15 am - A young man had an accident. He will have an operation in US. His mother has a shop, selling quilts for dogs and cats, on the shelves of the shop. He is giving me the address, saying it is a bad neighborhood but I can go. I am dressing formerly, everything is okey. I am in US, giving the address to the taxi driver. His mother is getting very happy seeing me and we are hugging. I am learning (in my mind, and going to the hospital in my mind) that his results are bad, his legs are drying and he must have a hard operation. I am getting out of the hospital and walking down to a road. My right and left are full of shops and the road is very crowded. I woman is taking the cigarette in my hand and saying it is forbidden to smoke. I am answering her that I thought I can smoke in open. I am getting ashamed and throwing the cigarette. Suddenly I am hearing an announcement as "Give Up Hour" (in English). From the shops and the road people leaving many things to the road. Little children are collecting them with joy and telling that; "now they can do any help they want".

I am in front of Mehmet's shop selling groceries. It is early morning and he is just opening the shop. He is getting inside with a bunch of little fresh corns and green salads. I am asking him what are the things like little corns. He is answering me they are "rezene" (fennel). I am telling him that I will buy the half. I am thinking that I have never used them before but while I find them fresh, I mustn't miss this opportunity and cook a new recipe. A woman who is entering the house is saying that she will buy the rest. In an instant the shop get all crowded. I am trying hard to get out before crushed. I am entering the next shop. They are selling furniture in this second shop. I am watching the giant wooden lamps in the shop with amazement. I am getting out to the street. They are selling some things on some tables. Most of the things are dark blue and green. The green ones are look like snakes carved from wood swimming in water.

- 8.05 am - I woke up again, go to the bathroom, note the dream and worried about not remembering the first dream. Went back to bed.

I am on the street to my home which is a new building in a modern neighborhood. I am seeing there is a giant post box waiting for me at the door. I am getting surprised seeing that big box and reading the address. It is from Jean Campbell. I am opening / ripping the box. There is a handmade carved single bed and a board with shelves from cherry wood. It is writing on the card that; it is carved by somebody named "Logan".

I am remembering that I have to remember the first dream. I am back in US, a city in lights. I am thinking to go to the top floor of the Empire State Building for launch alone, myself.

- outside, a bad neighborhood, USA

- outside., a street from hospital

- outside, a city in lights,

- outside, Empire State bilding, going luch alone

- shops

- tables, with items to sell on them

- items to sell, dark blue, green

- snakes, carved fnom wood like swimming in water, green

- boxes from post, giant, from Jean

- a single bed and board with shelfs carved from cherry wood by Logan

- inside, Mehmet's grocery shop

- inside, a taxi

-quilts for pets

- an adress

- groceries, green

- green salads

- little corns

- fennel

- shelves

- lamps, wooden, big

- a woman, fat, taking my cigarette

- people, leaving furniture out

- children, taking them

- a young man, having operation, legs drying

- a taxi driver

- a mother, happy

- Mehmet, tall, healthy

- a woman, entering Mehmet's grocery shop

I am begining to make some searchs and connections. When I had this dream I asked Jean if she know anybody named Logan and she anwered "NO":

Here is some of what I found; LOGAN m,f Scottish, English
Pronounced: LO-gan
From a surname which was originally derived from a Scottish place name meaning "little hollow" in Scottish Gaelic.

And there is the hollow, hole etc where water flowing in or white clouds disappering in etc in many dreams.

I will look more.

14. Ilkin

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
21:41:29 GMT
1 -1-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
We are in need of some things which are in the means of valuables, but not money (may turned to money). They are rather old gold coins, jewels or sheets of papers about some knowledge. We are searching all around but can't find anything. My grand mom is coming to help us. We can't see her, she is invisible but there. She is opening the drawers of an old wooden shiffonier. She is opening the third drawer from up to down. There are many quilts with different colors and sizes. Not very large, like baby quilts, filled with cotton, laying flat one over another in the drawer. We / her (I can't see the hands) are lifting them up one by one, holding from the front. Their surface are made of bright colored saten cloths and otherside from white cotton cloth. They are sewed with very tiny pearl and beads from different jewels. After lifting 10 or more quilts, we are finding some things laying between two quilts, over a blue and under a red one. We know they are what we searched for but we can't identify what they are. I am offering to close the drawers and leave them where they are; now that we found them, know where they are, we can use them when we need.

- inside, a room, searching
- chiffonier, wooden

- drawers

- quilts x, filled with cotton, one side colored satin and one side white, blue, red

- sewed with pearl x and jewel x beads

- grand mom, invisible
searching for valuables, quilts, jewels, chiffonier, pearls again............

15. Ilkin

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
21:46:39 GMT
Children's Dream Literature
1 -21-2004, 8:15 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

- There is a list. In every line of the list there are 3 specialties and a person named qualified to all 3 specialties. In one of the lines there is no one qualified to the specialties.

- I am making a pledge of offering for the wellness / good future of my children. I am making a project for Iraq children we reached by A for TC. The project is "Children's Peace Dream Literature". The children are participating an activity of literature writing poems, stories, memoirs etc. and I am sending little gifts to all the participants but silver bracelets and rings for the best ones.

I don'T think this dream is related with Jean's ring.

16. Ilkin

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
21:52:40 GMT
1 -9-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream


- I am participating to a kind of contest. Many are eliminated. At the end, when only P and I are stay as participants, she is declaring that she is pregnant and announce her withdrawal from the contest. I am getting very angry to her, saying she should tell this to me before because I am not ready/ have enough capacity to win. My brother and a male cousin are waiting me at the back of the stage. I am telling my jobless cousin that they are looking for a medical doctor for the weekend in a hospital.
- We are going to a bar which belongs to Asians (Malaysia or Indonesia etc) It looks like a dangerous place. I want to go to the ladies room. My cousin is taking us (me and his girl friend) to the back part of the ladies room and waiting as a guard at the door. It is very dirty. His girl friend is giving me a bright green toilet paper to use. I can't use the dirty toilet. Peeing and using the green paper standing up.

- I am seeing my tooth in my mind like a X-ray. All of them are made of either a kind of valuable porcelain or pearl. than they are getting out of the picture in my mind and becoming islands in an ocean.

- There are many fields and I am watching them from above.

These are older dreamswhich I find similar symbols and have to think about. Again pearls and P's name means "waterfall"

18. Dreambjo

Thu, 22 Jan 2004
01:17:04 GMT
making A Mess
1 -19-2004, 4:35 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I am sharing an apartment with Will and Jack of the TV show Will and Grace. Will is gathering the rent but then he hands it over to me and I am left with the task of the accounting. We each put in $60. A woman named Michele, Will and me. Then I am in a hurry to get ready to go out. But I need to pee. I sit on a wooden chest and pee. It all spills over on the floor, soaking into the carpet, messy. I realize this will be very stinky. I shouldn't have done this. I feel embarrassed. The amount of urine is copious. I try to hurriedly clean it up using a blanket to soak up the excess and hiding the blanket near the bed. Will is going to be very upset with me.
Inside non descript apartment, only saw the LR and the bathroom, small rooms.

Will, black hair, cute, tall, late 20's? Well dressed (Character on TV show
Michele, woman, I did not see her.

20. Ilkin

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
12:47:21 GMT
1 -22-2004, 6:30 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde


- We are waking up from a dream together with a man. He is thinking we beginned the dream together, connecting our minds. But it is not true. When I try to make him understand, he gets very angry. I am seeing in my mind that he was husband of a woman at an island who withnessed to murder of a child during an old fundementalist ritual. I am telling him the real meaning of his dream is his desire and surrow to take the child back but even if all the worlds came together he cannot.

- We have given the duty to drive a car with my cousin. We are unable to stop it. There is a photo of a bride near my feet. I am thinking it belongs to Zeyno but she didn't even left the room. I am thinking this is a proof for the ones who don't belive in dreams, how we can create things in our dreams which don't exist in real life.

- There is a man and woman who share some responsibilities between them. The woman is hurrying in front of the man. They decide that one will wait at the door while other will enter and search a house. I am feeling the woman is turning around as seeing me. There is pain in her eyes.

- I need a day to tell a dream.

- I am in the middle of a storm. There is lots of water around and a horse chart.


- I am seeing the enterence of a house. There is a door to outside and wooden stairs to upper floor. I am hiding some thing under the stairs.

- A woman (me?) is trying to run away from somebody with another woman. The other woman is somebody helping how and where to run. We are passing some roads, entering in and out of some shopping malls, big buildings etc. I am watching myself from some 15-20 meters away. I am finding myself on a very high place or floating in the air very high. I am a kind of seer, clairvoyant or somebody like that. Whatever I say comes out real and true. A man is trying to stop me speaking. He is asking endlessly; "What did you say?", "Did you say something again?" etc. I don't want to stop and want to remember the things come out real. But the man makes me stop and wake up.

I am making a list fdr whole..

22. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
17:31:34 GMT
Searching For The Baby
1 -20-2004, 3:19 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
A man and I are walking down a crowded city street in a big city. I see food vendor booths on the right and down at the end of the street is a fair or festival going on. I want to see the performances so we try and find a place to sit on the grassy edge of the street where we can see. It is not easy. Lots of people walking around in front of us and no real place to sit that isn't blocked by the food booths or people. But we sit and can occasionally see glimpses of the performances. Cassie is now with us, as a child. She is restless and wants to go closer to see better. Connie is now with us to, and a tiny object that I call a baby. It is a roundish gourd with a stick at the end. I hold it in my lap patting it. Then Cassie picks it up and carelessly lays it down on the street area we are sitting on. I admonish her to give the baby back. That is not safe. I look up to see a group of young people coming towards us and I struggle to grab the "baby" before it is stepped on. Then the man is getting bored and wants to leave. I am angry and frustrated. Then I look up at the sky where I notice large steam columns of wildly roiling clouds that are venting from buildings. This is unusual activity and I am worried they are poisonous or smoky or dangerous for us to breath. The are roiling straight at us! At one point it looks like all the buildings of the city have these emissions. A jungle of tangled moving columns of steam or smoke. It envelops us and I realize it is not dangerous and then they go away. The man is very restless now and leaves. I react as though he has left our relationship. I am alone again. I should have known better to believe it would last. There will never be another one. I bemoan all this to Connie who is sympathetic. Then Cassie leaves. Then I go in search of the baby. I am walking around a small canvas roofed shelter with no walls. A social worker woman questions me. I feel guilty like I neglected or was abusive to the baby and I try to defend myself realizing I now look even more guilty. I feel miserable.
Outside in a big city on a side street. near a fair or festival. Boths, food vendors. Open air fun.

Man, mid 30's, medium build and height. Short hair, good looking.
Teen kids,
Granddaughter, 10 or so in years, slim, active.
Connie,Friend, latina, plump.
Woman. Unknown. Didn't really see her.

23. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
17:34:49 GMT
Heartless Husband
1 -21-2004, 2:45 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I am married to a man that also wants a woman named April. He heartlessly moves her into the house. I am deeply hurt and angry. But there isn't anything I can do about it. Impotent rage. A very large man comes into the house. I am a bit afraid of him. He's sort of a bully. He demands to know who my husband is talking with in the bedroom. I lie and say no one. It is just gossip on the TV. I need to pee badly, so I go into the bathroom and start to pee. It's a never ending gusher. As I pee, the large man stomps down the hall through the bedroom, to see for himself. There's nothing I can do to stop him.
In an small tacky apartment, narrow hall, small rooms, standard sort of layout.

Unknown husband, never see him in the dream.
Unknown woman, April, never seen.
Burly man, tall, thick build, dark.

25. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
17:40:09 GMT
Exploring My Childhood Home
1 -21-2004, 5:20 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I am back in the Mac house. In the living room. I am surprised to see myself in the Mac house again. With pleasure, I gaze around, seeing everything. The living room is a mess. Cassie has lots of photos of herself in activities and has been cutting out shapes. I guess she was cutting out herself from the picture. I am annoyed. She should have asked permission to print so many copies and she should have cleaned up to the mess. I walk around noticing there are only a couple of chairs. I then walk to the front door. A woman is standing there. I open the door and she impishly runs away. I walk down the sidewalk and I walk down a long flight of stairs. Gweneth is at the bottom of the stairs. She demands to know if I have any money. I sigh. I can't believe she's going to open up the remodeling fiasco business again. I tell her I don't have any money I could pay her, even if I agree I still owed her. She in revenge, start a "poison ivy" kind of plant growing on the metal railing of the stairs and it rapidly grows, approaching the house. I quickly began to spray with some plant poison stuff to kill it. It becomes a race as I run up the stairs toward the house spraying madly. Finally I kill it off just in time. I then go back into the house. I hear people and I walk into the old dining room and look around. I then go towards the kitchen. Vicki walks by and I say hi. Delighted to see her. I peek around the door jam into the kitchen, all full of relatives. I see a figure. He turns his head back toward me and I am disappointed it is Dick W. I smile weakly and say hi again. He moves (he is near the refrigerator). I see a figure across the room, partially obscured by other people. I feel excited. I think it is my Mom. I squirm around to get through the people to get closer to see better. Yes. It is my Mom! I am very happy because she is dead and I walk carefully toward her taking in all the details, fearing the dream image will fade away too quickly. I look at her face. She has a large owl like eyes. She doesn't give eye contact and her face is still. No movement. I am sad because that is her "dead" face. I am disappointed. But still grateful she is there. Monica and others swirl through and I am distracted. I look back it Mom Now who is more like herself and moving normally. She is telling people what to do next with the food. I enjoy watching this. Then I see the door to the upstairs and I wonder if it still looks the same. I open the door and step up. I am aware there should have been two steps up but there was only one. I face the bathroom door and slowly push it open, hoping no one is in it. At first I see the tub, sink and toilet as it was, but then I notice it has changed appearance. I blink, struggling to keep my eyes open. I recognize I am looking at a stack of books on their sides. I am confused and I struggle to open my eyes. I then think that I am asleep and I must be facing a shelf of books and I'm looking at the books from the angle of lying down. I wonder where I am sleeping. Then I remember I sleep next to a bookcase. I then back out of the bathroom and go up the stairs. I go into what used to be my sisters and my bedroom and I look around. I see the furniture in different positions. First, I see my bed along the side wall where I was when I was a child. Then I see it along the wall with the door opening, like it was when I was in high school. I look out the window. Then I go back to the stairs and peek into the boys room. I can tell it has unfamiliar furniture (a blue overstuffed wingback chair) I lose interest and walk down the stairs, happily looking for the 4th stair up that has a crack and squeaks when stepped on. I am pleased to see it, crack in all, just as it was.
In an old 150 year old house, white clapboard, 2 story. It is night.

My Mom, who died several years ago. 70's, grey hair, short hair, 5'6" tall, thin.
Gweneth, totally blind, 40's, 170 lbs, 5'3".Hair shoulder length, permed into a curly tangle.light brown color, fake blue eyes.
Dick W., brother in law, 50's, medium height, pot belly, slightly over weight, short hair, light brown in color.

26. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
18:52:52 GMT
Spelling Lessons
1 -22-2004, 6:00 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I am sitting in a small child's school desk in an elementary school classroom. The teacher is an older male, bearded, a bit paunchy. He is teaching a new way of spelling. He starts with adverbs, then moves to helping verbs. He is taking out unnecessary letters to make it easier. I am not understanding it. I notice the children are all gone. I think maybe I've messed up and should have gone with them. But I reasoned they are probably at recess and I am a grown up, so it is best I stay in and continue my studies. Now the children are back. I feel confused and uncertain about my ability to learn this new system. Now four male board members come in to ask the teacher if the children can skip their lessons and come play baseball for the school. The teacher is very adamant. He refuses to let the children squander their time playing. This frustrates the board members. Now the spelling lesson has become like a rodeo event. The board members come to try their skill. First they must place their horse in the side stall. We fed them some Hay. Then the man goes into the corral area and tries to spell a word. This is still in some "indoor" space. I sit at my school desk and keep score. The teacher and I watch and confer. We agree one of the board members has cheated and we disqualify him.
Inddors a large space that is supposedly a school room, but a horse and corral are in it as well.

Bearded male "professor", paunchy, short,
Four bearded male board members, old fashioned looking.

27. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
18:54:06 GMT
Enemy Planes
1 -23-2004, 2:30 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I see a Tony Curtis kind of guy in his small plane, in a hanger. He is seated at the controls leisurely talking. His face is imprinted on the window. In other words his face is pushed into the window and the window forms a plastic mold of his features. Suddenly I hear gunfire like machine guns and flying engines sounds. A man yells " take cover or fly!" Over and over. "Tony" becomes afraid and decides to turn on his engines and make a flying "run for it". He struggles to get the window shut and the engine on as the sounds of gunfire rapidly approaches.
Inside large airplane hanger, and inside a small plane
"Tony Curtis" kind of man.

29. Dreambjo

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
18:56:41 GMT
Writer's Winter Retreat
1 -23-2004, 6:18 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
My "daughter" Michele invites me to visit her for the winter in the mountains. I think that might be nice because if I am snowed in all winter I'll get lots of writing done. So I agree. I travel there. We are "driving" down the street in town, but I am not in a car. Just the perspective is moving. I see a long line of fancy ritzy houses being built and I joke about our rich neighbors. We get to where we are going to live in a big Victorian like boardinghouse. I walk in with "Michele". There is a purplish tinge to the light.We are in a huge room like a dining hall. Then Michele takes me over to be introduced to the locals. She says this ancient old woman is coming to stay with us. I laugh and bend over and act like a "little old lady" with a quavering voice. A woman stands up, putting on her doctors gown to shake my hand. She is obviously formally showing me her status as a Doctor. I smile and shake her hand. She seems a bit stand offish. Not sure if she will like me. The next woman is more friendly. Her name, on a box by her place at the table, is "highway". I laugh and say "Hi, way". I see the next one's name is "more way". I chuckle and shake her hand. Then I got to the next group. "Oh, the men's side" I say teasing. They seem a bit suspicious and curious about me. One seated man (like a middle-aged Glenn Ford nods at me and says did you live in Texas long? I pause trying to figure out why he would say that and then I remember Michele lived in Texas with her Dad years ago. I smile, shaking his hand and I say no sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't. She lived with her dad and. Oh he says. He seems interested in me but he's an obvious shy bachelor. He is a "major" in some Armed Forces. He makes an excuse and he and the other two guys get up and leave. I know I'll be seeing him again I look forward to it. I continue down the line of tables greeting people. I realize I have gone down one side of the room and off the other side and I hurriedly backup amiably apologizing and shaking hands. One odd fellow is sort of in a large sack with his name box, like a shoe box. I bend down to peek in. He talks and sounds just like Father Guido, the comedian. I chuckle and comment on that. He sighs and announces he isn't that person and he's tired of everyone commenting on it. I empathize with him and I apologize. On down the line I go curiously meeting my winter companions. The major just off wings, listening and watching. This is going to be a fun winter.

Outside in high mountons. In a small town, seeing ritzy newly built homes.
Inside a large Victorian house, purplish light. Dining hall.

Middle aged and older men and women, One "Major" looked like Glenn Ford. one like Father Guido.

31. Ilkin

Sat, 24 Jan 2004
12:44:31 GMT
1 -24-2004, 9: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

- "Vit". This is short for a name or a word. It is written on a paper or an ID. It is repeating in my mind.

32. Ilkin

Sun, 25 Jan 2004
14:58:36 GMT

1 -25-2004, 9: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

- Montrand- Secrand

- A truck. Bushes. I am getting out of a vehicle by some bushes. It is a man who is bringing me there. I am walking. There are many bread lads ready to cook on trays. They are knead from meat, mince as they wanted to make meat balls. It is making me surprised how the doughs knead from meat can became bread when cooked.

- Somebody is dead. I don't have a car. Nobody is helping me for the preperations of burial and other official work. I am thinking how I will solve all those work.

- I am in Musul, Iraq at Bey street. I finished what I had to do there.

- I am at a house which happened to be mine. There are big block of apartments across a green garden. We are sitting in the garden. There are many kinds of foods, vegatables, seafood etc are cooking in many owens in and out of the house. my cousin Gönül is coming with some bags. She bought many colorfull items as candles, ornaments etc. She bought them from Fatos toy shop. On my shelfs there are only few old antique ornaments. My uncle (Ergun) is hanging some painting and ornaments to the wall. There is especially one which looks like a painting. It is made of 3 layers of silk. When you look at it behind a light you can see a father, a mother and a child one behind and in each other.

- There is a meeting for lunch. I am putting the yellow and orange couches in order. I am an American or in America. There are many visitors. One of them is a high ranked military officer and one is an important politician. They are talking about a ship which sunk in the past, and important because of a reason for our time. I am saying the ship really sunk and it was 1969. The politician is laughing at my commend. The military man takes my side and says I am right, I may know the truth because my father was a military attechee at the time. I am explaining them that; my father had never told us anything about his job or events but in a way I heard some speaches at the time, hiding.

- I am in a water sink (as a miniature). It is blackish, rustled and old.

I am making a list and meaning search. Will we begin to discuss or should I send the list I made?

34. Ilkin

Sun, 25 Jan 2004
18:03:47 GMT

8 -18-2004, ?: local time
"1- I am desperately looking for something missing at night by the seaside. I don't remember what I am looking for but I know I will recognize it when I find. I know somebody told me to find and bring it back.

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