About the Psi Angels

The Psi Angels are a group of dreamers available for psi missions. Examples of possible psi missions are remote viewing, tracking of lost objects, dreams of the future, and dreams of the past. Other types of missions are open to discussion.

The Psi Angels donate one mission every month to the auction of the ASD (Association for the Study of Dreams). Clients can expect that a team of five angels (or more) will be assigned to their mission, and will get a report with the main conclusion, and also a copy of the raw material.

What clients may want to know

Basically, results are not in any way guaranteed. When you're interested in bidding, you should consider a mission as pure entertainment.

More details are available at the auction board of the ASD. To get there, you will first have to browse through the instructions, after which you will find a link to the auction board somewhere at two thirds of the page.

Reports on previous missions
(reversely ordered by date)
Career advice.
Health and healing.
Finding a partner. A request for insights on limiting issues, and for advice. The client later confirmed there were good hits on confidential points that hadn't been shared with the angels at the start of the mission.
Earthquake predictions for Turkey. A difficult question, with only five angels volunteering to participate. The unlikely answer is that there will be earthquakes, but without serious consequences.
0404 Career advice. A request for advice and a prediction. One outcome pointed to a talent that the client may not yet be willing or able to work with.
0403 Children of Iraq. Logistics and fund raising. Not necessarily a psi mission, but we liked it very much. Various ideas where presented.
0402 A new home for next winter. The second mission introduced the two teams / questions approach for missions. Involved issues where found and confirmed by the client. Results on specific locations were less convincing.
0401 The lost ring. The very first mission. The client had lost a ring. While the Psi Angels presented suggestions, there's a chance that the ring will never be found back.

What new angels may want to know

Even if a mission is accepted as a group, you can still choose to not accept.

There a few old documents written at the start of the Psi Angels. They are not entirely up to date, but here they are anyway. There are some guidelines and tips for angels going on a mission, and some notes on the discussion phase in from sessions to final report.

I wrote down some details about the organization of the missions. I don't expect everyone to be interested, but if you are, please comment.

If you're interested in joining the Psi Angels, drop me - Harry Bosma - an email at psi-angels@alquinte.com. The only important requirement is that you're able to remember your dreams.

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