1. Harry Bosma

Sat, 17 Jan 2004
11:56:47 GMT
Core sessions
Here are core sessions only.

2. Ilkin

Sun, 18 Jan 2004
01:31:37 GMT
Looking for Jean's ring
11 -14-2003, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

I didn't wake up myself so I can't remember my dream very well. But there was a basket or box (garbage basket, mail box ?) , a woman (kind of blond and changing place), water and something like a mirror (a real mirror or a glass door, window etc which you can see yourself when light reflects).

I wonder if ; she took post, throw something to garbage can, met a woman, pass a glass or mirror, washed dishes etc

round garbage basket
rectangular wooden box
lots of water flowing
glass or mirror large

a blond woman
sport wear
not so thin
at different places
walking fast

4. Agnes

Sun, 18 Jan 2004
16:29:37 GMT
Friend's sofa
1 -18-2004, 23:30 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: no previous knowledge

I thought of the yellow ring before going to sleep.

A lady (about 50-60 years old) with short curly hair walking her dog. She leisurely passes by shop windows even if the dog is straining against the leash. I can hear her shoes on the pavement, the sound of cars passing now and then. I am observing her from behind, child’s eye level. She reaches a door with about 3 steps leading to it from the street. There is a sort of yellow paint line on the stairs or wall or door (I’m not sure which). There is a flower box on both sides of the door, with small blooming yellow flowers . The door opens and she goes inside with her dog. [I can’t describe the types of buildings, nor the type of dog because I’m not a westerner and don’t know the names, I’ll draw them later when I have access to my scanner – I’m still out of town].

I see a retro yellow cream fat and tightly upholstered sofa, with short wooden legs. A voice tells me this belongs to the lady’s friend. It’s standing on a tiled floor, I thought wood tiles because the owner was afraid it’d scratch the floor. The room is bare, so I thought (in the dream) the sofa was a discarded furniture. The house is also empty.

My dream eyes looked to the left side of the sofa, and I saw a hand reached in between the cushions (between the back cushion and the one you sit on). Then I woke up.

When I fell asleep again, I saw a ring behind a display window with other jewelries. It’s the showcase, the other rings were diamond-like and small. The stone of this ring is clear yellow, big and round from where I stood (it was kind of high for me). I thought oh, so that’s what the ring looks like! I woke up again wondering if it was the ring we’re looking for since I distinctly remember the stone was described as rectangular yellow. (I checked just now, it was oval).

sofa: even if it was 70s retro, it had new upholstery, not old at all... cream yellow thin false leather

I hope this helps. I’ll send the drawing this Wednesday.

5. LizLynne

Sun, 18 Jan 2004
19:37:16 GMT
Wood Water Skiis
1 -18-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: no previous knowledge
I look out on to the blue water and I see about 4 or 5 people water skiing behind one boat, the people are not familiar to me and may be all girls. I notice that all of the water skiis are outdated wood and each are about 5'7" in length. The wood is a yellowish color. I wonder what has happened to my fiber glass water ski. Some are skiing on one ski and some are on two skiis. The water is blue and it is a sunny day. I am now in the back of a flat bed truck and the people with me are running and hiding from someone. I look down and there is a hole in the corner of the flat bed truck and I see that some children have stuffed all of my knitting into it so they could sit on something comfortable. I am upset about how they are treating my knitting. We pull up to a town and I get off the back of the flat bed truck. I notice that several people are standing. I hold my right hand to my heart and we all sing a religious and patriotic song about God. I like the singing and join in joyfully.

lake (water)
Worship Service
Flat bed Truck
yellow wood 5'7"
a hole deep enough for children to sit in.

Water skiiers (4-5) I believe all girls.
Truck Driver - I believe male but it is vague.

6. dtwaaz

Mon, 19 Jan 2004
14:14:37 GMT
queen's quilt
1 -19-2004, 3: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

By some means I have Queen Elizabeth's quilt. It starts out as a security blanket, but it becomes a full sized quilt, with her royal seal. She comes over to where I am on a sofa. I have 2 quilts, mine has the enlarged image of a postage stamp on it. She is wearing her crown and in all her ceremonial robes, and she sits on the sofa, picks up her quilt and leaves.

At this point in the dream I walk into the kitchen where there are buckets of water, sitting on an island in the kitchen. In the buckets are jeweltone, transparent topaz colored fish with dark emerald gills. They look like newts, but their beauty is a bit terrifying to me as they also have teeth and when one opens it’s mouth I can see the teeth and other forms inside it which are more fish with more teeth.. There is a second bucket with more fish, and I add a fish from one to the other and I find they eat each other. I don’t know how to get rid of them, but define them as cryptosporidium and worry it’s in the drinking water and wonder if they are alive after you drink them down……ewww.

Queen Elizabeth returns later in the dream to leave a signature on my quilt, which has returned into a fabric that seems of paper, a bulletin board sort of quilt, or collage of paper. In this place, I don’t feel I’m part of the family, but I think it’s home. She tells me she would like to invite me to an interview to discuss the quilt, and sets a date. I think forward to the date, and worry that I have to be in court to testify against a person on the same day. I go out to what seems a jail to me, and am on some bleachers. It might not have been a jail, maybe school…the bleachers were by a chain link fence, with a yard on the other side… There is a fellow who is behind me who doesn’t want me to testify, and as I get to the corner of the bleachers, another fellow approaches. He is neutral and throws some blue liquid on the other fellow to stop him, but only because he and the other fellow are having a fight. I slip between them and away at that point.

In the evening there is a gala event where singers in white like statues are tiered, like a cake. The song was familiar, but I don’t recall it.
2. dream at 5:00 I’m on a covered patio with a fellow and his son. They have two fishing poles with white string and white rocks attached to the end. They are fishing between slats of adirondack style seating. I ask what they are doing, and the fellow is a geologist and he says he’s looking for sparks from the stones.

sofa dark plush, inside home with a smaller sized living room
outdoors at the front, right corner of bleachers if you were exiting, in a desert
tiers at the musical also reminds me of standing on bleachers or some tiered situation
adirondack chairs of wood with slats in between.

Queen Elizabeth-looked like her when younger, her hair up, dark, crown, red robes with ermine...when she returned she was leisurely in sweat clothes, heavier set than Queen Elizabeth was when she was younger, round face.

Fellows at the jail, one was smaller, dark haired and thin, the other blonde, crew cut, heavier set. They were wearing uniforms, light blue, maybe work uniforms
scientist- thin, light brown curly hair, very professional looking

lots of seating, seats, between ...

7. LizLynne

Mon, 19 Jan 2004
19:55:03 GMT
Fabric Store
1 -19-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: no previous knowledge
I was with a group of people unknown to me and a woman wanted to teach me how to sew. I am in a fabric store looking at various patterns. The patterns seemed to be dress patterns. I am looking through different colors of fabric and I come across one that I really like. The fabric was rolled up in a circle and it had different patterns. It is checkered, then striped and between the design is a ring. The ring looks plastic and perhaps red in color. The fabric was multi colored and very bright and cheery such as red, yellow, green and blue.

Fabric Store
Sewing group

Woman teaching me to sew

9. Ilkin

Mon, 19 Jan 2004
22:51:41 GMT
ring falling on carpet
1 -19-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

6.30 - I am asking somebody to take me up before the snow close the roads. There are houses in a forest. My cell phone is ringing. I am recognizing Kadir's voice between many.

8.45 - We are in a mountain village. As they do in northern villages, they had laid many carpets side by side to the veranda in front of the house. They prefer to sleep out in summer time. I am pregnant an lying on the carpets at the veranda. The women are paying me much attention. They are inviting me to the veranda of the house across the street. I am standing up very hardly. I am seeing that my ring fell between the carpets, I am picking and putting it on my finger. At the end of the veranda (beginning of the steps to out) there is a door to a very little room like a closet. I am asking to the women what it is for. They are telling me that there is a woman who comes time to time to sell trinkets and cloths to the women of the village and she is using there to store her stuff. There are 3 dresses hanged one over another on a rack. I am admiring the one which is hanging under the others. It is turquoise, yellow and dark blue tartan pattern from taffeta cloth. I am saying; "Oh, I love these colors!". But they are persuading me that I can't wear it now anyway because I am pregnant. It comes out that I knew the woman who comes to sell cloths etc to them. I am deciding to persuade her and use the place myself, begin my own selling business. We are walking to the other house across the street. I am lying down on the carpets again. While I am beginning to tell the women about women rights, I am realizing how clean the air is. I am standing up with the help of the women and look at the hills and forests down. There is a slight mist in the air, I can smell the earth, pine trees and flower. I am taking deep breaths and thinking how healthy it will be for us to be under this clean air for a long time.

9.50 - We are going to the city for shopping with a man but in different cars. I am parking the car facing the sea on the cement park at the shore between other cars. He is parking a few cars to my left. My car is metallic yellow and hi car is blue. I am leaving the car and he is staying in his car to wait me. I am realizing that we have parked far from the shopping area and turn back to tell the man to drive a little more and park closer. I am seeing that the man has left his parking place and driving towards me.

10.40 - I am waiting in front of a shopping center. I am sitting on the marble stairs. It is snowing very beautiful. A TV correspondent is trying to make an interview with me. I am trying to get rid of her, saying she better speak with some one else. I am watching the snowing with joy and not looking at her. I am seeing a famous writer is walking, passing us. He is wearing a long dark coat. Walking with his hands in his pockets. The snowflakes are landing on his dark hair. The TV girl is leaving me and beginning to run after him. I am thinking; "It is always the same, when they see a famous one they forget everything else". I am trying to remember my young days as a correspondent, if I was the same. I am collecting my shopping bags to walk to my way, thinking "No, I have never been like that". But all I can see and want to think about is the beauty of the snow.

outside, praire, mountains, wooden houses
carpets, rectangular, 3-4 meters, wool
a closet, cloths, turquaze, yellow, blue
snow, mist, clean air

women, various
This reminded me an old dream, I will check it. In this dream name "Kadir" means "capable of", "power".

11. dtwaaz

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
14:14:53 GMT
1 -21-2004, 5: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I'm reading a programmed learning guide...a book with blue pages and framed additional section on the left with words to be recalled. One of the words was catalypt, and a picture shows something that looks like a device/container like a microwave that sits up on a stalk. I turn the page and it's a dream article to be read with a test at the end for comprehension and memory of terms. The book reads "if you are in a sitting position press your stomach." I do and fall into another dream, where I am part of the story and supposed to say something on cue. We are in a convenience store and I see some food and begin eating. Each person says a line, like "I'm am the one that brings the bread." I'm supposed to say "I am the one who is happy," but everytime it's my turn, I miss my cue.

inside up high
square box 12" x 15"

catalypt, what is that? Maybe I'll try remote viewing next.
I haven't seen an actual ring in my dreams yet.

12. Joy

Sun, 25 Jan 2004
15:25:36 GMT

1 -21-2004, 6:01 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde

This was an extremely vivid dream. The parts with question marks in brackets [?] indicate uncertainty in recall, alas – not vagueness within the dream.

This first part is probably irrelevant; just the lead-in to becoming aware I was dreaming. I had been buying a couple of little toys as a birthday gift to my ex-husband – including a wind-up helicopter that really flies; he’d like it – and then he appeared on my porch when the gifts were inside unwrapped, and started to come through the door. I told him to stay out so as not to spoil the surprise but he kept barging in anyway, and I got really angry and pushed at his face, almost gouging his eye. He got mad and left and I felt regretful and tried to phone him on a cordless phone while walking across the road toward his house. But there were only a few buttons on the phone and they kept changing; no numbers. I accidentally pushed one and apparently it dialed my boyfriend. I told him I was trying to dial my ex “but the numbers on the phone are weird – hey, maybe I’m dreaming!”

Happily, I abandoned the phone and to confirm that I was dreaming, I flew upward a bit. Then I noticed a beautiful tall, broad-trunked old tree beside the road. I said, “And this tree isn’t really here either!” I began to climb the tree. I noticed that it was unlike any tree that grows here in the high desert. The bark was rich reddish-brown, blocky and deeply furrowed like that of a Jeffrey pine. But the form of the tree was oak-like, with big, thick twisting branches reaching upward and outward. The leaves were far out on the branches; I never saw any as I climbed up the huge branches at the center of the tree. I also observed that it was incredibly vivid visually and was reveling in the flawless perfection of the dream image, watching bits of shredding bark curl and sway in the breeze, when I remembered our mission: find information about Jean’s ring.

I started by looking around in the tree for any paper, as sometimes I’ve gotten true information from written dream messages. I felt a little frustrated at finding no folded note or envelope stuck among the branches. Then I thought, “Maybe I can find a person to ask.” I looked below me and saw a man standing in the shadows on the ground. I asked him if he knew anything about Jean’s ring and he began to talk but it all seemed very vague and irrelevant. Another man, below me and to my right, began to talk to me and I turned and asked him, “Can you tell me anything about Jean’s ring?”

“I’m afraid it’s in the bottom of the lake,” he said kindly. He was a middle-aged man with a kind, broad oval face with dark eyes, features apparently of European descent, somewhat dark skin, slightly stout about the belly, wearing a brown or gray suit, standing in shadow – a rather generic-looking man really, with his appearance suggesting he was only there to give dream information and not an important person from the waking world. I touched his hand lightly to keep contact with him and he sort of hovered like that, with our hands joined.

I asked, “What lake?” He gave the name [White –something-?] and I pictured a shallow lake with silvery-white light sparkling on its surface. I wondered if it was at the park where Jean lost her ring. Then I was seeing a vivid image of a symbol that seemed carved or cast bas relief in gray stone, in a blocky 1930s style, of a man’s hand reaching over and down from the right and picking up an egg or egg-shaped stone, backed by a low rhomboid shape. I asked my contact, “What is the meaning of this symbol I’m seeing?” but rather than answer, he went on musingly, “I suppose she could have them dig up the gravel….” This didn’t seem like much of a prospect to me.

I asked him if he could name anyone that Jean could contact. He handed me a business card and left. I thought, “Great! Now if only I can remember what’s on it!” I looked around for a pen to write down the information on something I could carry back to waking, knowing that this was really just a gesture to help me remember. But I found no pen and focused on the card instead. It had two sides. One side said “[White Water?] Edison.” I wondered if the lake in question was a reservoir for a hydroelectric plant with this being the company that operated it. The other side said “William [Avery? Abbot?], Sculptor.” There was what seemed to be a phone number at the bottom left, and I strove to read it but the number of digits was wrong for a phone number, and darn, it kept changing. Then I saw at the bottom right, “800-GET-READ” [or 800-GET-BOOK] and I thought, “Good, I can remember this!”

I started to leave the tree; but then I realized I’d forgotten the sculptor’s last name! I looked back at the business card but both sides had gone blank and began to darken. Floating freely, I wondered if I should go back and resolve my unfinished emotional business, but woke rather suddenly and realized I had better focus on recall.

See narrative. The tree trunk was about 1 m DBH and at least 10 m tall. The lake I imagined was not large; maybe 100 m diameter; more or less round; but I didn't actually "see" it.
See narrative

By "blocky, 1930s style" for the hand-egg-rock symbol, I mean that Depression-era honor-the-worker style.

Pending other dreamers' input, an interpretation that suggests itself to me is that the dream offers an alternative to seeking the ring in the real or figurative "lake"; that is, to have a new one made - to allow a craftsman to hatch it anew from the golden center of egg-like stone. This posing of two alternatives appears twice: first in the interposition of the hand-egg-stone symbol within the conversation about retrieving the ring from the lake; again with the two-sided business card.

17. Dreambjo

Thu, 22 Jan 2004
01:13:06 GMT
Attention Getting Dreamer
1 -18-2004, 5:15 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I am walking down a large indoor student union area. I see an audience gathered listening to a woman talking, giving a lecture on dreams. She takes a small break and comes out beyond the audience where I am standing. I say to her, I have dreams about performances. I'm in a lot. She says find one and I'll work it. Cool. I say, since I had been working on my dream books and had several with me. I try to listen to her talking as I frantically look through my dream notebooks to find a performance dream. I can't find one to save my life. I feel frustrated. I frantically keep searching. I run to a display case where I kept some old dream books and I grab for some. Two of them are pink "Dear Diary" books like mine from high school (early 1960s), but I see I had taken the dreams out and have put pictures and family history information in them. I am quite agitated now, trying to find a dream for her to work. She is now back up in the front of the audience interviewing a famous comedian like Sid Caesar. I want to hear what he is saying and I want to find a dream. Then Robin B. walks by and stops to chat. I am very distracted. She says the woman lecturer is not feeling well. I say you know her? Oh sure, she says. We had dinner together last night. She has a cold. I keep scrambling through the dream books. Finally the woman's lecture is over and she walks back where I am, bent over a table with my books laid out. She looks tired and she says, you didn't really want to work the dream. You wanted all the attention on your frantic search for the dream created. All your intense activity and walking back and forth attracted attention. I listen, but quickly interrupt her and say oh no! That's not it at all, while in the back of my mind I hesitate and listen. She is probably right. Then I say, can you do a dream snippet or image, I say? Why are my audiences always so far back away or strange in some way? She pays no attention to my dream questions and continues to interpret my actions as attention-getting behaviors. I am frustrated and disappointed.

university student union
Large open area indoors, large as a gym.

woman lecturer, dark short hair, mid 40's in age, thin, medium height,
Sid Caeser, 70's in age, grey balding, lots of wrinkles on his face, stooped, medium build.
Robin B. Long dark hair,late 30's, woman, from NYC. Informal attire, oval shaped face,

19. Dreambjo

Thu, 22 Jan 2004
01:19:37 GMT
Employee Perks
1 -19-2004, 6:10 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde
I have started work in a new factory. I have a desk and some papers. I need to start a filing system right away before there is too much paperwork. I ask a male employee what can I use. He says people use cardboard boxes and hanging files. So he brings me several flattened boxes. He puts one together for me. I thank him. I put together the second box myself after carefully examining how he did the first one. I tape that together. Then I hear that they (the Company) is offering a limo service to employees who wanted to be more fuel efficient. I say I want to do that. The employee shows me a map of where they pickup people. I remember I live very close to my work so they can pick me up last as I am on the way. Then I ask for another service they give. Hand massage in the sink. I put my hands in a metal rectangular sink basin in my desk and it is filled with cool water. I am not impressed. This is not pleasant. He tells me to wait. It will warm up. Then two jets of water start up like a Jacuzzi. It is warming and beginning to feel comfortable.
Inside a office large area of a factory. Very little furniture, dark colors,
Male employee, large, thick build, late 40's, burly, dressed like a security guard.

21. Ilkin

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
12:49:15 GMT
Stealing ring, bracelet, earrings...
1 -23-2004, 6:45 local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: previous knowlegde


- I am saying I need a job. Muzo answers me; "Don't worry. There are so many TV programs. Anyway, at least we can find a script writing job for you" and makes me relax.

- We are at the back parts of Sisli. I want to get out of there as soon as possible. There had been an earth slide. All the parts, other than I am standing are under danger. We are entering to a friend's house on our way. There is another couple too. They are ordering food from a nearby shop. I am wondering if the friend who is the owner of the house can pay the bill. I don't think he can but deciding to share it between us when the food came.

- I am going out walking. There is a wishing pool full of coins. I am throwing a coin for a wish to the pool.


- There are houses by the seaside. There is very little place between the houses and the sea where we can only walk by holding the houses' wall. We are 3 people trying to walk between the houses and the sea. There is a golden set of jewellery at the window of one of the houses. I am stealing the ring, bracelet and earrings but leaving the necklage. I am wishing not to see the owner if I want to sell it the other day.

- Fati is discussing with Recep.

24. Ilkin

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
17:37:06 GMT
hole, pearl, water
1 -23-2004, 18:40 local time
Type: remote viewing
Knowledge: previous knowlegde


- A reddish conic hole.

- A child runnig on grass, holding a conic ice cream in a hand. He is a boy 6-7 years old. Dark hair. Bright yellowish coat. Seeing something on the ground, between reddish, hazel, yellow fallen leafs on the green grass. There is water to the right. Taking it from the ground and running to his mom. She is wearing light blue. Taking the found item from the boy and pitting into a white bag.

- They are at the enterence of their house. The "thing" is falling down when the woman is taking out or putting in her keys.

- It is in a conic red wooden hole.

- It is near a wooden box, on a white little lace cloth, on a wooden chiffonier. There are many other on the lace cloth, poured out from the wooden box. It is by a chain of pearl.

- A reddish conic hole.

- Water, lots of water. It is in water.

outside, a green park

trees, water, leafs, white bag

inside, entrance of a house

door, woooden, stairs, keys, white bag, chiffoner, floor wooden

boy, 6-7 years old. Dark hair. Bright yellowish coat.

mom, wearing light blue

I wearied my emerald ring and hold the Herkimer diamond Jean sent me and try to focus on seeing the ring. But I don't think I am successfull. Will try again.

30. Terry

Sat, 24 Jan 2004
03:05:23 GMT
Lost Ring
1 -20-2004, 1: local time
Type: dream
Knowledge: no previous knowledge

The first was immediate and it was a vision of a white horse with a person on top riding the horse. The impression was one of a circus. The person on top had on a colorful costume and was doing tricks or some sort of show.

I fell asleep and and awoke to a dream that said the ring is in the couch where you were sitting when you were watching the wild life show.

In front of TV

Did not see a person.

33. Ilkin

Sun, 25 Jan 2004
18:02:43 GMT
8 -26-2004, ?: local time
Type: dream

"I am desperately searching for something I don't know what. It is very important to find it not only for me but other people too. I am looking to dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps etc in an attempt to give me a hint about what I am looking for. A sound says; "All will pass"."

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