About Alquinte

In my dreams, strangers sometimes have names. In one dream an uncle asks me whether I've seen his daughter Alquinte. He's upset that I don't even recognize the name. So, here she is: Alquinte!

Dutch powerlines
I've had a few occasional dreams about powerlines. This is one of several lines running through the landscape around Kropswolde.

Alquinte was officially opened November 2003. It is the successor to my Healing Dreams website, that has been around since somewhere early 1996. Here's a link to Healing Dreams, but the site is no longer maintained. Many parts have been moved over to Alquinte. Remaining parts may move over later.

Where I live...

Some 5000 years ago we used to build Dolmens or in Dutch: Hunebedden. We still don't understand how they did it, those stones easily weigh 20 tons!

I used to live a 20 miles more to the north, where people, especially tourists, practice mudwaking, or mud walking.

A potential tourist attraction waiting to be exploited: crop circles. No information in English unfortunately, but if you scroll down to this newspage of a nearby village, you will see a few pictures of crop circles.

About Harry

Harry Bosma currently lives in Kropswolde, near the city Groningen, the Netherlands. After a decade of a seriously debilitating illness, he has the luxury of starting his life from scratch. His interests include software development, dream research, and having a good time.

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