From sessions to final report

After the angels submitted their sessions, the results need to be analyzed. Angels can participate in the discussion of the results. 

Looking for commonalities

I remember the Remote Viewing contest from the Psiber Dreaming Conference of 2003. Some people reported tower like shapes, in different numbers. Others reported numbers. Both commonalities together added up to a complete picture.

In case of a lost object mission, the type of commonalities we're looking has to do with structural information. Think of for example size, shape and other properties of locations. Other commonalities may be interesting too. What comes to mind is that people in dreams may point to interesting contacts. It's important to keep an open mind.

It is possible that there are also commonalities that are not so much related to the mission, but more to the group of people dreaming together. This doesn't need to be a problem, as long as these can be easily identified as being unrelated to the mission.

Writing the report

The Archangel will write a "Found Commonalities" report. The Archangel does not participate in the mission, so that eliminates one possible source of bias.

During the discussion phase, the group itself is likely to discover commonalities too. The outcome of the group discussion will be compared with the "Found Commonalities" report. The results of that comparison will become the final report to the client.

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