Report Mission 0401

compiled by Harry Bosma
Raw material:

Jean's lost ring

Jean lost a valuable ring at November 13, 2003. Jean wrote the following to Psi-Dreaming the day later:
The ring itself is a yellow topaz. It is a single, faceted yellow topaz  about 1/4 inch long, oval, and set in a simple gold band.  This is the ring I was told by a psychic when I first moved to Virginia Beach that I needed for "teaching, writing and speaking." At the time I was told this, I had just started a job and, though I saw the ring in a jewelry store window, I couldn't afford it. About six months later, walking by the same store, I saw the ring in the window again. It had been reduced to half price, and told me it had been waiting for me. Recently, in writing the Dream Scouts manuscript, I began again to wear the ring.
Jean added more details about the day she lost the ring. I'm not passing these details along. Two months has passed since, and while the ring may still be in a place Jean passed by during that particular day, anything can have happened in the meantime.

Mission design

Angels were given a week to do their dreaming and remote viewings. A week should be long enough for everyone to find a day for doing a session. It turned out that some angels took the upportunity to do many sessions. They were asked to make a selection of their submitted sessions.

Many angels have searched for Jean's ring before, when Jean first announced that she lost the ring. The results of the mission were given a higher weight, because the location of the ring could have changed in the meantime.

There were also other possibly related dreams that happened during the mission week, but weren't officially submitted. Both old dreams and these other dreams were considered useful in as far they could provide more details to the answers found in the officially submitted sessions.


There are two suggestions for Jean:
  1. The ring is hidden somewhere in a couch.
  2. The ring is in a lake.
The indications for the couch were simple, and are assumed to carry more statistical weight than the indications for the lake. It is possible that the couch isn't in Jean's house, but in the house of a friend. For details, see especially dreams #4 (by Agnes) and #30 (by Terry).

Especially a detailed dream submitted by Joy made a strong case for the lake location. Joy's dream also suggested that Jean should have another ring made. Joy's dream can be found as submission #12 of the core dreams.

(picture drawn by Joy)

There were other indications for water. Ilkin - one of the angels who worked particularly hard at this mission - suspects that some kind of hole or sink could have been involved.

Jean probably hoped for a different type of answer, but unfortunately, this is what we found.
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